oh what fun! pocket pages and the fuse...

well....can i just say how excited i am for the holidays this year?  i do not know what it is...but i cannot wait to begin documenting the holiday season for 2015.  maybe it has to do with the fact that my little guy will be just that more older than last year to enjoy the season. or that there are SO many amazing holiday goodies coming from heidi swapp that i cannot stand the excitement? ahhh...definitely a combo deal i am thinking for sure!

i have been playing with some of the gorgeous elements and products from her "oh what fun" collection.  eeeeeeek! there are SO MANY amazing components to this line.  today i am sharing how i have used some of my recent favourites from the collection in my pocket pages.  i have also used the amazing we r memory keepers becky higgins project life fuse tool to help me along the way.  so...let's get started!

these transparent shapes are brilliant!  they come as an assortment, in different colors and shapes and work amazingly with the fuse.  i love that they are transparent because you can layer them, they will look amazing on either side of a pocket page and you can add them both inside pockets or on the outside!  i have included both ways in my pocket page and i am excited to share with you!

as always...gorgeous ephemera. and LOTS of it.  these pieces are so fun to layer, slip in pockets, add onto photos...the list goes on and on.

so here is my first official holiday pocket page spread using the incredible "oh what fun" collection!
i even chose to use the 8x8 pocket pages to create this double page spread and i LOVE it. to be honest i think i am sort of obsessed with this size lately! ;)

as always...i love to add things to both the insides and outsides of my pockets.  i love flaps, dimension, glitter and stickers.  of course this is all possible with that beauty of a tool called 'the fuse'.

so let's talk left hand side spread:
i really mixed it up here.
i added in my photo, but actually kept my photo 3x4 size.  i wanted to showcase that just because these pockets are "4x4" doesn't mean you have to use 4x4 photos!  you can use whatever size you may have and just have fun with them.
here i added a chipboard frame around my photo and tucked it in the pocket, securing the open side with the fuse.
i also added in pattern paper, layered with stickers, tags and embellishments.
i also used the fuse to secure two different papers that i trimmed into triangles.

i added in a fun flap.  i used the 3x4 photo pockets from becky higgins and trimmed it down to fit in this cute tag.  i secured the open end with my fuse and then attached to my page with the fuse again.

i had a bit of open space in my 4x4 pocket so i slipped in this sweet little tag.  one is never to stress if things do not align perfectly and there are open spaces within ones pockets.  there are so many wonderful embellishments in the "oh what fun" collection that there will always be something sweet to tuck inside!

here is another fun way i used my fuse.  now...these transparent shapes can be used in all sorts of ways.  for this pocket, i inserted the star inside.  to avoid it slipping around and falling out of the pocket i used my fuse tool to secure it inside.  i fused along each edge so now it cannot move and looks like it kind of "floats".
i love this technique.  i then added in the gold glitter sequin to either side of the star and then fused the top.

now onto the right hand spread:
i used the fuse to create some fun geometric shapes within a pocket.

i then added some layers with stickers and wood veneer.

here is my other interactive piece to this layout.
i created another flap.

however, underneath i placed two transparent shaped trees underneath and fused them to my pocket page...but this time OUTSIDE of the page protector!  i know SO AWESOME!  i LOVE how you can fuse these pieces any which way.  i layered these two on top of each other and i love how the combo works together beautifully.  plus, you can touch them and the ends flip up a tad so it adds a bit of texture to the page.

you can see how easy it is to use the fuse....simply place where desired and run your tool along wherever you would like your shapes secured.
i then could not resist adding on the 'believe' red glitter sticker in heidi's handwriting....because well...it is just too gorgeous not to!

this collection is SO much fun to play with! especially when the FUSE tool is involved...and pockets!
i hope you are inspired to include the fuse tool into your pocket pages this december...it is a fabulous way to add in little details and customization within your pockets.

happy creating everyone.  how many more days till christmas?!? (wink!)

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