august…you were awesome.

goodbye august.
wow. another month documented and done.
i remember the day when i received this beautiful memory planner in my hands.
all of the fresh pages. each a blank canvas just waited to be filled with moments and memories. photographs and notes.
now i am almost 3/4 done the entire album.

and can i just say that i am notorious for starting projects but never entirely seeing them finished all the way through??? anyone out there relate?
well…this is one project that i can proudly say i have kept up on and followed through with.  am i happy? YES! is it beautiful? ABSOLUTELY! it is filled with my life.  and i LOVE it.

i have filled my pages with photos and notes. of course some of my favourite embellies as well.

this month i have tried to focus on the "happy".

even added in a mini memory file from one of my most favourite heidi swapp collections, vintage chic. yes. this collection makes me happy. pink chevron? swoon…..
i even created this 5 x 7 photo collage and just stapled it in my planner.  it highlights some of my favourite and most "happy" memories of the month.

i added in a page of some journaling and reflections about the summer and what it has meant to me.  by far this has been one of the best and most memorable summers.  my first summer as a mom, spent enjoying each and every day with my baby.  what a blessing to be able to be at home and watch him grow.  reflecting on all of the simple yet very treasured moments we have so far shared together: sleeping with me in my bed after early morning feedings, dressing him in his super cute summer outfits, watching him dip his toes in the lake for the first time.  so many wonderful memories.

more photos.

more memories. and yes. you will see a few bits of dreamy project life cards have found themselves here.
my calendar. sheepishly, a little bare.  i struggle with writing things and notes down in here! ack! not sure why….but maybe september will find me focused enough to just write that one little thing down!  it does look so beautiful when it's filled up!

hope you have been enjoying your memory file journey so far. with september knocking at the door there are only a few months left of 2014. say what?!?!

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  1. enjoyed being inside of your life for a few moments. your album looks fabulous, but the photos+words that equal story are simply beautiful. you are capturing such sweet sweet moments. as well as being as pretty as ever. and look how your hubs smiles so much! thank you for sharing, LB.


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