my journey so far with project life.

so i have never jumped on the project life bandwagon until now.
and i can finally say that i get it.  i see just how amazing of a system it is.
especially for someone who does not have a whole lot of time…like a new momma ;).
it actually makes me feel so much relief that i can see my photos in my album now.
i have started slow, and i have so much more to go.
but they are in there. they are printed. and they are made pretty too….thanks to heidi swapp and her incredible project life collection.
it is a MUST have.  and i am not joking.

i have never even attempted the pocket page style scrapbooking until now.
however…i will admit i have kept it simple.  true to me and to how i want my album to look, feel and be.  my focus is on the photos.  again, i do not have a ton of time to mess with little individual pockets.  so my focus for my album is simply photos, some pretty extras, and journaling.  simple, yet pretty.  and i love that i can get that result in absolutely NO time at all.

here is a peek into my heidi swapp project life experience so far:

as you can see, i have kept things super simple.  with a focus primarily on the photos.  i absolutely ADORE the gold foil project life photo pocket page protector sheets.  the gold transparencies that come with the collection are fabulous.  they can be great alone (like with the heart) or as a photo overlay (like in the above right photo).  on the 3 x 4 card i added some simple stamping and some chipboard pieces from the project life value kits.

i added some rub ons to the 4 x 6 card and some journaling.  the 3 x 4 card is actually an openable.  what i did was add the 3 x 4 card onto a 4 x 6 card that i folded in half.  inside is where i will add my journaling so that it remains tucked inside the page protector.

i love this page.  the cards are SO much fun to use, and the transparency pieces that come with the overlay value kit are perfect for adding on top of your favourite pictures.

most of my pages (like the one above) are still a work in progress.  still need to add journaling and some details.

it is so refreshing to look through what i have accomplished and feel like i have gotten somewhere for a change!  photos are printed.  they are in page protectors.  i have journaling started.  really that is the hardest part.  now to carry on with the details and all of the pretty things that come with the new heidi swapp project life collection.  i am seriously obsessed and want to play every night!  it's crazy!  but a good kind of crazy.

i am truly LOVING this new venture and especially that heidi swapp has created such a wonderful and amazing collection of stuff to work with.  it has definitely ignited a spark back in me.  time to continue getting my photos printed and pages done.  life is moving fast and i am on a roll to capture it!  keeping it simple is what is working for me.  i love it! :)

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