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hello february 14th.

the day to celebrate all things LOVE. and RED.

not only is the heidi swapp red letterboard perfect for the holiday season....it is also PERFECTION for valentines day.  don't you just love when you can continuously use an investment decor piece again and again?

i accessorized my mantle for valentines day this year in a simple fashion.  letterboard, lightbox, garland, wreath and candy jar all together resulted in this super cute (somewhat minimalistic) valentines display.

i do not go all out and decorate everywhere in my home for valentines day.  but i do love to transform my mantle with some festive finds again and again.

these white heidi swapp letterboard alphas are hands down my #1 fav.  you will find me using them over and over.  i just love how they pop against the red letterboard.

my lightboxes are another decor piece of mine that are used over and over in so many ways, for literally every event, holiday and season!  not only do they look fabulous on their own but they are also a great way to further accessorize any type of home decor and always look so great situated next to a letterboard.

so in honour of today, i hope you are able to enjoy a little something RED, a little something SWEET and a little something LOVELY.  



the first month of 2018 is almost under our belts.  
and??? how do you feel?
i ask this question because i know how it is!  you enter the new year with all these high expectations and hopes for new beginnings, habits etc. etc. and what happens....yep! LIFE SHOWS UP ! that is right!

i am one of the biggest culprits of this.  i could give you a list a mile long of ALL the things i want 2018 to be and well sometimes things just don't align the way one hoped. and you know what? that is ok.  we cannot do it all and sometimes by just recognizing and accepting that i think we have made the first step to a new mindset anyway.

i posted this reminder in my scrapbook room using my heidi swapp lightbox 4 and letterboard.  i love it. it's simple, yet powerful. START WHERE YOU ARE. there is no "perfect time" for anything really.  life will always show up and throw us curve balls and unexpected ups and downs and everything you can imagine to deter us from our intended path.  we will never have enough time for this or that.  or in my case with two little ones i have learned to accept the constant interruptions.  it is just my reality right now and i know one day i will miss it once it's gone.

for me "making things happen" is truly about starting where i am.  and feeling OK about that and confident and productive.  

overall for me this year i just want to make the most of my time. and not take it for granted.  even in the thick of it, in the mundane...in the hum drum of #momlife (picking up toys, washing dishes, folding the clothes...etc etc) i just want to make the moments count each and every day.

working in my heidi swapp memory planner has been such a gift in transforming the way i approach and see my everyday life.  noting a memorable moment, a daily high and daily low....freely writing and having a home to place some favourite candid photos has become such a huge part of my journey in grounding myself and appreciating life as i know it.  it is the encouragement i need to just keep going. that tomorrow is another day.  you got this!

so if you are new to memory planning, or have not yet started and are intrigued...OR you feel that since january is almost a distant memory and that it is too late to start never fear....it is NEVER late to start!  remember just "start where you are" and allow the rest to unfold as it may.  i can assure you it will be one of the best moments of surrender you will ever feel. XO



december 2017.
it is my baby girl's first christmas.
i still have to pinch myself that this little sweetheart is in our lives.
that we get to watch her grow and love her forever.
this christmas she will be 6 months!
i truly cannot believe how fast it has gone by.

there is truly no more perfect time than now to take a few moments and get that camera out!
first christmas pictures are an absolute must.  i cannot wait to fill up her storyline album with these images!

i whipped out my lightbox along with some fun festive sayings and alphas.  truly the lightbox is the best photo prop ever.  and i think brynn was pretty amazed herself.  she could not keep her hands off of it!

as wonderful as it is that she is now very mobile (rolling around and pushing herself around non stop) it did make it a little tricky to get her to sit still for the pictures.  it was quite an adventure but nonetheless i am kind of obsessed with these photos. they capture her little spirit perfectly.

Lightboxes are such a fun and easy way to capture special and memorable moments within your photographs.  I love how easy they are to use and you can customize them to say whatever you want!


christmas truly is such a magical time of the year.


i absolutely love decorating for christmas.
and especially when i have heidi swapp holiday goodness in the house...even better!
i used some of my favourites to create a festive holiday mantle display and i adore how it came together.  

i will be really sad when it is time to take it down!

whenever i display decor, i always choose one "statement" piece and then create around that.  this year, it was my red letterboard.

the red letterboard itself is PERFECT for the holiday season and what made it come together so beautifully was the christmas letterboard kit.  the "i'm dreaming of a white christmas" is all part of a letterboard kit so all i had to do was open the box and place it onto my letterboard. so simple and quick...and looks amazing.

this year for me is all about bottle brush trees. they are THE cutest and look so festive amongst my other decor pieces!

i used the beautiful new heidi swapp paper cottages to create a gorgeous christmas village.  i love that these pieces are paper because they are so extremely light so they do not weigh a ton atop my shelves.  i also love that because they are white they are completely customizable!  i used white chunky glitter atop the roof tops which makes them look like they are snow covered.  

the sparkle is stunning.  the little vellum doors and windows are SO cute and at night they make the most beautiful glow when placing an electronic tea light inside.

to complete my display i added in some other decor elements i collected.  a cute sign, red berries, greenery and burlap made it come together perfectly.  

my lightboxes are always another huge decor favourite of mine.  i truly adore how they can be used ALL year literally for ANYTHING.  

i decided to just accessorize my wall shelves with some of my favourite lightbox sizes and inserts...along with some printable wall art and marquee love from years past.

i truly am savouring these days and this time of year, aren't you?  the month is flying past and i am just trying to cherish each and every day of it....amidst the busy and chaos because there always has to be a bit of that!

wishing you all the most beautiful holiday. 


world kindness day.
if you are feeling what i am feeling than you can definitely agree this world needs A LOT more love.
it has been a hard one this 2017.

when i was thinking about kindness, and reading up on some quotes and messages...this one really stood out for me.  because in the end kindness does begin with me.  and with you.  and with each and every individual person in this entire world.  it is like a chain reaction in a sense.

there is truly nothing i love more than visual reminders.  inspiring pieces that bring joy into my home and make me happy.  i added the 'kindness begins with me' quote onto my lightbox 4.  i used new alpha slides from the collection as well as this beautiful geometric background.

so on this day, world kindness day, let us live the day with more love, more smiles, more empathy.
"you will never regret being kind"


hello friends.
today i am sharing a little inside peek into how i used the heidi swapp halloween in lights collection in my home this year.

by nature, i am not a person who usually goes all out for halloween.  however, when it is so easy to put together a festive and fun halloween display...count me in!  i think this halloween in lights collection may have changed me forever and gotten me officially into halloween mode!

i loved setting up my original lightbox.  this year heidi released some super fun lightbox halloween slides that really add such a beautiful decorative element vs. just plain text.  i love that it also comes in a kit so that you have  few options as well as more alphas!  i added some faux cob webs over my lightbox which i loved.  it really gave it much more halloween feel.

these witch light banners have probably got to be one of my favourites!  instead of using them as as typical banner, i simply spray painted a bunch of twigs black and them strung the lights throughout the branches.  i then added the witches onto various branches.  it was so easy to do and really looks awesome.

and of course, this year the lightbox glow!!! seriously it is AWESOME.  it is so bright, so fun and looks amazing lit up at night.  again...the kits that go with this lightbox are perfect for halloween.  it was so hard to choose what i wanted to put in it as there are so many fun ones!

classic halloween marquee. you can never go wrong with a pumpkin and a sugar skull. love love love.

if you are still looking for some adorable halloween decor, check out this Halloween In Lights collection now at Michaels Stores because it won't be around much longer.
Cheers to keeping things spooky and spectacular!


today i want to talk "documenting babies".
we all know that the weeks and months fly past, so now more than ever the photos and stories are what we treasure most.
i found a perfect way to use one of the heidi swapp photo journals i had in my stash.
i decided to use it to document my daughter brynn as she grows each month.

slip in a monthly photo, add in some journaling and embellishments and when she turns 1 year i will have this beautiful book complete full of my favourite monthly photos and memories.

to create my book i incorporated the beautiful jen hadfield heart of home collection.  the papers are so soft, yet rich. the perfect collection to document a baby girl.

for this album i am keeping all of my photos black and white.
i am also using my we r memory keepers typecast to add in my sentiments....whether it be a quote, story, memory or favourite passage.
i also have been obsessed in using my we r memory keepers stitch happy machine.  i love being able to add metallic thread detailing throughout my journal.

the photo corners are from heidi swapp's storyline collection and are found in the deck of days kits.  they are just awesome and i am kind of obsessed.

next week she will be 4 months and i will add in this months photo and thoughts.  it is really so mind boggling to me how we have reached 4 months old! i remember being pregnant with her like yesterday. even though it feels like i am both busier (and more tired) than ever, i know that the time i am making to capture these moments will be one of the best things i have ever done.  already when i look back on the pages that i have completed i am so grateful.  it's like my own little time machine that i can look back on and read and feel like i am in that moment again.

there is truly nothing i love more than simple, doable, meaningful and beautiful memory keeping XO.

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