hello everyone!

if you are anything like me these days....the fall bug has bit.  which means pumpkin EVERYTHING and the urge to start whipping up some fun festive halloween decor.  halloween really is just around the corner and i want as much time as i can to enjoy all that this wonderful time of year brings....especially before the snow starts flying!!!  so that means....time to get creative spooky style!

i want to share a super fun and festive gallery wall "switch up" project today.
especially since it is using products and items from my stash that are not particularly halloween directed.  

but who doesn't love a little surprise inspiration?  i love looking at things in new ways and bringing new life to items that i have in my stash.  versatility rocks...ok so here we go!

i wanted to create a fun halloween gallery wall piece.  something i could add into my home easily either on a wall, or shelf.

so i gathered up the following heidi swapp gallery wall materials now available (and exclusive to michaels stores) and went to work. 

to create this project you will need the following items:
  • heidi swapp gallery wall frame
  • heidi swapp marquee love numbers: 3,1
  • heidi swapp marquee love glitter tape (black, orange, purple)
  • heidi swapp marquee love purple bulbs
  • heidi swapp gallery wall paper pad
  • black spray paint
  • command hooks

Step 1: using black spray paint, spray the entire frame black.
Step 2: using marquee love glitter tape (in desired color) place tape on the entire mat  that comes with the frame. do not worry if two sides have a bit of white exposed, the frame conceals that once it's placed back in.
Step 3: locate the black and white paper from the paper pad and place in frame
Step 4: add purple bulbs and purple marquee love glitter tape to the marquee numbers
Step 5: place command hooks onto the frame so that we can suspend our marquee numbers

once you have completed these steps....voila!  a gorgeous gallery wall piece customized just for halloween!

add in some festive banners for even more holiday feel!

don't you just LOVE those purple bulbs?
i am not a fan of purple personally, but for halloween they are perfection!

i really love how such simple transformational tools (like spray paint and different coloured bulbs) can create the most perfect and customized holiday decor.  the black frame and purple accenting is amazing as halloween decor.

 and as always....that marquee glow.  so perfect! especially for this time of year.  bring on halloween.

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