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so whose up for a little holiday inspiration?!
i know i know....it is STILL august!
but.....nothing like getting a few ideas to feel a bit ahead of the game now... am i right?! i mean the whole christmas in july thing...well let's just pretend this is that! ha!

after all, when there is a brand new heidi swapp christmas collection release...it cannot be kept quiet.  it is always just too good!
say hello to winter wonderland!

that being said, i have whipped up a few cards that i really wanted to share.
some fun, easy and inspiring ideas to maybe get your creative juices flowing for the holiday season ahead.

and what is even better is that these cards are SUPER simple to make.
to begin with, they are all cards i created from the boxed card set.

yes! this box comes with 40 cards AND envelopes ready to be customized however you would like.
they come in all the gorgeous patterns found in the winter wonderland collection so there really is something for everyone.
here are just a few of my favourites!

i just love the holiday tradition with a twist of trend.

so...let's get started and i will share with you 3 simple 'hacks' i used to customize my cards and give them just a bit of "wow factor".

first up is this fun 'fa-la-la' card.

to begin i used my paper trimmer to trim about an inch off the side.  i then covered up the white inside part of the card with this super cute washi.

the front i layered a sticker with a die cut wreath and vellum ephemera.

i love that this collection comes with a coordinating stamp/die set.  this wreath die is probably my most favourite and will probably find itself on a ton of my holiday projects for 2019.

next up is this fun interactive 'pocket card'.  fun to hold a message, photo or gift card!

to create this card i took a card from the box set.

i applied adhesive to the right hand side and across the bottom edge only.  the idea here is to secure the opened edges to form a pocket or pouch.

next, use a circle punch to create a half circle notch.

embellish with winter wonderland ephemera as desired.

for the inside card i simply trimmed another card from the set to my desired size and then added another ephemera piece on top.  slide it into your pocket and you are done!  this is probably one of my most favourite hacks and i will be making a ton of these interactive pocket pouch cards. they just turned out so cute!

last but not least is this trip-fold card with a window.  i used 2 cards to make this one card by simply adhering two cards together and then adding in another piece of card and/or pattern paper in the middle.

this card has ample room and space and i love how interactive it is for the receiver.

 here is how i created my circle window in my card:

i used the we r memory keepers circle spin and trim tool.

it is a very easy tool to use to make circles of all sizes.
simply place your card into the trimmer and specify the size of circle you want cut with the small plastic blade piece.  you will slip it into the corresponding notch.

then hold the large white knob and in a circular motion spin it around the board.

voila! the most perfectly trimmed circle!

to be honest i am not a 'card maker' at heart, but i really enjoy playing with collections and techniques that are not too difficult to try out but yet yield awesome results in the end.  this was really fun for me to create and try out some ideas i never had before.  

i hope you are inspired and in the mood to get your holiday craft on!


nothing like a little christmas in july...am i right?!
i LOVE when the christmas paper crafting collections come out...it makes me SO excited of what is to come!
of course i could not contain my excitement when i finally got my hands on the brand new WINTER WONDERLAND collection that has just been released from heidi swapp.

it encompasses everything i think of when i start dreaming about the holidays!
so of course i had to begin playing and create a coptic notebook for myself.
one of my favourite ways to showcase and celebrate a collection!

i love having all of my favourite papers in one place, embellishments and washi!  so much fun!

my head is already swirling with ideas on layouts, cards, tags, banners...you name it!
creating for the holidays is always a favourite and you are going to love creating with this collection too!


i have always believed in the power of writing and its potential for healing.
there is something about physically writing things down that seems to change the game.
it makes the thought concrete.  which makes it hold power.  which makes it impactful.

this whole concept of 'writing for health' inspired me this month to take on a challenge.
for 30 days i was to begin my day writing down one positive thought, passage, quote or affirmation.
it was a way to centre and focus myself.  an intention on which i could build my thought process and my day around.

i wanted to see how this practice would affect my health, mentally and physically.

so i grabbed one of my heidi swapp journal studio journals and inserts and on july 1st i began to write.

i have always loved collecting quotes and affirmations on my instagram account and my pinterest boards.  so it was not like i had to create more 'work' for myself and search and think about what i wanted to write each day.  i simply chose one that i already had collected and whichever one spoke to me that is what i would write in my journal.

i began my month with this reminder:

"your life can dramatically improve in a year.  
you just gotta love yourself enough to know that you deserve more.  
be brave enough to demand more and be disciplined enough to actually work for more"

then each day as you can see i added my journaling for the day.
nothing fancy or complicated.
i really just wanted to focus on the WRITING.  and release the pressure or need for perfection and pretty and that whole "insta-worthy" ideal.  sometimes (more often than not) that whole notion can really cause me to feel stuck and uninspired.  i need to let that go!
just write and process and feel and create for me and my needs.

i love how these journals are all such amazing blank canvases waiting to be filled with all the things.

what i learned through this process is that making the time to purposely write things down in a journal has a tremendous healing effect on the mind.  i found myself feeling centered, my anxiety lessen and my motivation increase.  i found that i was becoming more intentional with how i chose to behave in the day and this practice helped me start the morning off in a more positive mindset.  which to be honest is huge because i am truly not a morning person at all.

again, i believe writing has a huge influence on ourselves and the way we guide ourselves.  for some reason the physical act of writing has a powerful role to play and i am excited about this new habit and ritual i have created for myself.  i definitely challenge you to give it a try.


today i am sharing my latest layout with you all.
i created this fun 12x12 page using a few 'mixed media' type techniques involving my minc machine.
i love using my minc machine, especially when it comes to experimenting with projects!

for this page i wondered to myself what would happen if i took a cut file (this is a paige evans butterfly silhouette cut file i cut out of scrapbook paper using my silhouette machine), some minc reactive mist which i applied on top of the cut file with a generic make up applicator sponge.

to do this technique open your reactive mist and pour a small amount onto a craft plate.

take your sponge and apply a small amount to the sponge.  not too wet, just enough to apply a nice even layer onto your paper.

dab the sponge on top of the cut file.

the idea is you are wanting the reactive mist to provide a stencilled image once the paper cut file is removed.

 it is important that you do this technique quickly and efficiently otherwise i found my paper cut file wanted to "stick" to my background page as the mist dried.

you do not want to use a lot of mist when applying your sponge onto the cut file...less is more i find and when using less it takes a lot less drying time.

so be sure to be quick so it does not stick!

once my page was fully dried (very important!) i ran it through my minc machine on heat setting 3 using this gorgeous new silver holographic foil.

once i removed the foil and transfer folder you can see the gorgeous design that was created!  a subtle holographic design of the butterflies.  i really love how it turned out!  its subtle yet eye catching.

now to finish my page!

i added all elements of the heidi swapp color fresh paper collection to create my page and added on my type text journaling using my we r memory keepers typecast.

i used this super adorable 12 x 12 good vibes transparency paper as an over lay on top of my page.  it really looks awesome over top the minc'ed butterflies!

i am super happy with how this page turned out and i love the overall vibe.
the minc is such a great tool to use when wanting to add subtle and/or bold techniques to scrapbooking pages.  it certainly was a super easy technique and i will definitely be trying it out on other pages of mine in the future.  it sure will be fun to see how this concept looks when using other colors of foil.

be sure to check out all things heidi swapp minc and color fresh right now!
they truly make the perfect creative collab xo.

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