hello 2014.

hello 2014.
i am SO excited you are here.

a fresh NEW year. open possibilities, new beginnings. new surprises, new adventures, challenges, a blank canvas ready to be made into whatever you want it to be.  definitely exciting!

for SO many reasons this year, i know 2014 is going to be an amazing one.  there are huge changes waiting for me and my husband on the horizon this year and our life is forever going to be changed.  we are so excited to be welcoming our first child into our lives.  a miracle child really.  how long we have hoped and prayed and in just a few months you will be here.  it is truly amazing.

to document and celebrate this huge moment, as well as incorporate my word for 2014 i decided to create this really fun mixed media canvas to serve as an inspiration piece for me in my scrapbook studio.

you can find all of the details as well as a list of the incredible heidi swapp supplies i used over today on heidi's blog.  it is the featured post.  i am really excited to be sharing it!

i think one of my favourite parts of this piece are the different words that i included on the canvas that honour my word for 2014: hello.  i love seeing all of the different words together to help serve as reminders of what i consciously and intentionally want to bring into my world and say "hello" to in 2014.  things like laughter, energy, new adventures, love, motherhood….a baby boy.  these words are SO symbolic and so relevant to my word, my life…this new year.

thank you so much for stopping by.  i hope that this new year brings you an abundance of miracles and blessings and you are inspired in some way by what i shared today to document and keep your word active and alive all year through. cheers to 2014.

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  1. Lindsay this is just exquisite, if only I could see it IRL, you certainly have a way with mixed media!


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