hello friends.
and hello all you mamas, grand mamas, aunts, daughters, ALL of you women...whether or not you have children or not, we ALL "momma" in some way.

there is definitely something special, unique and oh-so-beautiful about being a female and our capacity to love and give and care so deeply about the people in our life.  to always think about the "little things" and to always be going the extra mile to make life special and memorable for the ones that we love.

the ability to "mother" really adds something amazing to this world.
it truly does make life beautiful.

i love using my heidi swapp letterboard to celebrate "all the things".  it is such a beautiful decor piece that always adds so much character and personalization into my home.  i love that i can have it say whatever i want it to say.

you can find these letterboards now at joann stores and joann online along with all of the fabulous alphabet sets.

"some days, she has no idea how she'll do it.  but every single day, it still gets done"

happiest mothers day all you amazing mommas.

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