pretty things just make my day.
i love love love pretty things.
pretty crafty things.
i know you get me on this.
nothing better, am i right?!?

and speaking of pretty things i must talk about these albums today.
now available at michaels stores and michaels online.
have you seen them yet?

these are the 8.5 x 11 D RING set.  and i am obsessed.
(there are also new albums just as beautiful available in the 12x12 post bound size as well).
but let me introduce to you these 3 beauties.

(i still have yet to pick a favourite)
so first up is the gorgeous white floral "tell your story".

i absolutely adore this one.
i am actually thinking of starting a personal 'memoir' type album on myself using this album.
stay tuned on that!

next up this the bold black and white stripe, 'beautiful life'.

this album is perfect for any topic or theme, boy or girl.  
i love how gorgeous this album looks sitting on a book shelf and the inside is filled with gold foiled polka dots.
it really is the best.

last but not least is this floral.
sigh....i could stare at this pattern ALL DAY.
it is just gorgeous in every way.

the richness and high quality of these albums cannot be denied.
these are probably some of the best made albums i have laid my hands on.
i also adore the gold clip detailing on each one as well.
the perfect finishing touch.

and remember, these albums are made to house really anything and any type of memories!  maybe it is traditional scrapbook pages, or pocket pages, or storyline pages.  maybe it is just for photos, or art work or whatever else you are needing an album to house.

whatever the situation, whatever the need.  these storyline albums are the perfect home for it all.

to see and learn more about these albums and storyline system be sure to stop by  and remember they are all available right now at michaels stores and online!

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