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hello july 1st!
here in canada not only does it feel like the official kick off to summer...but it is also a VERY important birthday.
happy birthday canada!
today you are 151 years old.

in true canadian fashion,  today will be celebrated with tons of red and white, canada decor everywhere, bbq's, flags flying and of course fireworks.
always the perfect way to ring in a birthday!

whenever there is a celebration you can definitely bet i will be decking out my heidi swapp lightbox and marquee alpha slides from michaels stores in honour of this great occasion!

these marquee icons are absolutely perfect for all types of celebrations and i just love how they look in my lightbox.  they truly pop!

so happiest july everyone (and to all of you fellow canuks out there) i hope you are enjoying an amazing canada day celebration with your friends and families!

happiest canada day....eh?!?


lately life is all about the summer vibes.
i decided to add some fun pieces into my home to serve as those all ever important visual reminders.
to relax. to savour. to enjoy this fabulous time of the year!

my obsession with my heidi swapp letter boards continues to run deep.
give me all the sizes. all the fonts. all the icons.
one can never have enough.

and better yet? all of these goodies i used to create my summer look are now avail at select joann stores and joann online.

one fun twist i did to my letter boards this time around was add some gorgeous tropical washi tape to the edges.  super easy and quick to do!  it also comes off so clean so you do not have to worry about wrecking your original letterboard.  i am loving this simple diy transformation!

the washi tape i used is this one from the heidi swapp fresh start memory planner collection at joann.  it is the tropical washi and they are all so freakin cute!!!  i also love when i can utilize my stash in more than one way. bonus right?!?

so if you are on the lookout for some fun summer additions to your home decor this year...be sure to head to joann stores to check out ALL of the awesome heidi swapp goodies in store and online now!

bring on summer!


as we are finding ourselves in the middle of june...
with the official kick off to summer soon upon us.  
have you thought about it? 
this year... what is your story of summer going to be?

summer is always such an amazing time.
i think mostly because SO MUCH is packed into just a few short months.
so many memories are made within these weeks.
it could be weddings, births, birthdays, graduations, vacations, stay-cations, regular life....the list can go on and on.
i know that a lot of these things happen throughout the rest of the year...but for some reason when they happen in summer it just makes it that much more, don't you think?
maybe it's just me and the extra sunshine...but i just cannot get enough of summer time events!

this year i am going to be capturing our summer memories in this beautiful storyline album that can be found in michaels stores and online.

i love the look, i love the family focus and i know it is going to be perfect to quickly record all of my family's stories inside.

(if you are wondering what exactly i mean by 'storyline album' you can find out more about the memory keeping system here.  it has been a life saver for me and is simply awesome).

i also love having this message displayed on my lightbox in my studio.
the perfect reminder to cherish each and every moment of the day.
life is moving too fast.
and i know i will want summer to stay forever.

this year my hope for my family and our stories is lots of time spent together.  
camping, playgrounds, spray parks, ice cream, the zoo, the odd road trip...
i cannot wait to begin capturing summer 2018.

so before summer begins to officially run away on all of us and if you are looking for a fabulous way to capture your summer 2018 check out storyline at your michaels today! oh...and snag yourself this cutie lightbox and the adorable alpha slides as well while you are at it.  you will love that too!

cheers to a fabulous fun filled summer XO


summers are truly all about the stories.
so much gets packed into sunshine filled weekends and late summer nights.
beach days, camp fires, road trips, ice cream dates...i mean the list goes on and on!
this summer, storyline will be the way i will capture and document all the treasured memories we create this year.

it is easy, fun, super cute and completely achievable!
memories down in minutes.  sign me up!

this is one of my first layouts for my summer 2018 album.  
a story about a first camping trip and dip in the pool.
loving life at 10 months old.
i don't think it can get any better than that!

if there is one storyline deck of days you are needing for summer...it is THIS SET.  the adventure set is full of beautiful icons, trendy designs and all the fun "headlines" of summer.  it will make you the most beautiful album of summer memories.

for this page i chose an 8.5 x 11 layout (since i am using this storyline 8.5 x 11 beautiful life album).  i decided to "jazz up" my page by using an array of deck of days to create a fun and eye catching background that also incorporates catchy tag lines and prompts about summer days.  i love how when i read these messages it instantly takes me back to this photo and all the feels behind it.  there are SO many uses to a set of deck of days.  do not be afraid to get creative with them!  they are so amazing and filled with so much creative potential.  titles, embellishments, decorative elements...whatever you desire they can become so easily.

so be sure to check out the exact products i used at your local michaels stores and michaels online.  they are available now and just waiting to tell your stories of summer too!


sometimes you just need to get a little artsy and creative with storytelling.
as much as i love and adore the simplicity of scrapbooking these days, sometimes i just need the little bit extra. 

these beautiful mixed media products are gracing your local michaels store shelves right now and let me tell you...they are nothing short of amazing!  each product beholds so much creative possibility and potential for any artistic project you may be working on.

i am currently obsessed with these mini pastel sets.
there are two types, one is chalk the other is cream.
when i first got my hands on these pastels i was immediately taken back to elementary art class.  i LOVED working and playing with pastels when i was a kid.  i always thought they were incredible tools and to say i had so much fun creating this layout is truly an understatement.

i used this beautiful jane davenport stencil to help me create a beautiful floral background for my storyline page.  all i did was lay the stencil onto my page as desired and using the pastel application tool simply 'smudge' the pastels into the stencil.  i love the soft and subdued effect.  i also enjoyed experimenting with the colors and playing around with some shading to either make some designs a bit darker than others.  it was the best creative play....and SO easy to do!  it was also a great exercise in learning how these products can be used and their creative potential.

once i had my stencilled design the way i wanted it, i added on a few deck of days and my photo...along with some very important journaling using the jane davenport inkredible pen.  and this pen is nothing short of incredible. if there is honestly one tool you need...IT IS THIS PEN!  it writes SO beautifully and i love love love using it to add in my handwritten journaling.

so be sure to check out this gorgeous array of mixed media projects the next time you are pursuing michaels and do not be afraid to mix it in to your storyline pages.  it is the perfect pairing to creating beautiful keepsakes of all those precious stories.



so attention attention....cute product alert!

if you have been to your local joann store lately then you have seen the gorgeous new heidi swapp boutique V2 gracing the store aisles.

part of this hsboutique v2 release are brand new stationery card sets.
however, what makes these stationery cards a bit more extra special is the ability to now run them through your MINC machine so you can now customize and add foil detailing.

i am obsessed with the pink foils especially lately.  the pink, hot pink and rose gold foil are currently at the top of my must have list.  but let's be real....ALL of the foil are on my must have list.  the more shine the better.  or as we love to say #foilallthethings!

i wanted to do a little step out demo on this card set.
one thing i love about this card set specifically is that it does not need a special occasion.
it is just an adorable, everyday random act of kindness surprise that you can send to that special girl friend in your life!
honestly who does NOT love adorable snail mail nowadays?

when you open this card you can see that it comes already designed.
so just a note that if you do not own a MINC you can definitely still purchase these card sets because they are perfect with or without the MINC.
however...let me show you just what happens when you add a little MINC magic.

i chose to use the rose gold foil on this card.

i simply trimmed a piece of foil off of my roll.  i then placed the foil on top of the card (with the card design facing up) and then slipped it into a transfer folder which will then feed through my MINC applicator machine.

once i feed my card through, i simply take it out of the transfer folder and can remove the foil immediately.  it does not require any drying time nor is it hot to the touch.  completely ready to go!

you can see as i start to remove the foil, the card takes on a whole new look!

talk about that shine.  it just NEVER gets old.  and looks amazing.

below i used the same technique on the other card that comes in this set.

you can see that on this card the confetti is what is transformed.  i love that i can literally make this confetti ANY color.  it's just too adorable for words.

hello gorgeous is RIGHT!
remember, you can find this card set (and MUCH MORE) right now at select joann stores and joann online!


hello friends.
and hello all you mamas, grand mamas, aunts, daughters, sisters...to ALL of you women...whether or not you have children or not, we ALL "momma" in some way.

there is definitely something special, unique and oh-so-beautiful about being a female and our capacity to love and give and care so deeply about the people in our life.  to always think about the "little things" and to always be going the extra mile to make life special and memorable for the ones that we love.

the ability to "mother" really adds something amazing to this world.
it truly does make life beautiful.

i love using my heidi swapp letterboard to celebrate "all the things".  it is such a beautiful decor piece that always adds so much character and personalization into my home.  i love that i can have it say whatever i want it to say.

you can find these letterboards now at joann stores and joann online along with all of the fabulous alphabet sets.

"some days, she has no idea how she'll do it.  but every single day, it still gets done"

happiest mothers day all you amazing mommas.
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