memory planner reset: hello 2016.

hello 2016.
hello memory planner reset.
i really really love the beginning of a NEW year.
starting fresh, looking forward, positive changes.  it all is so promising.
and i love the idea about that.
some years are always better than others.  and 2015 was very much a roller coaster year.
so like always, you look back and learn.
you look forward and believe in better.
so...let's do this!

of all the heidi swapp memory planners available....hands down, this beautiful coil spiral bound album (that was available at michaels stores as 1 of the 2 2015 memory planner box kits released this year) won my heart!  

since i can LOVE for anything coil bound started at a very early age.  i think i literally squealed with delight when i first saw this beauty.  and it is. SO beautiful. i cannot wait to fill it with STUFF.
OK, so let's talk planner plans.

it always intrigues me, the many uses planners have.  i love how some actually commit to using one as an actual "day to day" to do list.  i also love how some just love to make them beautiful. and pretty. filling it almost like an art journal.  others i have seen mix it up. half artsy, half planner.  that is awesome too.

as for my plan? well, i think i am using my planner this year as a "self growth" type journal.  a place where i can really "write it out".  i love writing, and often i feel like i am missing out on that side of me lately.  i find moments, memories, thoughts etc. are passing by so fast and i am not consciously taking the time to just sit and record something that i know i will want to remember.  

so that is my goal this year for 2016.
to WRITE more.
to get it down on paper.
it does not have to be hard, or lengthy.  
just written down.
i definitely know the "coil aspect" to this planner will help with that for me since it has such a notebook feel.  i think that is why i love it so much.  it feels like a diary or journal almost.

i have begun making a few notes in my planner so far.  i love this dashboard page.  it's so fun to fill in!  for me, this page will remain a place to fill with quotes, fun embellishments, instax photos.....washi tape.  a place to have fun with the artsy side of things.

next up...the gorgeous double page calendar spread.
yum, right?!?

so far it remains blank. 
ahhh....hello blank canvas.
let's make YOU AWESOME.
that thought alone just makes me happy.  and hopeful.
you can see that yes! i will be heading down to CHA in a few weeks! like in less than 2 weeks! 
SO much to DO!  
i am beyond excited to be reunited with my media team girls.  i have not seen them in person in over 2 years since i was pregnant and had madix.
i cannot wait to real life squish them all!

one thing that i am horrible with is filling out the calendar.
i honestly DO NOT know why.
i love how calendars look that are all filled with notes and memories.
so...another goal. enjoy filling in and being creative with this page.

now to the "week at a glance" pages...

this is where i am planning to do most of my writing.
keeping it like a journal.
letting go of the "idea" it has to look a certain way.  that i will have to add stuff and photos and stuff etc.....
reminding myself that is what the other pages are there for.
this is for my goal. my stories. my life.
i am excited to begin this.
i know many of you might be looking at this thinking that there may not be enough room....or what if i want to write more, or add other things?  
that is where my cinch and this beautiful notepad come in!

i know for some, binder bindings are much better for them since they can easily add in extra stuff into their planners.  but you can do the same thing with a coil binding as well!  this has to be one of my most used and most favourite techniques out there.  a lot of us on the media team used this same technique when we created our first ever memory planner.  

the idea is you take a cinch machine, punch a paper.....snip the sides of the punch and place it in the coils.  and yes it does NOT fall out. and is SO easy to do!

simply place your paper into your cinch machine.

punch the appropriate holes as per the sizing guidelines.

next, take your scissors and make little snips all along the side of your paper where the holes are.

once complete, just pop the paper into your planner.  the places where you snipped will literally hug the coil binding and stay perfectly in place.  they will not even fall out!  genius, right?!?  

now thanks to this super simple technique i can add loads of notes, writing and story into my planner transforming it to fit the "journaling" aspect of planning that i am wanting to do this year!  oh, and the paper from this beautiful pad is all double sided as well...which makes it even more of a perfect addition into my book. keep myself organized with my planner?
let's talk storage.
i do 2 things.  i keep a little case handy....for "on the go" type stuff.  i also have a planner bin that sits on my desktop.  literally 2 places that hold everything i need to keep me organized and my stuff accessible when i want to work in it.  

my planner travel case....that i usually fill with stickers, tabs, pens etc,

my planner desktop bin...filled with EVERYTHING!!!!
isn't this collection to die for?
i could look at this photo all day.
sometimes it is even just fun to organize and look through this bin.
no joke.

so as we wrap up these last few days of 2015, i am looking ahead at 2016 with some new personal creative goals, an open heart and an open mind.

and promising myself to work hard at documenting all of the little moments that happen along the way.

hello 2016.
now is our chance.
let's do this.


  1. Very inspiring!!! And can't wait to squish you too.

  2. Thank you for this post. I also received this planner but was a little overwhelmed with what to do with it. I am so looking forward to seeing how you use it.thank you

    1. yes! i will be posting throughout the year about this planner. heres to our journey with our planners in 2016! hugs!


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