july memories.

goodbye july. hello august.
well tomorrow anyway.
so hard to believe how fast time is passing.
i am not sure what it is….but i am savouring every moment and minute.
consciously aware and making the most of documenting it all.
it probably helps too that i have this super cute planner to put it in.
heidi swapp knew all too well how incredible of a tool her memory planner would be.
cause yes, it just simply rocks.

mine is quickly coming together.
still a bit of journaling and embellishing i would like to do.
but for the most part the story of our month sits here.
it was a great one.
and my heart is full for the blessings that have surrounded us each day.

when i flip through my album i am so proud of myself that for ONCE i have been actually following through with something. and looking forward to doing so. it's not a chore or challenge to do so. to make everything look uniform and specific.  this album just flows. and i love it. such a great keepsake it has turned out to be and there is still so much to look forward to filling it with!

so today i hope to have a few quiet moments to reflect and collect a few more memories, notes and thoughts to stick in here. the importance of writing things down is far too underestimated.  it is such a powerful tool. something i am realizing more than ever these days.  time flies. scrapbooking matters.


  1. love seeing these photos of you and your life and your sweet family. it's all perfect!

  2. This is simply divine Lindsay!

  3. Lindsay, your memory planner is so special and so very pretty, too!! Thank you for sharing!!


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