sometimes you just need to get a little artsy and creative with storytelling.
as much as i love and adore the simplicity of scrapbooking these days, sometimes i just need the little bit extra. 

these beautiful mixed media products are gracing your local michaels store shelves right now and let me tell you...they are nothing short of amazing!  each product beholds so much creative possibility and potential for any artistic project you may be working on.

i am currently obsessed with these mini pastel sets.
there are two types, one is chalk the other is cream.
when i first got my hands on these pastels i was immediately taken back to elementary art class.  i LOVED working and playing with pastels when i was a kid.  i always thought they were incredible tools and to say i had so much fun creating this layout is truly an understatement.

i used this beautiful jane davenport stencil to help me create a beautiful floral background for my storyline page.  all i did was lay the stencil onto my page as desired and using the pastel application tool simply 'smudge' the pastels into the stencil.  i love the soft and subdued effect.  i also enjoyed experimenting with the colors and playing around with some shading to either make some designs a bit darker than others.  it was the best creative play....and SO easy to do!  it was also a great exercise in learning how these products can be used and their creative potential.

once i had my stencilled design the way i wanted it, i added on a few deck of days and my photo...along with some very important journaling using the jane davenport inkredible pen.  and this pen is nothing short of incredible. if there is honestly one tool you need...IT IS THIS PEN!  it writes SO beautifully and i love love love using it to add in my handwritten journaling.

so be sure to check out this gorgeous array of mixed media projects the next time you are pursuing michaels and do not be afraid to mix it in to your storyline pages.  it is the perfect pairing to creating beautiful keepsakes of all those precious stories.



  1. What a lovely layout! These look like some fun products to try out :)

  2. Coucou, I love your scrapbook page! :) Jane's products are truly wonderful! I'm a huge fan of her art supplies and workshops. Thanks for your inspiration!

  3. Very pretty. Love the brilliant colors


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