it's funny the things you remember in your life.  the places you've been.  the things you saw, heard or was inspired by.  the lessons learned.
of these lessons...the "eat dessert first" lesson has always been a personal fav ;) .

many years ago i attended an event called 'creative escape' put on by heidi swapp.  this event was absolutely AMAZING.  in every detail.  in every way.  one of the trademark memories of this event was to "eat dessert first".  and that we did.  talk about perfection, right?!?

so in honor of dessert, and "national dessert day"....i say...BRING ON THE DESSERT!  and of course at this time of year...that would mean (for me) all things PUMPKIN. yum!  and cheesecake....double yum!

life is really all about the little things.  and eating dessert first is really a little thing in life....but is something that has stuck with me for many years. indulging at the most inopportune unusual times makes it all the better.  and so much fun.

happy national dessert day everyone. XO

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