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today i am happy to share my newest storyline layout.

and yes...these layouts just make me HAPPY!

there truly is nothing more personally satisfying than completing personal projects and ideas that have been on the brain 'to be completed' for days (even weeks sometimes!).

with everything going on in life i often do not often have the luxury at my disposal to sit and create gorgeously detailed scrapbook pages (even though i LOVE to).  

so storyline has really come to my rescue with that!  

a system designed to focus on PHOTOS AND THE STORY.  

nothing more, nothing less.  a system for success.  count me in!

these are my daughter's 9 month photos.

i am a few weeks late at finally getting them taken (cause you know...life! ;) ).

all i simply did was take the 12 x 12 insert page that comes already inside the album and adhere my 4 photos.  i also printed these at home.

once they were secured i simply added in a few of my favourite deck of days from the 'everyday' kit.  then came the journaling and the ever important 'who', 'what' & 'where'.

my journaling always changes up with each page i create.

some are more detailed than others.

some will include a funny or memorable story.

other times my journaling will be more focused on the particular photo i chose to document.

sometimes it's just me expressing my feelings...i like to call them 'mommy thoughts'.

it really is always something different.

i just go with my heart that day.

i love that because of that her album is truly becoming an eclectic mix of everything that is making up our journey together as mommy and daughter so far.

i love slipping these timeless treasured stories back into the storyline albums.

they are all SO beautiful and the quality exceptional.

this 'tell your story' 12 x 12 album is a top favourite.

simplified storytelling is truly the best.

next time you are at michaels or perusing michaels online be sure to check this system out.

it may just be the answer you are looking for too.



pretty things just make my day.
i love love love pretty things.
pretty crafty things.
i know you get me on this.
nothing better, am i right?!?

and speaking of pretty things i must talk about these albums today.
now available at michaels stores and michaels online.
have you seen them yet?

these are the 8.5 x 11 D RING set.  and i am obsessed.
(there are also new albums just as beautiful available in the 12x12 post bound size as well).
but let me introduce to you these 3 beauties.

(i still have yet to pick a favourite)
so first up is the gorgeous white floral "tell your story".

i absolutely adore this one.
i am actually thinking of starting a personal 'memoir' type album on myself using this album.
stay tuned on that!

next up this the bold black and white stripe, 'beautiful life'.

this album is perfect for any topic or theme, boy or girl.  
i love how gorgeous this album looks sitting on a book shelf and the inside is filled with gold foiled polka dots.
it really is the best.

last but not least is this floral.
sigh....i could stare at this pattern ALL DAY.
it is just gorgeous in every way.

the richness and high quality of these albums cannot be denied.
these are probably some of the best made albums i have laid my hands on.
i also adore the gold clip detailing on each one as well.
the perfect finishing touch.

and remember, these albums are made to house really anything and any type of memories!  maybe it is traditional scrapbook pages, or pocket pages, or storyline pages.  maybe it is just for photos, or art work or whatever else you are needing an album to house.

whatever the situation, whatever the need.  these storyline albums are the perfect home for it all.

to see and learn more about these albums and storyline system be sure to stop by heidiswapp.com.  and remember they are all available right now at michaels stores and online!


more holiday goodness is upon us.
but wait...wasn't it JUST christmas?!?
time marches on.

however...this time around i am BEYOND thrilled to be celebrating another one of my favourite holidays.
it is such a beautiful time of year.  the meaning. the feeling. and yes... spring is around the corner.


i gathered some of my favourite heidi swapp lightbox pieces together to create a simple and festive mantle display that i feel honours this blessed time of year perfectly.

i love that i can combine the various lightbox sizes together.  that way, i can always adequately express exactly what it is i want to say...without having to sacrifice on the decorative aspect.  because they are just too much fun to use and display!

mixing and matching all of the different font slides along with background slides even gives you more decorative possibilities and options!  i love how i was able to capture both the easter and spring feel perfectly.

i always like to add in a few extra fun decor pieces.  this year, these gorgeous glittered easter eggs were a must have.

yellow tulips are just an obvious choice.

and my felt pom garland obsession is still going strong.  i love this one i had made in all the signature easter colours.

all of these light boxes, as well as the lightbox accessories can be found at joann stores or joann online! be sure to check out the amazing selection of lightbox swag that will complete your holiday home decor beautifully!

happiest easter everyone.



telling our stories.
often an overwhelming thought...no?!?
where does one EVEN begin?

in between life happening so fast, SO many photos, not enough time, getting lost in daily life i totally am like PRESS PAUSE PLEASE.  it is SO overwhelming and then frustrating when it feels like where in the world does one even begin?

even though i am an avid scrapbooker (and true believer in memory keeping) i have felt each and every emotion, experienced every creative block, felt every frustration etc. etc.  i think that is why (no matter what) i will sing the praises of the Heidi Swapp Storyline system each and every day.

This game changer system is available now in Michaels Stores.
A system filled with 'ready to go' elements that capture your memories speedily, easily and with literally NO fuss.  What is even better is that there are even sketches available to guide your creativity if you find yourself feeling like "ok....I have the stuff but WHERE do i even begin?". well here is where you can start.  SO awesome, right?!?  Myself and the rest of the Heidi Swapp Media Team have begun posting sketches so that you can easily find tons of Storyline inspiration all in one place!

once you have a sketch it is SO easy to go from this....
to THAT!

and with the storyline system also comes a BRAND NEW release of 12 x12 and 8.5 x 11 albums as well!  all of these incredible new releases are available now at Michaels Stores!

and can we just talk about this album spine for just one second?!?

give me allllllll the holographic please!

so be sure to check out storyline if you are looking for the perfect memory keeping answer.
it is truly a game changer in every way, shape and form!
i love it!


hello february 14th.

the day to celebrate all things LOVE. and RED.

not only is the heidi swapp red letterboard perfect for the holiday season....it is also PERFECTION for valentines day.  don't you just love when you can continuously use an investment decor piece again and again?

i accessorized my mantle for valentines day this year in a simple fashion.  letterboard, lightbox, garland, wreath and candy jar all together resulted in this super cute (somewhat minimalistic) valentines display.

i do not go all out and decorate everywhere in my home for valentines day.  but i do love to transform my mantle with some festive finds again and again.

these white heidi swapp letterboard alphas are hands down my #1 fav.  you will find me using them over and over.  i just love how they pop against the red letterboard.

my lightboxes are another decor piece of mine that are used over and over in so many ways, for literally every event, holiday and season!  not only do they look fabulous on their own but they are also a great way to further accessorize any type of home decor and always look so great situated next to a letterboard.

so in honour of today, i hope you are able to enjoy a little something RED, a little something SWEET and a little something LOVELY.  



the first month of 2018 is almost under our belts.  
and??? how do you feel?
i ask this question because i know how it is!  you enter the new year with all these high expectations and hopes for new beginnings, habits etc. etc. and what happens....yep! LIFE SHOWS UP ! that is right!

i am one of the biggest culprits of this.  i could give you a list a mile long of ALL the things i want 2018 to be and well sometimes things just don't align the way one hoped. and you know what? that is ok.  we cannot do it all and sometimes by just recognizing and accepting that i think we have made the first step to a new mindset anyway.

i posted this reminder in my scrapbook room using my heidi swapp lightbox 4 and letterboard.  i love it. it's simple, yet powerful. START WHERE YOU ARE. there is no "perfect time" for anything really.  life will always show up and throw us curve balls and unexpected ups and downs and everything you can imagine to deter us from our intended path.  we will never have enough time for this or that.  or in my case with two little ones i have learned to accept the constant interruptions.  it is just my reality right now and i know one day i will miss it once it's gone.

for me "making things happen" is truly about starting where i am.  and feeling OK about that and confident and productive.  

overall for me this year i just want to make the most of my time. and not take it for granted.  even in the thick of it, in the mundane...in the hum drum of #momlife (picking up toys, washing dishes, folding the clothes...etc etc) i just want to make the moments count each and every day.

working in my heidi swapp memory planner has been such a gift in transforming the way i approach and see my everyday life.  noting a memorable moment, a daily high and daily low....freely writing and having a home to place some favourite candid photos has become such a huge part of my journey in grounding myself and appreciating life as i know it.  it is the encouragement i need to just keep going. that tomorrow is another day.  you got this!

so if you are new to memory planning, or have not yet started and are intrigued...OR you feel that since january is almost a distant memory and that it is too late to start never fear....it is NEVER late to start!  remember just "start where you are" and allow the rest to unfold as it may.  i can assure you it will be one of the best moments of surrender you will ever feel. XO

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