here for the party....just a little late ;) seriously HOW MUCH FUN is everyone having finding ALL of these AMAZING NEW goodies at Michaels?  i could NOT imagine!  feels like a treasure hunt i am sure!  

when i first learned the news of this BIG surprise you all have to know how massively excited i was for ALL of YOU! i just could not wait until you were able to all see, touch, feel and play with such incredibly fun and innovative product.  i am still waiting for my chance to head to the big city of Edmonton, Alberta here in Canada to check out my local Michaels there to see it LIVE for myself. i may just cry...(and if there is even any product left on the shelf)!  last i heard it was flying off the store shelves like hot cakes, so we will see!!!

so unfortunately i am a little late to the party....but better late than never right?!?  sometimes that crazy thing called LIFE get's in the way and throws us little curve balls but that is when we swing back harder, stronger and better than ever...right?!?  it's time to get BACK on course and back to the things that REALLY my top favourite Heidi Swapp products NOW AVAILABLE at Michaels!! Whoop Whoop! ;)

if you were live on the webshow last night, you would have seen Heidi reveal a bit about this album (among MANY other amazing products, projects....and secrets!!).  this is definitely one of my TOP favourite picks...and for SO many reasons. i love the resist, the chipboard, the butterflies, the fact that it is an 8 x 8 is just SO pretty.  i want like 1000 of these...truly a hoarding situation up in here!

i used mustard and primrose colorshine on this album as the main colours and accented with mint green on the color magic butterflies (another LOVE of mine...).  another one of my favourite product releases to Michaels are also the Vintage Chic Notes.  being a huge lover of journaling, these are truly the PERFECT addition to any mini album or project where a person would love to leave some notes, journaling and extra special details.  they come in a variety of beautiful colours and shapes.  i love love love these! they are an absolute MUST have. trust will find yourself going to these over and over again.

just LOOK at all of those fabulous designs, patterns and shapes! swoon........

you can see here in a few sneek peaks of the inside pages i used the notes throughout my album, ready for journaling and reflections.  such a simple detail, yet adds SO much. they coordinate with everything!

i also used the note cards again in this Sugar Chic Memory File Mini Album. Such a simple touch, but yet a great layering piece to any layout.  With our without journaling....they are fabulous!!

Both of these projects (along with MANY others to come) are all a part of the 101 days of Michael's Inspiration showcasing all of the endless possibilities and ideas that can be done to create beautiful, timeless and unique projects and gifts to celebrate crafting, your loved ones, scrapbooking and your memories. Remember....these products showcased in these projects (plus MUCH MORE) are ALL AVAILABLE AT MICHAELS!!  Seriously, how amazing right?  By the end of the run you will have 101 FREE printables with material lists and instructions showing you how to replicate and create your very own projects.  I already have my binder started with the fabulous 4 projects that have been released.  My mind is spinning! They are all so beautiful and unique and ideas that are fresh and new to me!  I love how we all learn and inspire one another. It is such a gift!

as i sit here typing this blog post i am still in literal shock and awe to be a part of something SO wonderful.  it is a dream of mine to be sharing my ideas and projects with you....AND to be celebrating the work, heart and passion of Heidi Swapp ON TOP of that??? WOW! i am SO happy, proud and blessed to call her my friend and to watch her dreams and achievements unfold is just amazing.  she works SO hard and i am just over the top thrilled to know how everyone (myself included) is SO excited to be a part of celebrating these amazing products and ideas with the Michael's release.  we all need happy in our lives these days.  nothing beats the journey of creating and i know a lot of you out there can agree.  there is just something magical about it.  Heidi totally got it right when she encouraged us all that first time to "make pretty stuff". it really is awesome.


  1. Thank you and your team members for all the fabulous inspiration. All of you, together with the incomparable Heidi Swapp, encourage so much talent and enthusiasm, it's amazing. I've loaded up on Michael's products from the 1 of 3 stores that actually have the HS products stocked west of Boston. I think I cleaned out their Color Shine - I doubled up on those gorgeous wonders !! I confess I'm not on Facebook, I'm iliterate as to social media, but had to write to tell you how I love all this wonderful collection Heidi Swapp has created and the beautiful interpretations of every member of her gifted team. I made me first scrapbook file with Heidi Swapp's designs and now I'm developing my second project from all this yummy stuff at Michael's. Heidi Swapp is scrapbooking to me and I so appreciate the extraordinary work you and your team mates produce. Keep it up ! Linny Park

  2. I thank Heidi most of all and the wonderful Design Team (yes, including you, too!) for the wonderful inspiration you provide for us. I thought I had my papercrafting "niche" settled, then Heidi released her wonderful stuff! It is certainly out of my "comfort zone" as far as color and design, but I love everything. How could you possibly not like everything she releases! It's new and fresh and I do notice that other companies are starting to come out with similar stuff, but it's just not the same. I have taken one on-line class from Heidi and watched most of the intro for 101 Days and she absolutely amazes me! Unfortunately, I'll have to wait to make my trip to Michael's until after Easter, since I gave up purchasing craft supplies for Lent! Something that is a sacrifice for me since I'm a craft supply junkie! However, since I ordered my stuff from the warehouse sale, I've got lots to work with until then. Sorry for the early morning ramble...just wanted to say thank you, I love your projects!

  3. lindsay...
    YOU are TOO cute!
    thanks for your creativity & excitement!


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