touches of typography.

one of my passions since i was a young girl have always seemed to revolve around photos, words and texts of all shapes and sizes.  i have always loved typography and have been fascinated by letters and all of the various shapes, sizes and types there are out there.  it is really neat too that different fonts can be used to evoke different emotions and messages.  

when i received my assignment to create a project based in and around typography i was SO excited!  of all the various fonts available for free within the internet, my heart always and forever will gravitate towards a true vintage typewriter text.  i love the simplicity, yet i also adore the nostalgia that i feel when i read words that are written in a typewriter text.  i share all the details and breakdown of how i created this project on heidi swapp's blog today, so be sure to check that out!

i love how i paired a beautiful quote, typed up in the vintage typewriter font and my favourite photos from our holiday last fall to maui.  these are some of my most treasured memories and i adore how beautifully the heidi swapp wood frame from michaels creates a beautiful home decor piece.

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