hello gallery wall. my newest obsession.

so...just when you think things could not get any more fabulous....they are about to!
i am BEYOND thrilled to finally be able to share this huge and amazing secret that will forever change the way you look at the walls in your home forever.

say hello to heidi swapp gallery wall.

i know, right?!?!

this amazing michaels exclusive, will be available starting in march and it is FULL of SO many incredible DIY pieces that will truly transform your life (and your walls) into beautiful customized works of art...simply and effortlessly.  yes, it's true.

say hello to my first ever gallery wall.
and i pretty much love it.

my gallery wall is located in my son's bedroom.  we had already painted this wall with grey and white stripes before he was born.  but until recently, it simply stood there...blank.
no photos, no decor, no nothing!
i guess sometimes things in life are always just waiting for that perfect thing or moment.
needless to say, my excitement and creative self went into overdrive for this project.
let's take a closer look!

myself, along with the rest of the team, are so excited to share just some of the amazing ways to work with these brand new "blank canvas" products.  i truly love the ability to customize and these products are absolutely perfect for that.

most of what you see i created, customized or "heidi-fied" with the gallery wall collection.
for instance, this large frame.
i have been holding onto this frame for almost a year now.  it is a basic black frame, quite large and it was purchased from ikea.
i had NO idea what to do with it...until the heidi swapp gallery wall items came into my hands.

i printed a ton of black and white photos, cropped them all to 4x4 size and simply placed them in the frame, grid style.  you will notice the fun, vintage 'wood grain' matting in the frame.  what used to be boring white, i easily transformed with this wonderful paper that is part of the gallery wall collection. it comes in a variety of styles and colors...and is in rolls!  i absolutely love this paper!  it was perfect for repurposing and adding in this fun texture to a boring old frame.  the results are awesome, and the process SO easy. gotta love that combo!

the collection is also filled with gorgeous new stencils and texture pastes.  here below, i also have had this frame hanging around for awhile.  i knew it would be perfect for madix's wall.  so instead of leaving it plain...i used the mint texture paste and one of the new stencils to add some gorgeous color and texture to the frames edge.  i love how it pops with the mint glitter paper i added in as matting.  the paper is also from a brand new heidi swapp paper pad.  the canvas print was also created with one of the new stencils and navy color shine.  i clipped it onto the frame using a large silver bull dog clip, which is also part of the collection.

the smaller frame above, as well as the arrow are also pieces from the collection.  originally the frames are white, but i used one of the all new zinc distress kits to give the frame a "grunge" look.  i added glitter paper in navy to serve as matting and then adding in one of the all new gallery wall prints.  these are wonderful because they come in a variety of phrases and colors with beautiful gold foil writing all ready to go!  just pop in a frame and you are done.

i added the mini pennant banner on top, also part of the collection...which i stencilled with navy color shine.

this super fun large wall arrow is wooden and when purchased is "as is". plain wood.  however, i could not resist adding the brand new marquee love navy chunky glitter to it.  i just love how it sparkles.

here is another print from the gallery wall art collection.  
again, i simply placed it into a frame from ikea i have had for years and hung.
simple, stunning and perfect.  and TOTALLY EASY.

this piece below, is my favourite.
part of this collection are DIY faux pallet boards.
they are originally brown in color, but thanks to the amazing distress kits that are part of this collection one can transform these pallets into all sorts of distressed awesomeness.
i used the zinc distress kit, foam stamps and chain to create this wall hanging.
more on the details of how this came to be soon! i promise!

i am SO in LOVE with the foam stamps, you have NO idea.
simply brush them with an acrylic paint, press on your surface...and voila!
gorgeous customized text for the win!

this pallet below is the smaller size that will also be available.
i adore this size and have many many projects whirling in my brain surrounding this particular pallet. 

here again, i used the foam stamps on the pennant banner as well.
simple application with acrylic paint is all that's needed.
i embellished with a few fun extras....such as this fringe banner and large tassels, misted with navy and cool mint color shine. these pieces are ALL part of this new collection! SO exciting!

thank you so much for stopping by to check out this incredible NEW product release coming in march to michaels ONLY.  get excited people! total game changer!


  1. Wow! Such a powerful wall! Just perfect. And now, I could make something like this too! Well Done

  2. Wow! Such a powerful wall! Just perfect. And now, I could make something like this too! Well Done

  3. Amazing job Lindsay. I know he'll smile every time he sees it. You can feel the love.


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