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world kindness day.
if you are feeling what i am feeling than you can definitely agree this world needs A LOT more love.
it has been a hard one this 2017.

when i was thinking about kindness, and reading up on some quotes and messages...this one really stood out for me.  because in the end kindness does begin with me.  and with you.  and with each and every individual person in this entire world.  it is like a chain reaction in a sense.

there is truly nothing i love more than visual reminders.  inspiring pieces that bring joy into my home and make me happy.  i added the 'kindness begins with me' quote onto my lightbox 4.  i used new alpha slides from the collection as well as this beautiful geometric background.

so on this day, world kindness day, let us live the day with more love, more smiles, more empathy.
"you will never regret being kind"


hello friends.
today i am sharing a little inside peek into how i used the heidi swapp halloween in lights collection in my home this year.

by nature, i am not a person who usually goes all out for halloween.  however, when it is so easy to put together a festive and fun halloween display...count me in!  i think this halloween in lights collection may have changed me forever and gotten me officially into halloween mode!

i loved setting up my original lightbox.  this year heidi released some super fun lightbox halloween slides that really add such a beautiful decorative element vs. just plain text.  i love that it also comes in a kit so that you have  few options as well as more alphas!  i added some faux cob webs over my lightbox which i loved.  it really gave it much more halloween feel.

these witch light banners have probably got to be one of my favourites!  instead of using them as as typical banner, i simply spray painted a bunch of twigs black and them strung the lights throughout the branches.  i then added the witches onto various branches.  it was so easy to do and really looks awesome.

and of course, this year the lightbox glow!!! seriously it is AWESOME.  it is so bright, so fun and looks amazing lit up at night.  again...the kits that go with this lightbox are perfect for halloween.  it was so hard to choose what i wanted to put in it as there are so many fun ones!

classic halloween marquee. you can never go wrong with a pumpkin and a sugar skull. love love love.

if you are still looking for some adorable halloween decor, check out this Halloween In Lights collection now at Michaels Stores because it won't be around much longer.
Cheers to keeping things spooky and spectacular!


today i want to talk "documenting babies".
we all know that the weeks and months fly past, so now more than ever the photos and stories are what we treasure most.
i found a perfect way to use one of the heidi swapp photo journals i had in my stash.
i decided to use it to document my daughter brynn as she grows each month.

slip in a monthly photo, add in some journaling and embellishments and when she turns 1 year i will have this beautiful book complete full of my favourite monthly photos and memories.

to create my book i incorporated the beautiful jen hadfield heart of home collection.  the papers are so soft, yet rich. the perfect collection to document a baby girl.

for this album i am keeping all of my photos black and white.
i am also using my we r memory keepers typecast to add in my sentiments....whether it be a quote, story, memory or favourite passage.
i also have been obsessed in using my we r memory keepers stitch happy machine.  i love being able to add metallic thread detailing throughout my journal.

the photo corners are from heidi swapp's storyline collection and are found in the deck of days kits.  they are just awesome and i am kind of obsessed.

next week she will be 4 months and i will add in this months photo and thoughts.  it is really so mind boggling to me how we have reached 4 months old! i remember being pregnant with her like yesterday. even though it feels like i am both busier (and more tired) than ever, i know that the time i am making to capture these moments will be one of the best things i have ever done.  already when i look back on the pages that i have completed i am so grateful.  it's like my own little time machine that i can look back on and read and feel like i am in that moment again.

there is truly nothing i love more than simple, doable, meaningful and beautiful memory keeping XO.


there truly is no more denying it. 
i am not sure what it is like where you live but here in alberta canada we are feeling all the fall feels.  cooler days, early nights, leaves starting to change colour and scatter. yes. it's time to embrace fall.

as much as i am sad to see the days of summer go, i am always looking forward to fall. there is just something about bundling up in cozy sweaters and scarves, warm drinks, fall photography and pumpkins everywhere.  september is my favourite month.

i decided to whip out my brand new heidi swapp letterboard to commemorate this beautiful time.  a favourite phrase in gold alphas looks just perfect on this black letterboard, don't you think?

i gave my living room shelf the fall treatment and adding in my letterboard was truly the perfect finishing touch.

i collected some of my favourite decor pieces and added them in.  the pumpkin floral arrangement is actually from my wedding.  i bring it out every fall as a special reminder of our day.

i love these little pumpkins.  they always make any decor display come together.

here's to embracing fall and all it's beauty..."autumn leaves and pumpkins please"!


hello end of august.  
i say these words loaded with emotion and a very bittersweet taste in my mouth.
how has this just happened?
i swear it was only spring.

with the beautiful days and evenings of summer soon on the wrap up, how fitting that today of all days...august 31st is actually national eat outside day.

 seriously probably THE best part about summer for sure... (insert weepy face here).

so in honour of this day, and the end of summer i thought it would be perfect to enjoy a little QT time with a bowl of warm tacos and some cool guacamole.  who's with me?!?

food friends and sunshine.  what else could honour 'eat outside day' better than that? 


hello weekend!
if you are anything like me....then you literally live the week for the weekend....am i right?!? especially in SUMMER.

these days are literally passing by at lightning speed and i know i am doing pretty much all i can to keep hanging on to every last little bit of sunshine, warm weather, pool day kinda thing.

this summer i have snapped a lot of photos!  with my one son seeming to grow SO fast now that there is a baby in the house i am more desperate than ever to treasure each second.  these summers are so precious, and so much fun when you get to watch a toddler enjoy it.

i have been LOVING to use my instax camera and accessories to commemorate these treasured days. and who could deny this super fun vibe?!? as many of you know this year it is all about the palms.  ;)

so for this weekend, and the next following weekends i will definitely be enjoying what's left of both the weekend vibes AND the summer vibes.  cheers to making the most of it and some fabulous memories. XO


hello july 1st!
and happiest canada day to all of my fellow canadians across this great country!
it truly is a great day to kick off what will be an amazing celebration today....and SUMMER!

celebrating canada day this year is a big one.  canada is officially 150 years old.
cue the fireworks.  it's going to be a celebration!

i loved setting up 2 of my heidi swapp letterboards to commemorate this special day.  layering them together is an awesome way to say what you want to say if you do not have enough room on one.  plus they just look so cute together.  

so in honour of all things "canadian" today....let there be hockey, poutine, tim hortons, maple syrup and ALL the red and white maple leafs one can handle.  for it is canada day.

happiest 150th birthday canada!

i am so blessed to be able to call you home.

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