give the gift of memories-instax flip album

with the season of giving quickly approaching, if you are anything like me you are always looking for the "perfect gift".  now, for me the perfect gift does not equal having to spend a lot of money.  the perfect gift in my opinion signifies something that has that personal touch.  something unique and special and full of love.  and if it includes photos...a definite bonus!

if any of you have been to michaels stores recently, you probably have come across heidi swapp's brand new collection and collaboration with fuji film instax!  yes...those super cute little old school polaroids with the funky cameras?  yes, that's the one!  and i know, could it really get any more awesome?  a collab with two incredible brands.  genius!  what is so fun with this collaboration is that it is not just the amazing cameras and film that one can enjoy...there is now an array of products to work with all of your cute instax prints.  there is albums, stickers, accessories...SO much fun! and yes...those gifts we were talking about earlier?  they make the most PERFECT gifts.  let me show you!

this time of year is perfect for giving photo gifts because i know everyone has those fabulous family fall photos hanging around!  whether they are taken professionally, or just in really does not matter.  the most important thing is that you have the photos...and now the fun part! displaying them!  i wanted to create a gift for my husbands desk and what better way than that than to include some of our fall photos that we had taken back a few weeks ago and use the gorgeous black and white heidi swapp instax desktop flip album.  

the album is sold as a kit and in the kit you get some fabulous exclusives such as...

these adorable gold transparency stickers...perfect for whatever you choose to document in this brilliant album!

gorgeous camera photo clips.  they are TOO cute.  pictured here are only 3...there are more in the kit but unfortunately those others already have found another home in a project of mine! i could not resist! ;)

and then there is the adorable flip album simply ready to be filled with your photos and memories.

inside my album i have included photos that i have taken both with my instax mini 8 camera, as well as photos i have printed with my instax share printer.  two great ways and options to capture your memories with instax!

to create my album, i also included some of the other gorgeous instax products that are now available at michaels.  these products include stickers and washi...some come from other instax kits (that are amazing) and others can be bought as is.  they are so fun to use and i love how they all work together with the products to achieve beautiful results on ones projects.

i kept this project "photo focused" so that you can really see that it is so simple to create a unique photo gift for someone you care about that does not take a ton of time to do.  you can keep it simple, or embellish to your hearts content.  the option is yours.  regardless it ends up being a project filled with beautiful memories that i just know any recipient will treasure and love.

now let's take a look inside!

i added some fun details to this first page.  a glitter instax frame, some gold foil stickers and some type text stickers.

the stickers are transparent so they don't even look like a sticker.  they have a gorgeous metallic shine and almost look as if they are part of the photo!

for this page i added a gold word sticker 'awesome' and some gold patterned stickers that i attached like washi to each corner of the photos.

i love the gold detailing of this handwritten sticker.  they are perfect for titles and captions.

i added the 'favourite' gold sticker to this set of photos...this is the metallic sticker that comes from one of the other instax kits.  i love how even though this sticker set is not part of this kit in particular you can mix and match and everything works so well together.

one of my favourite things to do with my instax prints is to have fun with the "white space" of the instax.  it is a great space to embellish with stickers, rub ons...stamps and even journaling!  on this page i included one of the instax sticker photo overlays and then i had fun layering some of my favorite stickers to the other photo.  such a fun and easy technique.

i am so excited to finish compiling this album and gift wrap it for my husband.  we appreciate time more than ever now with our little guy and photos are just a piece of our journey that we will never get back as he is growing so fast.  this way, my husband can have a flip through of a precious memory we shared...something that money can never buy.  photos are truly treasures.  memories are priceless gifts.  so thankful for heidi swapp and instax in creating such gorgeous products that make gift giving with memories so easy and beautiful.  hope you can find yourself an instax flip album kit and create one of your own to surprise someone with.  i can guarantee you they will love it! 

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