light it up. 2016, my one little word & marquee love.

there is truly nothing more powerful than making something you are working toward visible in your life.  when you can actually SEE something, is where i believe the magic really begins to happen.

2016 for me is the year of FAITH.
i want to work on cultivating more faith into my daily life.  into my thoughts.  into my worries.  into my parenting. into myself.
i really believe that with faith, anything is possible.  
worries become a lot less weighted.  dreams seem within reach.  fears are comforted.  my heart feels at peace. the future seems a lot less scary.

now, say hello to some brand new heidi swapp marquee love.
gorgeous right?
part of making my word happen for me this year, like i said before is making it visible.  and with lights.  truly a power couple match made in heaven.

say hello to FAITH. 
marquee love style.
i am in LOVE.

i had a lot of fun combining both the letters and the new shapes to make my word come to life.  in replace of the 'a' i used this gorgeous new butterfly.  truly symbolic of transformation, belief, resilience...all things that rely on faith to make happen.  i love it.

you may also notice some gorgeous floral pieces tucked in both the "f" and the "h" of my marquee as well.  these are also new.  they are gorgeous paper flowers that come in a rainbow of pastel shades.  they are SO easy to place into the marquee.  simply feed the bulb through the centre of the flowers and then pop them right back into your letter.  awesome, right?!? let's also talk glitter.

some people love it....others, well....not so much.
but regardless it does look amazing.
well, i want to share a fun and VERY easy tip for adding glitter into your marquee shapes ... even if you have a major love/hate with using the stuff!

so...if you have purchased marquee love shapes before, then you know they come basic white with a white letter template inside.

so what i chose to do this time around, was create glittered alpha inserts.  i could have used the loose glitter (which i LOVE), but instead i chose to use the marquee love glitter tape instead!  think easy to apply, little to NO mess...and still that brilliant glitter effect that we all know and love!

to create the glitter marquee alpha inserts, simply grab a roll of the marquee love glitter tape and some scissors.

trim a section of the tape off and adhere to your letter.
repeat until the entire letter is covered, trimming off the access.  since it is also adhesive on the back you can even fold over the back of your letter too if you like.

repeat until the entire letter is covered, trimming off the access.  since it is also adhesive on the back you can even fold over the back of your letter too if you like.

super simple and easy to do.
repeat for all of your desired shapes and letters.

then once you are complete, voila! beautifully glittered alphas with zero to NO mess!
awesome, right?!?

 you can also see that i chose to mix up the patterns and design for my butterfly shape.  i love doing this to my marquee as it adds a really fun element when displaying my word.

to create my butterfly i added in some of the beautiful paper from the brand new marquee love paper pack, and then added in the gorgeous soft pink faceted marquee bulbs.  i trimmed the outside and inside with all new marquee love washi tapes as well.

once it's all complete, lower the lights and let your word SHINE.
this has to be my favourite part ever.

so here's to 2016.
a brand new year, new word....and LOTS of FAITH...with lights!

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