i always look forward to this time of the month!
memory planner review.
it really is awesome (and SO WORTH IT) to see how my memories fill the pages.  and yes...all those LITTLE things that really in the moment don't seem all that memorable.... become my favourite memories as i re-read them.  for that... i am beyond grateful.
it really is worth the time.  i promise you.

the full reveal of my april planner is the featured post over on the scrapbook and cards today blog.

this month i wanted to share how i am using one of my most favourite tools; the heidi swapp minc machine to incorporate personalized and customized foil touches into my planner.

it is SO easy...yet the results are WOW factor....every time!

so please take a moment and stop by if you have not yet already and learn about just how amazing the MINC tool is....and how phenomenal it works with a planner!

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