so attention attention....cute product alert!

if you have been to your local joann store lately then you have seen the gorgeous new heidi swapp boutique V2 gracing the store aisles.

part of this hsboutique v2 release are brand new stationery card sets.
however, what makes these stationery cards a bit more extra special is the ability to now run them through your MINC machine so you can now customize and add foil detailing.

i am obsessed with the pink foils especially lately.  the pink, hot pink and rose gold foil are currently at the top of my must have list.  but let's be real....ALL of the foil are on my must have list.  the more shine the better.  or as we love to say #foilallthethings!

i wanted to do a little step out demo on this card set.
one thing i love about this card set specifically is that it does not need a special occasion.
it is just an adorable, everyday random act of kindness surprise that you can send to that special girl friend in your life!
honestly who does NOT love adorable snail mail nowadays?

when you open this card you can see that it comes already designed.
so just a note that if you do not own a MINC you can definitely still purchase these card sets because they are perfect with or without the MINC.
however...let me show you just what happens when you add a little MINC magic.

i chose to use the rose gold foil on this card.

i simply trimmed a piece of foil off of my roll.  i then placed the foil on top of the card (with the card design facing up) and then slipped it into a transfer folder which will then feed through my MINC applicator machine.

once i feed my card through, i simply take it out of the transfer folder and can remove the foil immediately.  it does not require any drying time nor is it hot to the touch.  completely ready to go!

you can see as i start to remove the foil, the card takes on a whole new look!

talk about that shine.  it just NEVER gets old.  and looks amazing.

below i used the same technique on the other card that comes in this set.

you can see that on this card the confetti is what is transformed.  i love that i can literally make this confetti ANY color.  it's just too adorable for words.

hello gorgeous is RIGHT!
remember, you can find this card set (and MUCH MORE) right now at select joann stores and joann online!

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  1. Are these cards available anywhere in NZ? These are gorgeous!


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