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it is may.
which means that spring is starting to hit the ground running, and i for one could not be happier about that!

this turn of events also means that i am feeling those spring creating vibes, and today i want to share how i am using heidi swapp art walk to create some cheerful energy and spring welcoming into my home.

it may come as no surprise to any of you that i love and adore butterflies.
to me they symbolize hope, rebirth, transformation and freedom.
i just love them and honestly, they are just such a beautiful animal.
i love all that they represent.

to create this project i used my electronic die cutting machine, a butterfly cut file by pebbles in my pocket  and the heidi swapp art walk 12x12 paper pad to create and cut out all of my butterflies.

i love the mix and match of all the beautiful colours of art walk.  they just scream spring and all things summer.

once i had them all cut out, i layered 2 on top of each other and ran them continuously through my sewing machine to create a banner.

once they are all sewn together, gently fold each butterflies wings in half creating a 3 dimensional effect.  the top butterfly's wings will fold up, while the bottom butterfly's wings will fold back.  this is also a great way to contrast each butterflies pattern depending if they are solid, pattern, white or mixed.

banners are such an amazingly simple diy project that you can create to decorate your home in no time.  it is so easy to assemble and once complete, it really adds a beautiful handmade touch to whatever space you choose.

i decided to string my banner right along my entry way so that it is one of the first things you see when you walk in.  i love how joyful it makes the entrance feel.  soft and pretty.  and happy.

i love the subtle details of the patterns and the mix of color and white.

banners are a fabulous way to add seasonal decor to your space.  this banner can also be made using various shapes and designs.  using punches are another great way to create shapes that can then be transformed into banners as well.  the options really are endless.

i hope you are inspired to try out this idea for yourself to add some diy decor to your space.  these also make great gift ideas too.  whether it is for you or a friend, it is surely to be loved and adored.

handmade from home, straight from the heart.


today i want to share a fun and creative way to create memory dex cards from boxed cards!

yes! did you know that these heidi swapp color fresh boxed cards are the perfect size cards to use with the memory dex dies?

this means that not only can one use these cards for traditional card making, but you can also transform and customize them so that you can now add them into your memory dex spinner and trays.

as you can see, these dies fit perfectly onto the cards making them a great option for memory dex card making.

as with any die cutting machine, the process is the same.  just lay the die on top of your paper and run it through your machine.

each die set has 2 different styles, so there are 4 fun card shapes available when using the dies and the cards.  they are such a great investment because you can essentially create amazing perfectly cut memory dex cards out of your paper stashes forever and ever.

here are a few of the card additions i created to add to my spinner, using my die sets, my color fresh card stash and additional color fresh embellishments.

now more than ever do i need visual uplifting reminders and memory dex's are just the perfect way to do that!

i hope this technique has inspired you to try making your own memory dex cards using these dies and card sets that you may already have on hand, or are wanting to purchase.  it is a really fun and easy way to add to ones memory dex collection :) .


spring vibes are completely taking over my craft room recently and i could not be happier about it!
i am SO over winter, it feels like it has been going on for years...

i am so thankful for crafting as it is truly my escape and happy place whenever life feels to be too much! so if you are here looking for some creative ideas and inspiration, especially spring related...then this post is for you!

i absolutely fell in love with this paper stack from DCWV called love and grow.  you can find this paper stack right now at joann stores and joann online.  i love the soft spring colors, the beautiful butterflies and florals.  the quality of this pattern paper is superb and it even comes with an array of patterns that are gold foiled.  trust me, it is beautiful!

there are so many pretty paper designs in this pad that feature butterflies, i thought it would be nice to just continue on the butterfly theme and create some empowering and thoughtful cards.


i created additional butterflies out of some of my favourite patterns from the stack with my silhouette cameo and a paige evans butterfly cut file.  i love that this paper is double sided so it made it super easy to create all of my coordinated butterflies by just alternating the cut files one on top of the other. i then sewed them down the middle using my sewing machine and some silver thread.

it was also fun to experiment with varied butterfly sizes.  it really is neat how you can achieve so many different card styles using the same cut file, just with different papers and in different sizes.  there truly is no limit to creativity.

i also had fun incorporating one of my favourite pieces from the heidi swapp boutique aisle (also available now at joann and joann online) are the heidi swapp minc flakes, in silver and gold.  

when you use the foil flakes with the minc glue pen, you are able to easily add foiled touches to your projects.  i love how the edges of the cards i made are accented with the gold and silver shine.  simply apply the pen to your desired areas that you want foiled and then using your fingers rub the flakes onto the glued area.  shake off the excess and voila! beautiful details of foil.

i cannot wait to surprise some special people in my life with these cards!

i hope you enjoyed this inside peek into one of my latest projects.  i had so much fun creating these cards and using the beautiful love and grow paper pad from DCWV.


so say hello to storyline chapters.
a beautiful and brand new program from heidi swapp that combines everything that we all know and love into one seamless system.
planning, journaling, scrapbooking.
all in one.

and as you can see by one of the planner inserts, january was off and running.
and proudly i will say it was a successful month of showing up, keeping on and staying strong when some days i just did not want to.

one of my big personal wellness goals, like many is fitness.
i have been working hard on making running a weekly priority and it is honestly something that kind of just happened.
i love to do cardio and one day when i was just feeling sluggish after the holidays i just thought to myself...let's just jog. and let's just keep going. see how long i can do this for.

well that my friends, literally has taken me throughout the month for a grand total of almost 35 km ran in the entire month of january.  also not counting my other fitness classes and mini workouts i have also got in within the month.  i am happy, and proud...and feeling motivated.  total 'non scale' victories but i am proud to say i kept showing up...even on days where i just wanted to NOT.  and it led me to a successful finish and looking forward to february's progress!

of course i love capturing all of my progress and little bits of inspiration all month long.  not only does it energize me creatively, but it also is part of the entire wellness picture.  i really love seeing where i have gone and how committed i have been.  it really is not easy at times.

using my favourite products from the storyline chapters collection has been so much fun to play with.  this particular planner insert is filled with calendar pages and then a monthly recap/summary page.  i have yet to fill that page out but i like having my own chapters notebook just dedicated to a monthly overview.

it really is awesome to have this now and look back on where i started.
there is so much power in taking the time to write. it. down.  whatever your it is.

i have also been exercising my 'creative' muscle by using one of the journaler storyline chapter books as an 'art journal' type deal.

a place to just creatively play with paper and stamps and ideas and whatever will be will be.  this has been very valuable to me in keeping me 'in the zone'.

storyline chapters will be showing up in independent and online stores very very soon!
i cannot wait to see what you do with it.

truly an amazing system for whatever you are wanting to document!

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