i absolutely love decorating for christmas.
and especially when i have heidi swapp holiday goodness in the house...even better!
i used some of my favourites to create a festive holiday mantle display and i adore how it came together.  

i will be really sad when it is time to take it down!

whenever i display decor, i always choose one "statement" piece and then create around that.  this year, it was my red letterboard.

the red letterboard itself is PERFECT for the holiday season and what made it come together so beautifully was the christmas letterboard kit.  the "i'm dreaming of a white christmas" is all part of a letterboard kit so all i had to do was open the box and place it onto my letterboard. so simple and quick...and looks amazing.

this year for me is all about bottle brush trees. they are THE cutest and look so festive amongst my other decor pieces!

i used the beautiful new heidi swapp paper cottages to create a gorgeous christmas village.  i love that these pieces are paper because they are so extremely light so they do not weigh a ton atop my shelves.  i also love that because they are white they are completely customizable!  i used white chunky glitter atop the roof tops which makes them look like they are snow covered.  

the sparkle is stunning.  the little vellum doors and windows are SO cute and at night they make the most beautiful glow when placing an electronic tea light inside.

to complete my display i added in some other decor elements i collected.  a cute sign, red berries, greenery and burlap made it come together perfectly.  

my lightboxes are always another huge decor favourite of mine.  i truly adore how they can be used ALL year literally for ANYTHING.  

i decided to just accessorize my wall shelves with some of my favourite lightbox sizes and inserts...along with some printable wall art and marquee love from years past.

i truly am savouring these days and this time of year, aren't you?  the month is flying past and i am just trying to cherish each and every day of it....amidst the busy and chaos because there always has to be a bit of that!

wishing you all the most beautiful holiday. 

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