summers are truly all about the stories.
so much gets packed into sunshine filled weekends and late summer nights.
beach days, camp fires, road trips, ice cream dates...i mean the list goes on and on!
this summer, storyline will be the way i will capture and document all the treasured memories we create this year.

it is easy, fun, super cute and completely achievable!
memories down in minutes.  sign me up!

this is one of my first layouts for my summer 2018 album.  
a story about a first camping trip and dip in the pool.
loving life at 10 months old.
i don't think it can get any better than that!

if there is one storyline deck of days you are needing for is THIS SET.  the adventure set is full of beautiful icons, trendy designs and all the fun "headlines" of summer.  it will make you the most beautiful album of summer memories.

for this page i chose an 8.5 x 11 layout (since i am using this storyline 8.5 x 11 beautiful life album).  i decided to "jazz up" my page by using an array of deck of days to create a fun and eye catching background that also incorporates catchy tag lines and prompts about summer days.  i love how when i read these messages it instantly takes me back to this photo and all the feels behind it.  there are SO many uses to a set of deck of days.  do not be afraid to get creative with them!  they are so amazing and filled with so much creative potential.  titles, embellishments, decorative elements...whatever you desire they can become so easily.

so be sure to check out the exact products i used at your local michaels stores and michaels online.  they are available now and just waiting to tell your stories of summer too!

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