my memory file album adventure: here & now.

welcome to week 5 of the heidi swapp memory file album adventure.  welcome to my piece: the here and now.  i am SO excited to be highlighting this week's journey and it really was so much fun to document, capture and celebrate my here and now through creating art, storytelling and of course...scrapbooking!

the entire breakdown of how i created these pages is today's featured post on heidi swapp's blog so be sure to take a look.  here i will share some more photos showcasing my pages as well as a bit more of the story behind why i created the pages as i did and why i chose to use some of the ideas i had.

when you see the initial blank album, this beautiful "here and now" font actually comes as a die cut tag in the album.  however, i chose to modify it to further personalize what i wanted to do so i actually tore it out of the book and chose to use it in two different ways.  one was to use it as a template to create the same shape with different papers to use elsewhere in the album, the second was to use it as an interactive element by creating this flap.  i think that that is one of the great features about this amazing album.  it has SO many different pieces, pages, designs etc. that just because it comes to you "that way" does not mean you have to use it "that way".  make it your own! add things, take away...change it up! that is always SO much part of the FUN!

a big part of "my now" is using instagram. to say i LOVE this app would be a HUGE understatement.  it honestly has become such a part of my life, my documenting and my scrapbooking.  i chose instagram to take a "#selfie" to show not only my love for this photo app right now, but also me. in this moment. right here, right now.

the next page illustrates how i had used the original here and now pennant to create this other pennant using the heidi swapp color pop collection.  i LOVE this paper and adore how i could use an already made die cut in the album to create another that i could use elsewhere.  again, i was able to create some interactivity and MORE room to hold photos, notes, and journaling.  really...anything you could want to make it fit the exact project you are creating.  just another reason why this album is AMAZING!

just another glimpse into the layers i was able to add on this one single page.

my life list.  31 @ 31.  the key is to making this list reflective of your life, right here right now.  lists and the concept of "making lists" is SO hot right now.  this trend incorporated perfectly into not only my life right now, but also this album so i just had to include one!  i just celebrated my 31st birthday so this is what i wanted to focus on.  but there are SO many options! top 5, top 10, currently....the key here is to just make it reflective of where you are mentally in your life.  indulge in YOUR present!

for my next page, i decided to again modify the original.  instead of leaving the original page as is, i decided to create a pocket/envelope.  all i did was simply fold the paper in half, add an envelope into the fold allowing the envelope flap to hang over.  i adhered it, added some patterned paper and voila! an envelope/pocket!  

the idea behind this page is that i wanted to create a safe place to be able to really share one's hopes and to privately "put it out there".  i believe in the power of putting things out into the universe and in doing so they are energized to come back to you.  writing down ones intentions, hopes etc. gives them power and that is what i wanted to do here.  you can keep this as an ongoing place where you can write out your hopes as  you go and as they come, or you can choose to write out a bunch at once seal the envelope when finished, date it and then in a certain length of time choose to come back and revisit them.  sort of like a "time-capsule" idea.  how neat would it be to re-read these after a certain length of time has passed and compare your "then here and now" with your "now here and now". kinda cool i think.

i simply cut strips of papers to write these out and attached them with a paper clip.

here are just a few (of my many) hopes i have for my life.

the next page is where i chose to highlight a song that i currently LOVE and adore. everything from the words, to the the fact that a contestant on american idol sang it recently and KILLED it...just made me fall in love with it even more.  so it was perfect to it is #1 on my playlist right now....and so is american idol.  one of my favourite shows that i am glued to watching!

i created this cute little pocket page by transforming what is meant to be used as a 4 x 6 photo sleeve into a place to capture little bits and pieces that are reflective of thoughts, ideas and behaviours that i am implementing in my life right now or that are important to me.  i simply sewed the opening with my sewing machine after adding various bits. of course, i just had to add the sequin sparkles. very me right now ALWAYS! ;)

this last page i kept simple.  i just added a quote that i LOVE along with a photo and some journaling about my love for creating art.  this prompt and page could mean SO many things to anyone's here and now but i chose to document my passion for art.

please remember that for the FULL breakdown on how i created this project and to learn about the specific products etc. it is featured over on heidi's blog.  there is TONS more to check out, read up on and be inspired with. make sure to see what all of the other amazing ladies have done as well. if you have not been able to get your hands on an album yet, or have not been able to start...NO worries! the posts will always be there waiting for you whenever you are able.  if you do not have this particular album, still play along! the prompts and ideas are fabulous and no matter what journal you use, the important piece is to have fun and create and just enjoy.

i hope that i have inspired you to celebrate a little bit of your "here and now".  can't wait to see what you create on instagram! make sure to tag your projects #hsmemoryfileadventure



  1. Ummm...hellooo! I looove this Lindsay! You have a wonderful gift with words and I'm amazed at what you do. I love everything about this. Btw, I looove that song too. My fave right now. Looks like you guys had a great weekend getaway. take care. hugs xo Dette

  2. I don't think I ever told you just how much I love your MFA BLOW ME AWAY with every single one of your projects. You are so amazingly talented and I feel so blessed to be able to call you my friend. Your pages are just beautiful - and their meaning is so inspirational...thank you.


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