Multi Patterned Marquee

Hello everyone! I am SO excited to share with you all today a really fun and simple way to customize some of the Heidi Swapp Christmas Marquee Love that is now showing up on the shelves of select Joann Stores, as well as both Independent and Online Shops! If you have seen the Marquee Love then you know it comes plain white.  And really, that is the FUN of it all.  You can pretty much customize it to whatever color, design, idea that you may have! The options are endless with these gorgeous pieces.

So today what I want to share is how I took this one Marquee Love piece, the Christmas Tree trio and transformed it to look like 3 different styles of trees.  How you may ask?  Well....let me show you!

To begin, I grabbed my Marquee Love Christmas Trees and the Heidi Swapp Oh What Fun 12x12 Paper Pad.

Next as you will see, when you flip over your plastic Marquee piece that these Marquee are different than the cardboard ones as they have the bulbs set in place with these little white plastic pieces.  These pieces are screwed into the plastic bulbs, so to remove you simply have to turn and loosen.   You will also notice the two little holes in the back of these white pieces.  These are where the lights from the light strand will secure into.  

How you ask? Not to worry....I included a video demonstration below to show you just how easy it really all is!

But before the video, I will show you how I began.  So once I removed all of the light bulbs and backings from my Marquee, I removed the white glitter template backing that the Marquee comes with.  You can always leave your Marquee "as is" with this beautiful glittered backing as well.  However, today I am wanting to show you how easy it is to "mix it up" and add gorgeous patterned paper to your Marquee instead.

To create a NEW template so that I can add some pattern paper into my Marquee I simply trimmed the template to separate the 3 trees from each other.  I found the connecting edge and used my scissors to cut apart.

Voila!  3 separate trees. Easy, peasy!

Once I had my tree templates, then I simply chose 3 different patterned papers from the Oh What Fun paper pad and traced the template onto the back of the pattern paper.  I simply do this so my tracing marks do not show onto the front of the pattern paper.

Now...the assembly of these beautiful pieces is much better described in video.  So have a watch to see how we make it all come together!

And now, once your Marquee is complete you can have fun incorporating them into your home holiday decor!  How cute are they?

You can see that on the inside of my Marquee I went one step further and added in some gorgeous vintage Marquee Love music note washi tape.

Now here is a photo of the Marquee with the bulbs lit.  I am so in love!  

I hope this super simple and easy tutorial inspires you to create some custom Heidi Swapp Holiday/Christmas Marquee for your home this holiday season.  I know you will LOVE them!

Supplies: Heidi Swapp Christmas Tree Marquee Love; Oh What Fun 12x12 Paper Pad; Marquee Love Music Note Washi Tape

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