today i am happy to share my newest storyline layout.

and yes...these layouts just make me HAPPY!

there truly is nothing more personally satisfying than completing personal projects and ideas that have been on the brain 'to be completed' for days (even weeks sometimes!).

with everything going on in life i often do not often have the luxury at my disposal to sit and create gorgeously detailed scrapbook pages (even though i LOVE to).  

so storyline has really come to my rescue with that!  

a system designed to focus on PHOTOS AND THE STORY.  

nothing more, nothing less.  a system for success.  count me in!

these are my daughter's 9 month photos.

i am a few weeks late at finally getting them taken (cause you! ;) ).

all i simply did was take the 12 x 12 insert page that comes already inside the album and adhere my 4 photos.  i also printed these at home.

once they were secured i simply added in a few of my favourite deck of days from the 'everyday' kit.  then came the journaling and the ever important 'who', 'what' & 'where'.

my journaling always changes up with each page i create.

some are more detailed than others.

some will include a funny or memorable story.

other times my journaling will be more focused on the particular photo i chose to document.

sometimes it's just me expressing my feelings...i like to call them 'mommy thoughts'.

it really is always something different.

i just go with my heart that day.

i love that because of that her album is truly becoming an eclectic mix of everything that is making up our journey together as mommy and daughter so far.

i love slipping these timeless treasured stories back into the storyline albums.

they are all SO beautiful and the quality exceptional.

this 'tell your story' 12 x 12 album is a top favourite.

simplified storytelling is truly the best.

next time you are at michaels or perusing michaels online be sure to check this system out.

it may just be the answer you are looking for too.


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