we have officially arrived.
yes....we are almost at the end of august.
looking back and reflecting on the summer's events and happenings.
probably if you are anything like me, you also have TONS of photos.
either on your camera or iPhone. or both.  like me.
it has been one busy summer that is for sure.

so needless to say, with all these photos and memories.  they are needing a good home.
enter the newest collection of heidi swapp memory keeping products.  seriously, perfect timing.
in early august we went on our first little family vacation getaway.
we decided to bring our son madix to see drumheller.  home of the dinosaurs.
really....what more could a little 2 year old boy want?

we had a wonderful time taking in all of the sights and enjoying little adventures.  i think part of the magic of having little ones is how they really have a good time doing nothing.  just walking.  observing.  taking it all in.  this was probably one of the most relaxing holidays i have had.  on one hand it was busy....but on the other it was just simply "enjoying the little things".  it was an awesome balance.

once we returned home, i knew exactly what i was going to do with all of my photos.  i took a ton and really wanted to use all of them in a memory keeping project.  all of the photos i took this trip were taken with my iPhone, and i am truly ok with that.  some of them may not be perfect, but they were taken in the moment and that is what this trip was about for all of us.  just "being in the moment".

so today i want to share some of my favourite pages with you and how i brought our vacation to life within the pages of my heidi swapp memory keeping photo journal.  you can see the entire new collection and learn more about them here.

for me, this project was purely a focus on the photos and the words.  
time is flying by so quickly and i really wanted a place that i could document the little stories and little moments that made our trip together memorable.

inside my journal i added photos of various sizes....chose to mix things up a bit.  i had a ton of fun adding in stamping and washi to embellish.  most (if not all) my stamping and embellishing came from the coordinating embellishment kits.  these are all brand new to michaels stores and are available now.

one thing i really loved doing in this album is mixing up photo sizes.  it is so much fun to add variety in this way.  making these albums work for you and your style is so easy.  they allow for so much creativity.

i loved how i added in the arrow stickers beside each of these photos.  

washi tape is such a great way to not only embellish a page, but divide it if necessary.  especially if you want to journal about two different topics on the same page.  combining stamping and stickers is also one of my favourite things to play around with as well.

there are some great tags and paper embellishments that come inside the embellishment kits.  here i decided to add some machine stitching onto them before adhering into my book.  i will add in my journaling next.

when you purchase these albums, you will also receive a sheet of awesome transparent phrase stickers.  these are awesome as embellishments, journal prompts or creating visual interest in your album.  i love how i added these phrases to my photo page.  i find them to be very inspiring and will help tell my story when i journal it down on the next page.

you can see here how easy and awesome it is to add in all of the different embellishment pieces together.  below i added in stickers, washi....they create such gorgeous art when used together.

i also loved adding in various photo sizes and shapes into my book.  here i simply punched out some of my photos using a circle punch to create this fun page.  just because the paper is lined, one does not have to journal.  you can use these pages in whatever way you want.  i loved keeping the focus on the photos for this one.

mini scrapbook layout here for the win.  this page is probably my most favourite.

again, just so much fun to make your own rules and add a ton of photos! i even had fun playing with my typecast typewriter here to add in this quote.

i am SO grateful for this beautiful keepsake that i now have.  honestly, if it was not for this particular album i do not think i would have had my vacation memories scrapbooked so fast.  these albums make it SO easy to get your photos and stories combined in such a beautiful way....and you can make it as tedious or as simple as you desire.  there is no rules.  just room for endless creative play.  now that i have all of my photos inside...i can work at continuing to jot down stories and memories as i have time, and remember.

i hope you are inspired to tell some of your summer stories this year and capture them inside one of these amazing photo journals.  you will be amazed at how easy it is and how incredible your memories come back to life when they are captured within these pages.


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