my reflections: cha 2013.

the same thought kept replaying over and over in my mind.  never did i ever imagine that 10 years ago when i created my first scrapbooking layout that it would have led to this very experience...this very moment.  but it has. and for that and forever, my heart will eternally be SO grateful.  words really cannot begin to describe what this experience meant to me.

on january 11, 2013 i was SO fortunate and blessed to be able to travel down to beautiful anaheim, california!  of course california was a "must see" place to visit on my bucket list for as long as i can remember...and now CHECK! it has been done. how fabulous! love it so.  i was travelling down to california to celebrate scrapbooking, crafting and memory keeping in the highest and most prestige form.  i was going to be in the company of ALL the greats. the amazing designers, artists, story tellers, photographers, dreamers...ALL of us who love, appreciate and cherish the art of scrapbooking and memory keeping.  what was even better though was being there as a part of an INCREDIBLE team.  part of the 5, heidi swapp's media team.  i could not believe it. i was going to be standing there amongst such incredible talent...and meeting such phenomenal ladies all for the first time. kim, jamie, maggie, jennifer and maridette. xoxo

the conference took place at the anaheim convention centre. it was a phenomenal venue. the setting simply incredible.  blue sky, sunshine, palm trees...true paradise! looking at this photo i still find it so surreal that i was able to spend 4 amazing days in the company of such incredible artists. what a blessing to be able to call this your place of "work". 

on friday night we were able to share and spend an inspiring and intimate evening with heidi swapp. together we created a beautiful "big dreams" album.  a place to put forth, write down and release all of the big dreams we have for ourselves for 2013.  what a way to kick off what would be one of the greatest moments i have been able to experience.  i absolutely LOVE my album and look forward to truly making it a reflection of everything that i hope, dream and desire for myself for 2013.  thank you heidi for sharing and creating such an inspiring project that has touched so many people.  the class was incredible and extremely appreciated. i cannot stop looking at my album!

i love this photo for SO many reasons.  when i look at this picture i am taken back to the giddy excitement we all felt.  the joy, anticipation and reality that we were together, all of us, after months of just getting to know one another through our blogs, facebook posts and photos.  i will cherish this photo forever. i still cannot get over the instant connection, comfort and trusting bond that took little time to form.  it seemed almost instant to me. i feel like i have known these girls for my entire life.  i honestly could not imagine my world without them being a part of it somehow. love you girls SO much.

here we are, team heidi swap & pink paislee...getting ready to kick off CHA 2013! how exciting. such a fabulous group. love all of you amazingly talented girls SO much! are such an incredible and beautiful girl.  i adore your energy, devotion, contagious laugh and super beautiful smile.  you have inspired me in more ways than you will ever know. you work SO hard and i admire you for it all.  you are one amazing lady and i am so blessed to have gotten to know and share some amazing memories together!

i just could NOT resist...this was my place of "work" for 3 days...i call this photo the "luckiest girl in the world" picture. surreal. and so cool. all wrapped up into one.

memories of heidi swapp's booth. SO many amazing products, projects and ideas filled this space.  the energy that filled it daily was incredible. so much excitement and such a buzz filled the air.  cannot WAIT to get my hands on the beautiful and BRAND NEW memory files album. SO many layers, pieces, details...this album is a must have. trust me one look and you will fall in LOVE. expect this beauty to grace your scrapbook store in march! i have begun counting down already ;)

i love this photo of my and my gorgeous friend kim jeffress.  i do not think i can sum up how amazing this girl is.  not only is her talent for scrapbooking absolutely incredible, but her genuine smile, beautiful energy and amazing heart, love, devotion and dedication to her family is something that inspired me and will continue to for the rest of my life.  kim i adore your strength.  although our time together was limited, i consider what we were able to share a priceless treasure. xoxo

it was SO fun to be able to see, hug and congratulate the amazing maggie holmes on the incredible release of her brand new collection with crate paper.  i have LOVED this girl for years, took a class from her when she taught at creative escape and since then have been a HUGE fan.  her collection is completely her, yet unique, fun, fresh and another must have! cannot wait to get my hands on ALL the pretties! congratulations maggie on everything...i am so proud of you!

the gorgeous ladies maggie, jen and jamie enjoying some california sun! how incredible is that blue sky?

me having too much fun shopping up a storm at target!  

another favourite photo of mine. all of us together.

our last day together.  sharing a moment at newport beach.  ANOTHER place i have always wanted to visit and it happened.  thank you heidi and your incredibly amazing friend heather for creating such an amazing experience for us to share.  my heart is full.

wow. just reading through this post as i write it makes me tear  up a bit.  it is really something. never would i have imagined that an experience like this would have been possible for me.  and now here is the proof.  i guess this just shows that when something is meant to be for you, and when you work really really hard and are aligned with your passions what amazing things can result.  it truly is phenomenal. i will never ever forget.

to heidi...there will never be enough gratitude i can express for all that you have done for me and my wildest dreams.  not only have you made me a part of something absolutely incredible but you have brought people into my life that have changed me for the better and now i have such amazing connections and friendships with people that otherwise i would not have met.  for that alone i am eternally and forever grateful. i ADORE you.

you are that footprint in my heart...that person that comes into your life, touches your heart, leaves a footprint and you are never ever the same. xoxo


  1. This post is so sweet! You are such a beautiful person inside and out! So glad to know you! Keep up the fabulous work, you are amazing!!!

  2. I cried as I read your beautiful words. You are an amazing girl with so many special gifts. Big hugs.

  3. Lindsay, You replayed everything so beautifully. Your words bespoke what we were all thinking. Feeling. Experiencing. I am so thankful you wrote this in such eloquent detail. And even more thankful that I was one of the lucky few to have met you and been fortunate enough to walk this journey with you too. I pray we will be eternal friends because of what happened in that special place.
    Many blessings to you my dear.
    Hoping to see your beautiful smile face to face again this year.

  4. You are so cute! Thank you for sharing your CHA experience! It's great to see it through your eyes. : )

  5. Oh missy..You just know what to say and how to say it. I just enjoyed reading your experience and am so glad that I was able to be part of it. hugs.



  6. "luckiest girl in the world"... yes . yes you are!
    so talented and thank you for sharing your creativity & experiences!
    here's to "big dreams" in twenty*13!


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