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i am just going to cut to the chase.
i am really excited to share this project.
mostly because i actually WROTE in this journal!

does anyone else relate? 
sometimes blank pages can be SO intimidating for me.  
for fear of wrecking something...i do not do anything. 
and that really can be frustrating.

add on top of that when supplies are SO beautiful. 
gosh...the intimidation can be paralyzing creatively.

however...i think i FINALLY faced that fear head on and am completely 100% confident in taking on any journal and making it my own.

i have been admiring this insanely gorgeous crate paper journal studio collection since it was first released.  i adore ANYTHING crate paper and have been a long time fan.

i love the pretty feminine vibe.  the touch of vintage and romance.  it is beyond inspiring and i could not wait to get my hands on it.

this beautiful delicate polka dot journal is everything.
not only does it just look beautiful gracing ones workspace or desktop...the potential it holds for ones creative imagination is limitless.
that is why i was committed to work in this journal and create something that was meaningful and pretty and fun.
i committed to working on a project for me and i am SO happy how it turned out.

you know the saying, "begin each day with a positive thought"?  
that is kind of the inspiration behind this journal.

for the month of april i am going to note one positive thought per day for 30 days.
using a ruler and a micron fine tip pen i created a basic calendar spread for the month of april.
i embellished with elements of the crate paper journal studio sticker set.

to complete the rest of my journal i created weekly spreads which i hand drew using a basic ruler and micron fine tip pen.

again...there is no real structure or guideline here when i created my spreads.  i simply started drawing boxes.  one for each day of the week.  once that was complete i embellished with simple stickers and titles.

i am so happy that i prepared this journal before the month of april.
that way NO excuses.
one thought a day...that is all there is to it.
i always love a good challenge and i am ready to fill this journal with even more beauty and positivity.

as i finished up these spreads i definitely realized that when it comes to creating mind over matter is a huge thing.  sometimes you just have to get out of your head and onto the paper and let things happen.  it really felt so freeing to bring this project to life and it helped me find a working system that felt good and motivating.  i also LOVE the feeling of using up stickers and stash.

so all in all this was a win win for me!  i encourage you if you have ever felt this way to just start playing in a blank journal.  it is amazing what can happen and what can be created when you just give yourself permission to be free.



i LOVE to share and talk about things i LOVE.  
because why not share the good am i right?!

joann stores AND joann online have been graced and stocked with beautiful heidi swapp kits that are brimming with nothing but beautiful creative possibilities.  
each with their own personality and twist...you will be sure to fall in LOVE with each and every one.

say hello to my current favourite: the floral planner journal kit.

i have been OBSESSED with grid notebooks and i absolutely ADORE this one.
i am using it for my creative team 'working' planner to keep track of my monthly assignments, social media postings, brainstorming, inspiration, ideas...pretty much ALL the things creative wise.

and the fact that it is GRID.
cause do you know how hard it is sometimes to find a fabulous GRID notebook?!
trust me...i have looked!

so here is a basic walk through of my creative 'working' planner.
and i say 'working' because lets be honest.
i find that with planners...there is a pressure to make them 'pretty'.

and why i do LOVE a pretty notebook...and making them pretty....i also crave a place where i can just chicken scratch, and make lists, a place to release the pressure and need to feel perfect.  
i need a notebook where i can just let it all go and allow it to come to life on it's own...be functional, meaningful, workable AND pretty.
the kind of planner that simply takes on a life of its own.
well friends, THIS is that planner.
and i kinda love it.

i begin each month with a calendar spread.
being that it is my creative team planner i use it solely to list my deadlines with assignments and postings.
i love a birds eye view of the month where i can see what is due when.
it helps me plan and prepare appropriately.

and like i said...i still love to add a bit 'pretty' so i have used cards and stickers that have come with this planner.
as well as additional washi tape from THIS handmade by heidi kit.
i also love that i am using up some of my random stash when working in this planner too (alpha stickers, stickers and stamps etc.)

below you can see what i mean with chicken scratch.
i just let it all out here.

notes, ideas, potential projects, ideas that are rejected, new ones.
the whole gamut.

and guess what? its TOTALLY ok.
and i'm totally OK.
no need to be perfect here friends. just productive!

march's calendar.

i dedicate a section for both my blog and creative assignments each month.
 i also include a dated list which tracks when i post to social media (not pictured).

there is also a devoted space for brainstorming.
which is absolutely vital for me in the creative process.

i just love this planner journal.
it has kept me motivated, accountable and productive.
what else more could you ask for?
 ok...maybe more stickers ;)

be sure to check out this fabulous kit if you are looking for something to help you get organized, motivated and creative.
it really is awesome and has helped me so much.


i think it is safe to say that journal studio and i have become best friends.
i absolutely ADORE this style of documenting and the creative freedom these journals allow is something that is super refreshing and motivating for me.  they can truly become anything you want them to be.  i love that.

this little hot pink heidi swapp number has been calling my name since the day it landed in my hands.  so bright, so bold and so FUN.  

i love that these journals are truly blank canvases.  each notebook insert they come with (which is 2) have their own style and personality so you can truly achieve any type of documenting goal.

just recently i have become a huge fan of both dot and grid notebooks.  i love the creative freedom they allow but at the same time are super handy when needing a good jumping off point for creating different types of journaling.

with this dotted insert i was able to take a mini ruler and a black fine tipped pen and easily create a fabulous custom calendar for my journal and begin preparations to welcome in the month of february! i know...what?!?

i love how easy it was for me to create this calendar by simply counting the dots to make sure everything was even and they also kept me on track with drawing in my straight lines.  by no means am i an artist or drawer but these dotted inserts make it SO EASY to get the job done!

of course i could not resist adding in some of my favourite washi tapes and stickers.  i ADORE puffy stickers for journal embellishing and these specific ones from the heidi swapp journal studio collection are perfection for february.

this "love list" is probably my most favourite part of this page.  i just think it turned out so cute. and again...the puffies <3.

on the next page i was able to get a jump start on some documenting/tracking i want to focus on in the month of february.  these lists and bullet points are SO fun to include.  plus the journal studio sticker books make it so easy to achieve professional and beautiful looking pages.  seriously...i just added the stickers!  and yes...you may even spy a few pieces from heidi swapp's color fresh paper collection...because its just too awesome to not include it all.

i hope you enjoyed seeing my journal prep for february! i cannot wait to add in more pages and start documenting all the things.  lets bring on the month of love xoxo


hello friends lets talk photos and mini books.
i know we all got the photos and we all love the mini books.
i mean...who doesn't love a fresh stack of PRINTED photos just waiting to be played with?
the memory keeping possibilities are truly infinite.

and speaking of infinite...you can see i have quite the stack of photos below. 
sigh...anyone relate?

this is a box of photos that i had printed awhile ago and sadly they have just been sitting. i mean life just happens and keeps happening and sometimes the projects we want to get to so bad just do not happen the way we would wish.

luckily there are SOLUTIONS out there.  so many times i think we can get so "problem focused" rather than "solution focused" that we do not realize there are ways to make things happen despite the limitations in life that we may face.

for instance...this amazing storybook kit from heidi swapp.

this brand new kit is available ONLY at joann stores online and is the perfect solution for photos needing a home.  i say perfect because it has the album, it has the cute, and it all comes in this one box!  all you really need extra is a pen, some photo adhesive and a little creative time.

i was able to put this album together in about an hour the other night. i simply added in my photos, used the super adorable deck of days (which are included in the kit as well) to embellish my pages and then added my simple journaling following the album prompts.

(the only extra thing that i did add in were elements of the most adorable washi tape...but lucky for you that washi tape is also available right now at joann stores online as another fabulous handmade by heidi kit! you can find that little beauty right here.) 

and here is a look at the end result!

i had fun varying up some of my photo sizes and creating different photo spreads but for the most part i kept things super basic and straightforward with this album.

this album is truly perfect for any photo, event or special occasion.  i love how it captured last summers memories beautifully and SUPER easily.  i know you will absolutely adore creating your own album too.

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