say it in lights! birthday wishes done right....with lightbox!

to say i am excited over the brand new release of heidi swapp's latest product, the "lightbox" would be a definite understatement.  i am seriously OBSESSED with this thing!  it is truly the coolest product and the fact that it is SO multi-purpose makes it even better. who does not love something they can use over and over again? right?!?

today i want to share just how awesome the lightbox is for parties!  specifically, birthdays!  the brilliant thing about the light box is that it comes with a full line of accessories, phrases and letters to completely customize what you are wanting.  

i used the 'happy' and 'birthday' words (that come just as is) to create this fun sign.  basic, simple...yet wow factor all the way!  so cute right?  there are also a ton of little icons that you can get as well.  i love how cute these little birthday balloons are.  the perfect little touch.

to place them in the sign...all you do is literally slide them in from the side.
SO easy!

place the finished light box on a cake table...and you have a beautiful accompaniment to wow your guests and guest of honour on their special day!

like i said before....the sayings, designs, and messages are endless.  here are a few other designs i was playing around with.  these would look great for a birthday party, don't you think?

i love the sentiment, 'make a wish'.  ahhh..... i added the cute little icons below it. again....they just slide right in. super easy to add, switch and change out!

and just because you are using it for a birthday, doesn't always mean it has to be a birthday message.  adding a well wish, quote or blessing is another great way to use your light box for parties.  the 'shine bright' and 'today' come as again, they just slide right in.  i added the fun emoji's to the bottom row.  again, even though these are not "technically birthday" they still work when placed along side a sweet sentiment.  SO many many ways to create a beautiful sign for a loved one's birthday decor.

i know i will be using my light box a ton this year.  what a great way to begin 2016!

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