as we are finding ourselves in the middle of june...
with the official kick off to summer soon upon us.  
have you thought about it? 
this year... what is your story of summer going to be?

summer is always such an amazing time.
i think mostly because SO MUCH is packed into just a few short months.
so many memories are made within these weeks.
it could be weddings, births, birthdays, graduations, vacations, stay-cations, regular life....the list can go on and on.
i know that a lot of these things happen throughout the rest of the year...but for some reason when they happen in summer it just makes it that much more, don't you think?
maybe it's just me and the extra sunshine...but i just cannot get enough of summer time events!

this year i am going to be capturing our summer memories in this beautiful storyline album that can be found in michaels stores and online.

i love the look, i love the family focus and i know it is going to be perfect to quickly record all of my family's stories inside.

(if you are wondering what exactly i mean by 'storyline album' you can find out more about the memory keeping system here.  it has been a life saver for me and is simply awesome).

i also love having this message displayed on my lightbox in my studio.
the perfect reminder to cherish each and every moment of the day.
life is moving too fast.
and i know i will want summer to stay forever.

this year my hope for my family and our stories is lots of time spent together.  
camping, playgrounds, spray parks, ice cream, the zoo, the odd road trip...
i cannot wait to begin capturing summer 2018.

so before summer begins to officially run away on all of us and if you are looking for a fabulous way to capture your summer 2018 check out storyline at your michaels today! oh...and snag yourself this cutie lightbox and the adorable alpha slides as well while you are at it.  you will love that too!

cheers to a fabulous fun filled summer XO

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