i think the only thing that makes losing summer a little less painful for me are all the super cute and adorable fall things that start to grace store shelves.  the desire to decorate my house becomes stronger as i start to really feel the fall vibes.  i mean....how can you NOT get sucked in to pumpkin spice EVERYTHING?!?

and speaking of pumpkins....i spotted this cute wreath at my local dollar store the other day.  even though it is OK "as-is", it needed something MORE.  i had the perfect solution!

if you have been to michaels stores recently, then you may have seen the brand new release of heidi swapp marquee love called "halloween in lights" gracing their shelves. and yes... think HALLOWEEN EVERYTHING.  SO much fun stuff!  there are garlands, banners, marquee shapes.....light box accessories!  it is all just so awesome for getting in the fall mood!  be sure to check out the entire collection here.  you will LOVE it!

so going back to my little wreath find, i knew exactly what marquee love products i wanted to use to bring my wreath to life and give it some festive marquee DIY makeover treatment!

first up....this adorable BOO marquee light banner kit.
it comes with huge chunky sparkly alphas spelling "BOO", lights, pennant banners....so much fun here!

next, this bat garland!
what is so cool about these new marquee halloween garlands is that they are fun shapes and it is the eyes of the shapes that light up!  you simply just pop the light strand bulbs into the eyes of the shapes and voila! a glowing decorative halloween banner ready to wow.  i am kind of obsessed with this bat banner, but they also come in pumpkins, ghosts, sugar skulls....SO much to choose from.

even though i love the clear marquee bulbs that come with the boo banner kit, i wanted to add a bit more festive flair to my wreath so i am going to use these orange bulb caps instead of the originals.  

so let the makeover begin!

to begin, i simply am going to place the bulb caps into my marquee alphas.

this is super easy. just push them through the holes....yes! that is is!

yes, i am loving the orange touch!

next, following the enclosed instructions that come in the kit insert the light strand into each of the bulbs as you can see below.

once that is complete, use the string that is enclosed in the kit to string the BOO letters together and attach to your wreath.  I simply tied these letters onto my wreath.  for extra durability you can also use a hot glue gun to really secure them if you like.

once that is complete, i then added my bat marquee garland.  i only used 3 of the bats as you can see below.  since i only used 3 bats, i had extra lights so i just wrapped them around my wreath giving it extra sparkle!

and voila! there you have it!  a very simple DIY makeover to a dollar store wreath!  i added the foliage and leaves to my wreath at the end simple placing and adhering with a glue gun.  again, nothing special here....just simply placed and glued where desired!

i love the large marquee alphas.  i think they are so fun to add onto a wreath for my front door.

the little bats are the perfect touch.

and here you can see it in all it's glow as i placed it on my door.

i hope you are inspired this weekend to check out your local michaels and grab some of these awesome marquee products to play with yourself.  it is so amazing all of the things you can create and transform...just by adding lights!

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