mixing it up!

i have to say that i often create projects based on ALL different types of inspiration i see at different times.  whether it is written down, or locked away in my memory i always like to pull together different ideas and techniques i have see to pull together one single project.  this brand new layout i created is definitely the work of combining ideas and techniques that i have come across these past few weeks.

i became inspired to create this layout after watching this SUPER fabulous episode of heidi swapp's create to remember my craft channel episode last week.  i cannot tell you how many times i replayed the episode hanging on every word, detail and technique she demonstrated. seriously....how jaw dropping were those layouts? LOVE!

after watching that episode, i created this layout to celebrate and document some memories my husband and i shared together back in the beginning of may.  he surprised me with a super quick mini getaway to jasper, alberta to visit the mountains and enjoy a private little cabin in the middle of heaven.  not only was it such a perfect little getaway, it also happened to be one of the most beautiful weekends weather wise which we have all been anxiously waiting for.  it truly was such a blessing.

i did not take a ton of photos, but just enough that there were too many to place on a traditional layout and not enough to make a huge mini book.  so i got to thinking and this is what i came up with.  i added an interactive flip book right onto my actual 12 x 12 page.  i gathered a bunch of different papers and pages that i had tucked in my stash.  i combined color pop, color magic paper, vintage chic and even used these AMAZING NEW brushes called "word quotes" that heidi just released into her shop to create both my title pennant page, as well as my last page.  i truly love piecing together different eclectic elements and just watching them come to life.

as a lover of photos that vary in size, i chose to keep some 4 x 6 inches, and others i printed teeny tiny on my home printer.  i just adore tiny photos!

i really wanted to make sure to include some very important journaling in this project as well.  this wasn't just a quick weekend getaway for me.  it was truly time to breathe, escape the everyday and time to remind myself and clear my mind of things that have been weighing me down.  i cherish the time that this little getaway gave me to remind me of the important things in my life and to let go of the unnecessary things that up until that point i was not releasing and were certainly not serving me in a positive influence at all.  i definitely will be going back to this page every now and then. we always need reminders!

using my bind-it-all machine i simply gathered all of my pieces, punched the correct number of holes i was needed and then bound it to the top right hand of my 12 x 12 page.  i really love the coil binding on my layout!  it is a great way to meet in the middle when you are wanting to include a bunch of photos, but not really at the point where one would need to create a mini album.  

i hope that you enjoyed this little "variation" to a 12 x 12 page.  and make sure to check out heidi swapp's create to remember episodes.  they are always so FULL of awesome tips, tricks, ideas and of course endless inspiration to make pretty stuff!!!


  1. love me some binding coil. you ROCKED it. completely. the details are serious fun. thanks for sharing your creative love with us, LB!

  2. Seriously I have no words......this is simply amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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