world kindness day.
if you are feeling what i am feeling than you can definitely agree this world needs A LOT more love.
it has been a hard one this 2017.

when i was thinking about kindness, and reading up on some quotes and messages...this one really stood out for me.  because in the end kindness does begin with me.  and with you.  and with each and every individual person in this entire world.  it is like a chain reaction in a sense.

there is truly nothing i love more than visual reminders.  inspiring pieces that bring joy into my home and make me happy.  i added the 'kindness begins with me' quote onto my lightbox 4.  i used new alpha slides from the collection as well as this beautiful geometric background.

so on this day, world kindness day, let us live the day with more love, more smiles, more empathy.
"you will never regret being kind"

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