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i love playing with all the different paper collections that get released.
there are so many beautiful patterns and designs to play with.
i remember seeing this particular collection released back in january 2019 at creativation and literally gasping out loud.

i have always been a lover of anything crate paper and this collection entitled "all heart" seriously took my breath away.  it is SO unique, so trendy, so fun...romantic and grunge.  the whole concept behind the art and design of this release is truly fabulous.  when i finally got my hands on the product i could not wait to play!

first creative project up....my heidi swapp memory dex!
i love my heidi swapp memory dex cards and spinner.  
it is really such an amazing way to spend time inspiring yourself and creating such gorgeous cards that result in beautiful collections of art.
most of the time if i feel like i am in need of a 'creative uplift' i will create a few memory dex cards.  i always find that when i do that it is just the creative push i need to get myself going on other projects where i feel creatively blocked.

watch my video below to see just how easy it is to create custom memory dex cards using the heidi swapp memory dex dies and patterned paper.  i used the all heart 6x8 paper pad in the video.  creating memory dex cards is also an amazing way to use up scrap papers and stash.  a little truly goes a long way when designing and putting together your memory dex.

as you can see it is super easy to use the dies.  just run them through your die cut machine on top of your favourite paper and then voila!  perfect cut and sized cards for your spinner.  add your favourite embellishments, photos, stickers and more.  i love using my we r memory keepers typecast to incorporate sentiments and quotes onto my cards.  to do this you could either type on your paper before or after you run it through your die cut machine.  the choice is totally up to you.

i love how each card encompasses a different personality.  holds a different sentiment, message or memory.  just flipping through my memory dex brings me so much joy and creative uplift.  and it sure looks beautiful sitting on my desk.

note: you can find a ton of memory dex goodies right now (such as the dies, spinners and pre-made cards) right now at scrapbook.com

thank you crate paper for creating all heart.
it is SO beautiful and looks amazing in my spinner.


happy thursday.
happy may 30th.
happiest national creativity day.

since i can remember creativity has encompassed every ounce of my being.
i loved to paint, draw, write, play with stickers, play dough.... i would literally wait ALL week until friday afternoon when it was art class.
art has always been like a best friend to me.

and now that i am an adult. well....nothing has really changed.
in fact i believe the obsession has just grew with my age. ;)
creativity and the act of being creative has literally carried me through all the ups and downs of my life.  it continues to be my healing guide when i need it most.  truly the best therapy anyone could ask for.

there are so many ways i love to be creative.  of course, being a member of the heidi swapp media team has been such a creative blessing in that it provides me even more ways to feed my soul and uplift my spirit creatively.  whether it is using my minc machine or playing with all the beautiful stickers and embellishments...

decorating all the things with all the washi.....

or playing in my memory planners.....

creating and the act of being creative is a part of who i am.

"creativity is experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun".
cheers to national creativity day.


i just love when i am able to create something with my hands from start to finish.
and when i can make that project with paper i am even happier.

a lot of times if i feel like i am in a creative rut, compiling a mini album out of a paper collection often helps to get my creative juices flowing once again.

i was inspired to use the heidi swapp wolf pack collection to create a brand new mini book.  it is made entirely out of paper that i cut out from a silhouette cut file.  you can find that cut file here.  it is the pocket mini album.  

once i cut out all of the pieces of the template i followed this video tutorial to easily put together my album.

once it was compiled i happily dug into my wolf pack stash and retrieved some of my favourite washi, rub ons, stickers and embellishments and set to work.  i love the simplicity of this project and that it holds some of my favourite instax photos of my son madix who just turned 5 at the end of march.

i just adore collections and this one may just be my newest favourite.  summer is only beginning here and i cannot wait to create more memory books and scrapbook pages of our summer adventures this year.  with all the time we spend camping and being outdoors i know i will have tons of photos to document and endless stories to tell.


playing with different techniques and my heidi swapp minc has always been a favourite way to play and stretch my creativity.

there are so many endless creative possibilities when it comes to the minc and i always love to learn new ways, methods and "tricks" to add these fun and interesting elements to my paper crafting projects.

that is why today i am SUPER excited to share 3 of my favourite minc techniques with you!

right now you can access my FREE online educational class here.
with a complete supply list, photos, and start to finish video tutorial you will learn the following:

*how easy it is to use art screen ink with acrylic stamps to create a foiled stamped image
*how to use a glue pen and foil flakes with a stencil to add some fun background details to a layout
*how to add foil (without a minc machine) to double sided alphabet stickers

and trust me when it comes to the minc this is just the START of what you can accomplish with this fabulous tool!

what is even better is i utilized all of these techniques to create a STORYLINE scrapbook page.
how fun is that?!

can you spot all of my techniques?!
can't wait to see you in the classroom...we are going to have so much fun! :)


so i would have to say that my latest obsession of 2019 is coptic notebooks.
hands down.
LOVE them.

i made a promise to myself this year to try new things. learn something new. stretch my brain and exercise my skill set.  enter coptic notebooks.

and then when i get my hands on a new paper pack? definitely another coptic notebook is a MUST.

that being said... say hello to wolf pack.

this brand new collection from heidi swapp has my HEART.  the color palette, the patterns, the entire feel of this line is just beautiful i cannot say enough how much i love it.

i love how coptic notebooks have the ability to showcase collections and paper lines so beautifully.  this paper collection just needed to be transformed into a coptic notebook.  

now, if you are interested in learning about coptic notebooks and how to create them i HIGHLY suggest checking out this post and the attached links.  i took this class by paige evans and it is SO worth the investment in order to learn how to properly create them.  the step by step directions are wonderful and her video is excellent.  she is how i learned how to make these and i cannot sing her praises enough!  take her class! ;)

the inside notebooks of a coptic notebook are called 'signatures'.  so i chose some of my favourite patterns from the paper pad and created my signatures.  inside each signature is just blank paper but you can fill a signature with whatever you desire.

i then used the we r memory keepers book binding tool to punch both my signatures and covers.  i love this tool because it makes punching and preparing your notebooks and covers a breeze!  it's accuracy cannot be beat.  if you love making handmade bound books i highly recommend this tool. i love using mine.

here are all my prepared signatures. i love all of these patterns.

and here are my covers.  i simply covered backboard with wolf pack paper to create them. easy peasy!  i then punched the covers with my book binding tool.

and the finished product.  i added some of the gorgeous wolf pack alphas to the cover.  they are the perfect font.

i just adore all of the signatures bound together.  makes me so happy!

i love this wolf from the sticker sheet.  such beautiful art work.

be sure to check out this entire collection shipping right now!  whether it is book binding, scrapbooking, card making or general crafting you will love working with this collection so much.
it is a beauty.


i am just going to cut to the chase.
i am really excited to share this project.
mostly because i actually WROTE in this journal!

does anyone else relate? 
sometimes blank pages can be SO intimidating for me.  
for fear of wrecking something...i do not do anything. 
and that really can be frustrating.

add on top of that when supplies are SO beautiful. 
gosh...the intimidation can be paralyzing creatively.

however...i think i FINALLY faced that fear head on and am completely 100% confident in taking on any journal and making it my own.

i have been admiring this insanely gorgeous crate paper journal studio collection since it was first released.  i adore ANYTHING crate paper and have been a long time fan.

i love the pretty feminine vibe.  the touch of vintage and romance.  it is beyond inspiring and i could not wait to get my hands on it.

this beautiful delicate polka dot journal is everything.
not only does it just look beautiful gracing ones workspace or desktop...the potential it holds for ones creative imagination is limitless.
that is why i was committed to work in this journal and create something that was meaningful and pretty and fun.
i committed to working on a project for me and i am SO happy how it turned out.

you know the saying, "begin each day with a positive thought"?  
that is kind of the inspiration behind this journal.

for the month of april i am going to note one positive thought per day for 30 days.
using a ruler and a micron fine tip pen i created a basic calendar spread for the month of april.
i embellished with elements of the crate paper journal studio sticker set.

to complete the rest of my journal i created weekly spreads which i hand drew using a basic ruler and micron fine tip pen.

again...there is no real structure or guideline here when i created my spreads.  i simply started drawing boxes.  one for each day of the week.  once that was complete i embellished with simple stickers and titles.

i am so happy that i prepared this journal before the month of april.
that way NO excuses.
one thought a day...that is all there is to it.
i always love a good challenge and i am ready to fill this journal with even more beauty and positivity.

as i finished up these spreads i definitely realized that when it comes to creating mind over matter is a huge thing.  sometimes you just have to get out of your head and onto the paper and let things happen.  it really felt so freeing to bring this project to life and it helped me find a working system that felt good and motivating.  i also LOVE the feeling of using up stickers and stash.

so all in all this was a win win for me!  i encourage you if you have ever felt this way to just start playing in a blank journal.  it is amazing what can happen and what can be created when you just give yourself permission to be free.

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