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as we are nearing the end of 2019 (oh so so quickly) and entering into not just any year but 2020! a brand new decade.  wow.  i am certainly feeling all the feelings.  i am not sure if it is just me...but i tend to get a little melancholic around this time.  the feelings do not stick around for long, but just enough to make themselves aware and for me to get even more reflective than usual.

i have been so inspired by so many beautiful and talented artists out there on social media and i love seeing what they are choosing to use to document this new year.  i love all the planners and journals...and the ideas! they are all so incredible.

i have been particularly moved by a woman by the name of @mindful_hookup on instagram.  she has the most incredible journals she calls "magic mornings".  and in these journals she does a ton of reflective work and they have really moved and inspired me.  i really want to follow along in her practice so i decided to create my own journal...that being a coptic notebook of course.

i chose to use the beautiful heidi swapp hawthorne paper collection to construct my notebook.  i love this collection so much and it is even still available!  you can get your hands on this stunning collection right here.

i used the hawthorne foam stickers to label my journal '2020 VISION'.  

i love these foam stickers because the double sided adhesive allows me to use minc foils on them.  i chose this silver holographic.  it is a bit hard to photograph but it really is oh so beautiful.  the perfect shine for my album title.

best part about these alphas is that they do not even require a minc machine to be foiled.  simply remove the top adhesive, lay your desired foil down and rub with your finger or tool.

remove and voila!  gorgeous foiled stickers.  so easy and they always look amazing.

inside my coptic notebook each signature is created out of a different hawthorne pattern paper, white cardstock  and vellum.

i even created my 2020 vision board journal spread in my notebook.  it is created in the first few pages of the journal and i love that it is always in the front so that i can always look at it day after day.  a solid reminder of my focus and purpose with this journal.

having a beautiful new journal to begin a new year with definitely helps to offset the melancholic feelings i can have just before the new year starts.  i love the idea of a clean slate, fresh start, and beautiful possibility!

cheers to 2020, the beginning of a brand new decade. 


today i want to share a very simple and easy DIY to create a gorgeous interactive gratitude mini album with the heidi swapp honey and spice collection that makes a great keepsake.  whether you fill it with photos, journaling, favourite thoughts from the month or if you are hosting a thanksgiving dinner, try having your guests handwrite their gratitudes inside.  just think what a treasure this will be all filled up with the best of the best!

to create my cover, i first had my laser printer print out this heidi swapp handwritten 'blessings' freebie onto a piece of honey and spice pattern paper.  you can find the freebie here.

i laid a piece of rose gold minc foil on top and ran through my minc on heat setting 3.

always so beautiful.  i just love how this turned out for my cover.

next, find a piece of chipboard and trim to your desired size.  you can make this book any size you want....mine is just under 4x6 size.

cover the chipboard pieces with the patterned paper.

for the inside of my mini book i created a bunch of openable envelope pockets, tags and included tags from this honey and spice tag set.  this way it allows me a ton of options to add in photos, journaling and notes that i want to collect.  i also love the interactivity of it all.

using my heidi swapp we r memory keepers cinch i punched all of my inside pages.

the first step to binding a book using the cinch is to layer all of your inside pages starting with the last album page and ending with what will be your first page.

then add your album front cover face up and then the back cover on top face side down.  make sure the back of the back cover is facing your front cover because when you flip it around that will be what side you will see.

place onto the binding side of your cinch and push down.

voila! a beautifully professionally bound keepsake album ready to go.  the cinch truly is one of my most favourite tools.

and how about that minc shine?!

i love how it fits easily in the palm of my hand.

i cannot wait to fill my album up with all the things.

here in canada we have already officially celebrated our thanksgiving, but for those of you who are looking forward to celebrations this week i hope i have inspired you to make create your own version of a gratitude mini book that you can share with your family and friends.  


lately i have been thinking a lot of about the goals and plans i had set out for myself for this year.
nearing the end of october i guess this normal.
one year is coming to a close (faster than i can even imagine) and a new one looming on the horizon.

lately with all these looming transitions (especially with the arrival of the COLD weather) i needed to remind myself of a few things.  and that is to keep my eye on the prize.

seriously why is it SO easy to feel the need to give up when things get hard?  nothing worth anything comes easy and i should know this! still...the journey is the journey and sometimes is it ever a bumpy ride!

i love to give myself visual reminders that keep me motivated and refreshed and help to reset my train of thinking when it wants to veer off onto that "easy path".

the key is to remember why i even began in the first place.  the desire and need to move from a place that is not serving me in the best way to GET to the place i want to be.  at the end of the day when the desire to just forego all of your plans and goals sets in it is SO essential to hold on to all of the things that will make you remember why the change is needed. and why it will be so good.

so if you are anything like me and "feeling it" grab yourself a fun heidi swapp lightbox from JoAnn Stores and/or online (and some alphas) to keep you motivated and on track.  sometimes we all just have to be our own best (and loudest) cheerleader. high fives to all of us who are keeping on! keep going friends. we can do this!


well i could NOT be more in love with my latest heidi swapp storyline scrapbook page!
i just love when products fuel fresh and new creative life into previous ones and this project definitely has my creative juices flowing in overdrive!

this is the heidi swapp foil quill usb drive.  on it are TONS of incredible designs and artwork that through your electronic die cutting machine can be "sketched" onto your projects using the we r memory keepers foil quill system. if you are new to the foil quill system you can learn more about it here.

ahh i thought to myself...how FUN would that be to add a foiled title onto my latest storyline page?  i immediately set to work and this is what i created.  i just LOVE it so so much!

i then dove into my stash and added in a few fun extras from the heidi swapp Color Fresh collection.  stickers from the sticker pad, a favourite patterned paper and some additional journaling via my we r memory keepers typecast.  cause you KNOW i love my typecast for story telling!

the foil quill system comes with 3 different sized "tips" and for this title i decided to use the fine tip pen.  personally this one is my favourite. the smooth beautiful foiled application of this title is seriously amazing.  you would honestly never think it was created at home it looks that professional!

if you love creating scrapbook pages, telling stories AND trying new ways to collaborate and use your supplies together i highly recommend this technique.  SO easy to do, yet the results are mind-blowing!  be sure to check out all of the products i used in my page today right now at JoANN stores and JoANN online.  i just love them all so much and i know you will too.


i always love to create and make home decor projects that are fast, quick and easy.
that being said...i have such a super quick and easy DIY project to create for halloween!

candy canisters!
to create these fabulous canisters all i simply did was choose digital word art from this heidi swapp halloween/fall bundle and had the words cut out of black vinyl using my silhouette cameo.

i literally then went through my cupboards and found some extra jars/canisters i had just laying around...seriously how does one collect so many?!

i love when i can repurpose things i have on hand and make them new and fresh again!  adding some simple vinyl word art to these jars completely changed and revitalized them.  i love how they turned out!

this jar below is actually lined with some of the DCWV paper from their Happy Halloween paper pad.  another fun way to quickly and easily add some festive fun to a project!

i really hope you are inspired to try out this technique and fall in love just as much as i did!
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