make it holiday! minc style!

so today it is all about "making it holiday".  
i know we all have stash's of product.  some is a theme, others not.  but we have STUFF.
thankfully....when it comes to heidi swapp "minc" stuff, it really works with ANY occasion!
how? well...the fact that you can customize any minc product with whatever color of foil you choose is a very very helpful start.
here, let me show you what i mean.
up close and personal.

i purchased these gorgeous tags from michaels awhile back.  at first might not think of using them for christmas or holiday gift giving, right?  well i am here to change all that for you. in a VERY simple and VERY doable way.

because let's be honest. it's the holidays. it's crazy, it can be a tad on the chaotic end. and frankly who needs more complicated? i like simple.

so to transform these beautiful tags into my version of holiday....i simply whipped out my foils that remind me of all things holiday...classic red, green and gold.  all of these colours, as well as the tags, are now available at michaels too....just in case you are wondering and looking for something to ask santa for! hee hee ;)

i ran a bunch of tags through my minc and here are the stunning, very beautiful and completely "festive feel" results!

again. the point here is SIMPLE. DOABLE. ACHIEVABLE.
all i did was run these tags through with red and gold foil. 
layered one on top of the other. added a simple chipboard minc embellishment (also avail at michaels) and tied onto my gift with some twine. SO easy. and SUPER cute.
i love that the tag is not "holiday"....but with the foil effect....has totally transformed itself into holiday.

side note: when i was placing the finishing touches on my package i also discovered just how adorable and FUN it is to use the heidi swapp marquee love tapes (also avail at michaels) on my packaging as place of ribbon.  i simply placed this red and white stripe tape along my packaging and it's SO cute.  and the best part? it doesn't move!  stays put and perfectly placed.  so...just a little extra "tip" and fun way to use your stash of Marquee Love washi tapes....or of course another reason to grab yourself some. :)

here again, i just followed the same method. simple foil...with an extra chipboard embelli.  remember...the key is doable, simple and achievable.  i did not spend a lot of time on this because i just want to share how easy and NOT crazy time consuming this actually can be.  yet it looks like it did take a lot of time. that is the secret!

you may even recognize this paper.  it is also available at michaels.  it is from the 12x12 paper pack.  all i did was run the sheet through my minc with red foil.  then created a box out of it.  SO fun and i love how it coordinates with my tag....yet remember both are not specifically holiday themed...but yet because of the minc it works like it is meant for the holidays. so great!

last but certainly not the least of my this cute little treat bag.

here i just wanted to share how awesome these tags work, not only on actual presents....but as tags on packages and gift bags as well. i actually trimmed these tags down and layered them one on top of another.  love the effect.

i really hope that this post has inspired you in some way to try out these gorgeous holiday foils on these "non" themed minc products.  trust me, with one quick run through you will be feeling festive immediately.  just another way to get the most out of your stash and minc!

michaels has a wonderful selection of minc products that you can check out and transform...just in time for the holidays. :)

happy creating everyone.
cheers to a beautiful holiday season and making it pretty.
xxx ooo

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