memory file love: road to hana.

i am in love with this project.

when i think of what creatively drives me, it always seems to fall back on the memories and emotions that i experienced during a particular time.  looking back on all of the incredible memories and photographs i came home with from my vacation to maui, i knew it was essential to create a project that would not only house a lot of photos, but would also give me back the experience that i had when i was there.

of course, that led me to the memory file.  Heidi Swapp sure knows an amazing thing when she sees one, and because of her genius visions i am a self professed memory-file-a-holic. i LOVE these files with all of my heart and they have truly revolutionized the way i document my memories and create my mini albums.  all of the stories i seem to want to share find their little homes inside these oh so pretty files.

This teal polka dot memory file from the vintage chic collection is probably my favorite pattern of all. i have no idea why but you can never go wrong with teal and polka dots. my favourite! i embellished the cover with Heidi Swapp goodies of all kinds: definition stickers, colour magic notes, day glow neon tape, sentiment stickers and a sugar chic pennant banners. i added some seam binding ribbon customized with gold lame colorshine and i added some of my own journaling strips. i am a story teller at heart, so this project has a lot of words and journaling. because i never want to forget.

inside i really just wanted to celebrate the photos.  i think that is another reason why memory files are amazing. you can just add photos upon photos, there is SO much room.  you can keep things simple, or complex. you can just add pictures, create layouts, or even add just straight journaling. i LOVE having so many creative options at my fingertips. Yet, it still remains one entire cohesive collection preserved altogether. i LOVE that about these files.  

Inside the large memory file, i added a mini file. I simply sewed it in down the center of the spine. I also added the memory file photo sleeves into the middle of the mini file so i could put even more photos inside. 

of course no project of mine would be me without adding my beloved instagram images.  i love these photos and they really bring me back to the time and place of when i had taken them. i also love how much character and artistry they add into my scrapbooks. i am so grateful for instagram! it has really helped me to document more of my "in the moment" experiences.

this page is probably one of my most beloved and favourite memories from the day we spent travelling the road to hana.  while we were driving there, matt and i had stopped to visit a scenic point.  as we were walking back to the car we were greeted by a really sweet couple. we exchanged smiles and hello's and started chatting.  we soon found out that they were also from canada, which was really cool. it seems that no matter how far a person travels, we really are never far from "home". during our discussion they had mentioned to us about an amazing thai place that we had to check out once we arrived in hana.  this was music to our ears. both matt and i LOVE thai food and would we have never stopped to chat with this couple, we may have totally missed out!  i just find it amazing how things like that happen in our lives. random connections and conversations have a way of bringing us to different experiences and events that may not have occurred was a different choice made.  so i forever will be thankful for that conversation and couple who shared with us something that now is one of my most cherished memories.

what was amazing about this restaurant was that it was a very small place. the kitchen was in a small trailer and the restaurant was basically built from a wall tent and picnic tables! it was SO cute.  this photo is the view i saw looking out. seriously? how lucky was I to have that as my view for lunch. i took this photo because not only was it beautiful, but i never want to forget that in my life, in one of my experiences i had the opportunity and blessing to not only enjoy and amazing meal, but while i did this is what i was able to see. so so lucky. again...i never want to forget. it was important for me to remember this. ( CUTE was that water bottle?) love the authentic details.

i also wanted to really take a moment and really spend some time journaling about what this experience meant to me.  this year really has become quite an incredible journey for me.  there were ups, and downs. some that i felt really defeated by.  but yet at the same time, i felt stronger and ready to take them on this year. i have no idea why but everything just happened as it did and i could not be more thankful for it all....even those moments that hurt so bad.  they really are gifts...some of course wearing REALLY good disguises...

i wanted to share this journaling for a few reasons. one because i think it is important to. second, i always remember a key note speech that Heidi Swapp had shared a few years back at her event Creative Escape. she talked about life and i remember her cute giggle as she spoke and said "no matter how pretty blogs look...this is real life and it is not perfect". i remember laughing and thinking to myself...that is SO true. it is so easy to get caught up and mislead by how "perfect" things can look when really it is REAL life. things are not always easy and good and it's important to be aware of that so that we do not get down on our own selves for not being good enough.

"as i get older, i think i become more aware of where i am in my life, where i want to be and the moments that matter most. i consider myself to be so blessed and lucky to realize the beauty and worthiness of travelling and seeing different places in the world.  all of my choices i have made in my life have brought me here and it has been such a journey.  this year especially.  i had viewed myself to be in a different place and space.  but things change. life changes. life happens.  at first i was confused and unsure.  but now presently as i reflect and look back and look forward life is exactly where it needs to be. i am where i need to be.  i think that is why this trip to maui was so unique and special. almost like a second chance to just be and enjoy and savour.  time to think and reconnect.  standing here in this photo i feel a happiness and joy that for a little while was gone. i am embracing the journey. every mile."

of course no memory file would be complete without another beautiful little mini album tucked inside for even MORE photos. i am still not yet done adding my photos but i know there are a ton tucked into this memory file. i love that about these! so much room to just keep adding!

i still have a few details and photos to this memory file as it is not totally complete, but almost there! it has been so much fun to compile and put together. again...Heidi Swapp I cannot thank you enough for everything you do and for all that you are.  you are such an inspiration to me and countless others who love to celebrate, document, and create.



  1. Lindsay, your trip away looks perfect. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me with your beautiful project.

  2. wow, lindsay...what a wonderful project. you seemed to capture this in an amazing way. you have a grasp of all the details and what was so important to you. it is a breathtaking project and you rocked it big time.

  3. I love and have so much admiration that you are taking thetimer to do this for yourself and hubby. What a gift that always gives back. I need to create some time to start doing this more! Thank you for the beautiful inspiration!:) xxoo

  4. Can I just say WOW! What I love about you are your words. How you have an elegant way of journaling & expressing yourself. That's where I am totally weak. Nothing helps one to find insight than a vacation to a beautiful & exotic place. It changes your perspective & renews yourself. Love, love your project!! Love the photos & words. I know what you mean about Memory Files... It's never ending! I always want to add more interactive elements & photos! It's changed me forever... Now to have more time to create more. ��
    Sorry for such a long comment. xoxo

  5. I want to say first, I always LOVE to visit your blog. You have such a gift with words. I hope YOU know what an inspiration YOU are to so many, myself included. I always leave here with something to think about. Love that. LOVe LOVE LOVE your memory folder. It is simply said gorgeous! You are an amazing soul and hope to one day meet in person! Thanks for sharing your loveliness! xoxo

  6. look at all those memories you will never forget...this is breathtaking Lindsay from yourstunning photos and journaling to your design and embellishmnet placement...LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Is everything from Heidi Swapp? Love the Life is a journey word art!

  8. Everything is Heidi Swapp except for the black polka dot washi tape...and the "life is a journey" word art is from the Silhouette online shop :) Thank you so much for stopping by. means so much. xoxo


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