12x12 layouts. hello again.

i love reconnecting with old loves.
there is just so much comfort in those things.
it actually is crazy to me to even think of "traditional 12x12 layouts" as an "old love"....because they really have not gone anywhere.
i guess with me....trends, methods, the means...styles change and evolve and well....i guess so do i.
but one thing that surely has never changed with me is my love of memory keeping.
that is forever a constant.

so when i received the absolutely BEAUTIFUL brand new heidi swapp 12x12 paper pad (that is out now and a MUST have) i literally could NOT contain my excitement.  not only does it coordinate perfectly with the amazing heidi swapp planner collection that has just been released earlier this year...but the patterns in and of themselves are brilliant!  i also LOVE that this paper pad is double sided so you even get MORE of the amazing patterns. and the quality of the paper in this pad is superb. you will love it.

so needless to say, when you receive a paper pad that has SO many amazing colours and patterns.  real problems happen....how do you CHOOSE?

well...in this case, i just couldn't.  so i created a layout that incorporates some of my most coveted papers from this paper pad all on one layout.  i also included some of my favourites from my planner stash (ex. stickers) and other fun extras.

the main focus of my page is the title.
this i created using my silhouette cameo.
for those who are not familiar...the silhouette cameo is an electronic die cutting machine that connects to your computer.  it works similar to a printer in that anything you type up in a word document it will print out. HOWEVER....instead of printing it out, the machine will actually cut out the words on your paper.
it really is awesome.
what was fun about this too was that i was not sure how i was going to use my title.  if it was going to be the letters...or the negative.  
which as you can see...the negative won by a landslide!

so all i simply did once i had my title cut out, was place various patterns of paper behind each cut out.  i simply adhered those papers using scotch tape. nothing fancy, just something that would secure my papers in place.

once that was complete i had fun adding in my instax photo, and some of my favourite heidi swapp stickers.

even though these stickers i used are primarily from the planner collection, they look BRILLIANT on traditional layouts.  they are fun, edgy and so versatile.  it's a great way to use up those stickers that may or may not even work for your planner but could be that perfect embellishment for that unfinished layout!

once i finished up this initial layout, i literally became hooked.
i wanted to see what other pattern and paper combinations i could come up with.
so below, i mixed this gorgeous black and white floral with one of the pink ombre gradient papers.
the combo?
just awesome.
again, worked brilliantly with my silhouette cameo cut title.

here i just used a quote that resonated with me.  typed it ip in the silhouette software and had my silhouette cut it out.

embellished with more stickers and washi....a photo.  done!
i have to say, layouts like this look to me like they take SO much time.
but the secret is, they really really do not.
cutting out titles with my silhouette has always been a favourite of mine...that i somehow forgot about till now.
i think it's so good creatively to revisit those places.  it reenergizes and motivates. it inspires.  it gets the stories told!

so i hope you have all enjoyed this little fun "throwback" post if you will...to the place where the foundation lies.  the heart of it all.  12x12 pages.  i think i just might be hooked again.

because it was fun, and it was awesome.
especially when using such pretty stuff like the hello gorgeous paper pad.
makes it easier than ever to fall right back in love.

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