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hello july 1st!
and happiest canada day to all of my fellow canadians across this great country!
it truly is a great day to kick off what will be an amazing celebration today....and SUMMER!

celebrating canada day this year is a big one.  canada is officially 150 years old.
cue the fireworks.  it's going to be a celebration!

i loved setting up 2 of my heidi swapp letterboards to commemorate this special day.  layering them together is an awesome way to say what you want to say if you do not have enough room on one.  plus they just look so cute together.  

so in honour of all things "canadian" today....let there be hockey, poutine, tim hortons, maple syrup and ALL the red and white maple leafs one can handle.  for it is canada day.

happiest 150th birthday canada!

i am so blessed to be able to call you home.


it is certainly no big secret that i love cameras. and photos. and really anything to do with both cameras and photos.
seriously. my love. obsessed actually.

so with it officially being national camera day today, one must celebrate with a camera and photos.  don't you agree!?!

these days my world is wrapped up in the arms of a brand new baby, and i could not be more in a whirlwind of taking photos and capturing memories and moments.  with having a second baby, i completely understand the fleetingness of time.  how fast these little ones grow.  how much you want to remember.  how much you can forget.  it's crazy.  but thank god for photos and cameras.  they truly are the only way to hang on to the past.

i spent some time printing out some of my latest favourite memories with my instax share sp-1 printer.

this super adorable flamingo album from the heidi swapp instax tropical collection could not be more perfect for these memories.

the cutest little book that i am filling with all of my favourites so far.

"a photograph is the pause button of life".  SO TRUE.
in honour of national camera day i challenge you to get your camera out.  snap a few photos and PRINT them.  place them in an album.  they are truly the treasures of our life.


hello june 18th. time for some fathers day love.  and letterboard love.
all wrapped up into one.

my heidi swapp letterboard is probably one of my latest obsessions.  i absolutely love changing up my boards to reflect special occasions, holidays and anything really that is inspiring me at the moment!

in honour of fathers day, i thought it would be fun to not only add a beautiful message...but some of my favourite photos taken over these past 3 years of my husband and madix's phenomenal dad.  photos celebrating their bond, their friendship, their love.

i simply went through my computer and printed out a photo grid over at picmonkey.  i then printed it out and simply placed the collage on my letterboard using some of the super cute letterboard icons to hold it in place.  then once i am ready to switch up my letterboard, i will place this collage on a scrapbook layout, or in my planner!

i absolutely ADORE how the heidi swapp letterboard can literally be transformed into anything you want it to be.  it is one of my most coveted home decor accessories and i know i will love it for many many years and happy celebrations.

happiest fathers day to my hubby and truly one of the most phenomenal, selfless, loving and caring dad's on the planet. madix and (our new baby) are SO blessed.  here's to many more fathers day celebrations and beautiful memories together. XOXO

to see and learn even more about the heidi swapp letterboard and all of the super fun accessories, click the link here.


ahhh....mothers day.
as i am typing this, it is the end of the day. i am TIRED. 
we all know as moms our life does not stop. there are no breaks. it is constant. and when we do have a break...well for me anyway it's to catch up on laundry, dishes, put toys away...sigh. it truly is the hardest job in the world!

i came across this quote the other day...and truly it could NOT be more perfect to sum up this crazy adventure we call MOTHERHOOD.  it definitely is in a "hood" of it's own LOL.  anyone else agree?!?

in honour of mother's day....i truly salute and commend each and every mother AND woman out there who is loving SO hard each and every day...making all the ultimate sacrifices, putting all of their needs on the back burner, drinking their coffee cold, who just KEEP GOING and do not stop at all for ones families and loved ones.  truly you all are super heroes...even though i know through the endless life demands it often feels like an endless battle.  i know myself, when i was pregnant with my first i never thought it would be as hard as it is.  i mean....my kid was always just going to listen and do what i say right?!? ha! #realitycheck

i stumbled across these words the other day and they really resonated with me:

Motherhood is a choice you make everyday, to put someone else's happiness and well-being ahead of your own, to teach hard lessons, to do the right thing even when you're not sure what the right thing is....and to forgive yourself over and over again, for doing everything wrong. ~Donna Ball 

so. much. truth. right here.

happiest mothers day to all of you women out there. the super heroes.  the lovers.  the cheerleaders.  the constant of all constants. XOXO


i cannot believe that may is just around the corner!
which also means that this baby of mine will be here before we know it.
we have been busy preparing and putting the last minute finishing touches on the baby's room and just today we have been working on completing the gallery wall.

when i was piecing my gallery wall together i knew for sure that i had to incorporate the heidi swapp letterboard.

it is such an amazing versatile piece because it can be altered to say just about anything you want it to say!  so fun, right?!?  truly the PERFECT addition to any gallery wall or for your home decor.

i found this super cute definition quote online and knew that it would be perfect.  i love mixing and matching all of the different fonts and font sizes.  and seriously....how cute and perfect is that unicorn icon?!? i can't even...

if you are creating your own gallery wall and looking for an awesome piece to invest in for your wall i highly recommend the letterboard. you can add in all of your favourite quotes, phrases and words that represent your personal style. it is available now and can be found online and in independent stores as well as hobby lobby!  trust me, you will love it.

now to continue to get organized and do all of the last minute preparation before this little baby enters our world.  i cannot believe in just weeks she will be here!


hello earth day.
and some lightbox inspiration. some mini lightbox inspiration, if you will.
the heidi swapp lightbox collection is now available at joann stores and is part of their amazing new aisle called "HS BOUTIQUE".  in this collection you will find 3 different size lightboxes, TONS of light box slides (like the cute cloud background slides pictured below) and alphas, plus the cutest storage albums for all of your lightbox accessories.  
i love changing up my decor for special occasions and notable dates in my home with my lightbox.
for today, earth day, my mini is set up with a clean and simple message: LOVE EARTH.

i read a quote the other day that stated: "the earth is what we all have in common".  it really resonated with me.  no matter who we are, where we live, what we do, what we believe...we all share the same home. the one and only, our earth.  it is SO extremely important that we honour, take care and respect this beautiful planet on which we all live.  

i love that not only can my lightbox stand as a beautiful decor piece, but it can also share and portray meaningful messages and images that are close to my heart.

so today in honour of earth day let us all make a gesture toward honouring our home and working towards a better future for the next generations.  turn off the lights, begin composting, recycle more items, join a car pool.  there are so many little things that we can do that will leave a huge impact.

"we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children"

here's to earth day. april 22nd.


today i am sharing a little memory dex inspiration.
if you are anything like me, beautiful decor pieces that are also inspiring and motivating are essential in my workspace.
as a very visual person, i need to see things all the time.
at the end of the day pretty things just make me happy.
bring on the pretty, always & forever.

i decided to create a motivational memory dex to sit on my workspace.  
what is a motivational memory dex?
well i sort of have this addiction to collecting quotes, affirmations and words of encouragement that i find through social media (ex. instagram, Facebook, pinterest etc.).
there are so many good ones out there, that i never want to lose them.
sure placing them on my phone and archiving them in my instagram is one way to keep them safe.  but there is nothing like making something tangible into a hard copy.
enter memory dex-motivational style!

i decided to use my typecast to help me in typing out quotes and words of encouragement that really speak to me onto memory dex cards.  that way, once i have typed out my quote i can easily slip it into my memory dex where i can always have it to look back and refer to.

the memory dex system is also a great way to mix and match supplies, collections and use up some of your favourite embellishments in decorating your cards as desired.

another fun addition to memory dex trays are photographs.  i chose to include some of my favourite memories "instax-style" into my tray.  i simply printed my photos using my instax share sp-1 printer directly off my iPhone and them using the memory dex punch, punched in two perfect holes that allow me to slip in my photo easily and effortlessly.

more favourite quotes...

i also had so much fun incorporating some of the gorgeous elements from the brand new magnolia jane collection by heidi swapp into my memory dex.  it is just too beautiful.

these gold embellishments from the magnolia jane collection are seriously a favourite.  how adorable do they look as an overlay on a photograph? so perfect i think.

i will continue to work on this memory dex as an ongoing project.  adding in quotes and photos as the days and weeks go on.  it's so much fun to make them come alive and to bring them together into an actual project.  i love using the memory dex system in this way.

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