the first month of 2018 is almost under our belts.  
and??? how do you feel?
i ask this question because i know how it is!  you enter the new year with all these high expectations and hopes for new beginnings, habits etc. etc. and what happens....yep! LIFE SHOWS UP ! that is right!

i am one of the biggest culprits of this.  i could give you a list a mile long of ALL the things i want 2018 to be and well sometimes things just don't align the way one hoped. and you know what? that is ok.  we cannot do it all and sometimes by just recognizing and accepting that i think we have made the first step to a new mindset anyway.

i posted this reminder in my scrapbook room using my heidi swapp lightbox 4 and letterboard.  i love it. it's simple, yet powerful. START WHERE YOU ARE. there is no "perfect time" for anything really.  life will always show up and throw us curve balls and unexpected ups and downs and everything you can imagine to deter us from our intended path.  we will never have enough time for this or that.  or in my case with two little ones i have learned to accept the constant interruptions.  it is just my reality right now and i know one day i will miss it once it's gone.

for me "making things happen" is truly about starting where i am.  and feeling OK about that and confident and productive.  

overall for me this year i just want to make the most of my time. and not take it for granted.  even in the thick of it, in the mundane...in the hum drum of #momlife (picking up toys, washing dishes, folding the clothes...etc etc) i just want to make the moments count each and every day.

working in my heidi swapp memory planner has been such a gift in transforming the way i approach and see my everyday life.  noting a memorable moment, a daily high and daily low....freely writing and having a home to place some favourite candid photos has become such a huge part of my journey in grounding myself and appreciating life as i know it.  it is the encouragement i need to just keep going. that tomorrow is another day.  you got this!

so if you are new to memory planning, or have not yet started and are intrigued...OR you feel that since january is almost a distant memory and that it is too late to start never fear....it is NEVER late to start!  remember just "start where you are" and allow the rest to unfold as it may.  i can assure you it will be one of the best moments of surrender you will ever feel. XO


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