it really is amazing...

gosh. i am feeling SO many emotions.
gratitude, awe, joy, excitement. the list goes on.
it was probably 10 years ago or so when i discovered my love for scrapbooking.
with that love came the discovery of SO many incredible artists that were a part of this industry. 
one of those artists, a woman by the name of ali edwards completely stole my heart with the way she chose to document her life.  her real life.
i loved how she combined words and photos to convey the stories of her life.
from day one i was inspired and really have been a super fan ever since.

fast forward to 2011.  i attended my 3rd creative escape event put on by the amazing heidi swapp and was lucky enough to take a class and meet the incredible ali edwards.  this is a picture of us at the event with one of my dearest and best friends sherry.  we had SO much fun i remember. 

now…well, it is crazy to think what life can bring you.

i am beyond thrilled and honoured to be one of the chosen to join ali edwards and design for her brand. truly a dream come true.  there are 14 other incredible ladies on the team that i so look forward to getting to know and be inspired by.  there is nothing more powerful in this world than like minds and kindred spirits. 

i am also really looking forward to expanding my creativity.  i have enjoyed digital scrapbooking in the past, but am looking forward to incorporating even more digital elements into my memory keeping and using a lot of hybrid elements as well.  i will always be a "paper and glue" kind of girl at heart, but sometimes it is truly refreshing to work outside of your comfort zone.  i often hear that is where the "magic" happens! ;)
 here are just a few of my recent projects i have created using the beautiful ali edwards digital elements.

i love that no matter what your style or design, they are just perfect for any project.  their versatility is fabulous.

i am feeling SO grateful for this opportunity and so look forward to sharing my heart, soul and love with all of you out there who share in the magic of scrapbooking our lives! big congrats to all of the other ladies chosen.  you girls are so amazing and i am beyond thrilled to be sharing this journey with all of you. XO


  1. Congrats on making the team Lindsay!!!

  2. Loved the inspiration you shared along with the announcement. Congratulations on making Team Ali.

  3. Lindsay, this post is the best!! I love your words and your work...well that's just stunning :)

  4. So exciting. Congratulations. I have long loved Ali and her beautiful way of documenting and capturing life.

  5. YOU are so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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