One of my most favourite parts about creating projects is never truly knowing how they will turn out or what they will become.  This memory file was truly one of those projects that fit into that category.  In the end, I could not be happier with the result.

Our first official Heidi Swapp Media Team assignment was to create a Memory File about us, and what an AMAZING and INSPIRING week it has been so far. Jennifer, Jamie and Maggie's projects have left me breathless. Such beautiful work...I am in love with them all. Kim's memory file is going to be featured tomorrow and I am so excited to see what her fabulous talent and vision brings.  I adore learning about these fascinating women and fellow team members. What a treat and blessing it has been.

In creating our projects, there were really no rules or guidelines.  Only beautiful and super inspiring Heidi Swapp product to utilize to our heart's content so that we could document our personal story and take some time to celebrate who we all are.

I chose to use the brand new Heidi Swapp Chipboard Files to personalize my project even further.  Heidi Swapp Vintage Chic papers, embellishments, tags and flowers really helped to take my project to the next level.  Seriously, if there is any brand new scrapbooking product to have in your hands this fall season it is this collection.  Amazing stuff!!! I cannot get enough of it.

One of my favourite features of the memory files are their sheer versatility.  You can trim them, cut them, sand them, mist them, cover them etc. Even the way you want to use them as the base of your album can be completely personalized.  Instead of having mine open vertically on the right hand side, I chose to have mine fold up and have my album lay horizontal.  This gave me room to really play.  I added a gate fold cover page and used velcro tabs to keep my project "held together".  I absolutely loved this feature. I mean, who doesn't love ripping velcro apart? ;)

Inside of my album are 4 additional mini albums, three of which were created by trimming papers to the size I needed and sewing the books together with my sewing machine.  The fourth album that features my photo is made by using the Heidi Swapp Vintage Chic Mini Files which I sewed together the same way as the other three mini albums.

Each of these places hold a different part of me.  A place to celebrate things that make me happy and that I love, a place to document my travel memories, a place to write notes, quotes and affirmations, and finally an album to hold photos and memorabilia that represent me and my life right now.

I truly adored creating this project and am really happy to have these memories of myself documented.  It is not often we take the time to scrapbook about ourselves, and just ourselves.

I really hope that after this week of amazing memory files featured on Heidi Swapp's blog that you are all inspired in some way to celebrate YOUR story.  Whether it be through using a memory file, scrapbook page, journal entry or blog post there is no more perfect time than now to record your life and what is important to you.

Thank you so much for stopping by to get another peek into my memory file project.  I love that you are here.

Wishing you endless inspiration as you begin documenting your story and most importantly have fun "making pretty stuff"!

Thank you Heidi for such a wonderful assignment and to the rest of my Media Team Ladies...way to go! It has been an incredible week!


turning 30 with no limits.

Today I am SO excited about this project!  Not only did I love and adore creating this piece from beginning to end, but today it is featured on Heidi Swapp's blog. Wow! 

There is a fabulous write up about this project on her blog so definitely swing by and have a closer peek at some more photos and how I came about designing it.

This album was created hybrid style where I incorporated some of Heidi's traditional pieces with my digital personalization on her digital elements.  That is one reason why I love incorporating digital elements-the personalization.  You can create exactly what a project needs with that little detail. I love it.

Who does not love yummy layers and pieces everywhere?  I just love all of the size differences, pictures that peek and random stamping.  So much fun, and again a beautiful collection that is so versatile.  Memory files are simply awesome.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope that you are inspired to grab a collection of your photos, some fabulous patterned paper, stamps and embellishments and begin creating yourself a fabulous keepsake as well.

Heidi Swapp...thank you so much for creating such pretty stuff for us to play with. Love!

summer celebration mini matchbook.

The signs of fall are everywhere.  Here where I live in Alberta, Canada the leaves on the trees are slowly starting to change.  The bright and vibrant green that we all had become so accustomed to enjoying is now transforming itself into shades of yellow, orange and red.

Thankfully, I do love fall.  It is my most favourite season.  However, summer is summer.  It is awesome, but it always seems to fade away so fast.

I was inspired by these feelings to dig into my stash of supplies and photos to create a little place where I could celebrate and remember some of my favourite moments from summer.

Using Heidi Swapp's foto flipbook was the perfect place to house these memories.  Not only is it an already made mini book but the pages and extras that are included are so cute.  In no time at all you can quickly create such a gorgeous little album!

I incorporated a lot of my Instagram photos in this particular mini, however it also comes with 4 x 6 page protectors ready to go so you can just easily slip in your 4 x 6 photos, patterned paper or whatever else your heart desires.  The page protectors would also be a fantastic way to hold memorabilia as well, all that would need to be done to close the opening would be a quick use of your sewing machine to close it up.

Using Heidi Swapp's mini Instagram frames, stamps, disco shapes (which i LOVE and seriously are the cutest addition to any project) rub-ons and no limits stix embellishing this little baby was super easy and really fun.  Top it off with some personalized journaling and voila! A mini album celebrating summer and a place I can go when the leaves start to really begin turning and the air has that familiar chill. have been amazing.  :)


busy bee.

getting into the swing of things. the perma-grin has still not left my face, and i do not think it will leave for awhile.

lately i have been indulging myself in creatively dreaming, planning, playing and simply getting myself lost in the art that i love so much.

while waiting for my delicious (and i do mean delicious) heidi swapp goodies to arrive i raided my current stash of heidi swapp supplies to create this quick little layout.

a fabulous mix of sugar chic papers, sugar chic memory files, disco hearts, and sugar chic sticks enabled me to capture this memory of my mom and i just a few weeks ago perfectly.

the added feature of encompassing a memory file on a scrapbook page allowed me to add even more photos and memories, along with some hidden and detailed journaling (which i love).

not only do memory files look amazing and create beautiful mini albums, but they can also be personalized and adjusted to your specific project and can be quickly added to a scrapbook page for a fun interactive element.  the options are truly endless.

it was really fun for me and quite energizing to let go and lose myself in creating this page.  i am most often drawn to mini books and albums, but this scrapbook page just came together so easily for me and i love the results.

memory files + sugar chic collection = really pretty stuff.  thanks heidi! :)

pinch me.

Where to begin.

You know when you have those moments in your life when you look back and you think to yourself "Really? Is this really happening?"

That right there, is my moment.

It is funny how my whole scrapbooking journey began.  For those of you who are true lovers of the art I am sure you can attest to the fact that it is truly more than just paper, scissors, glue and cute embellishments.  It is life-changing. So much so that it seems to take you on this incredible journey of self-realization, growth and all the while enabling you to gain such a deeper appreciation for the everyday.

On top of that, you meet so many amazing people along the way.  People who you grow to admire and who are so fascinating you just want to know more about them and be around them.  Add the internet and blogs to the mix and the rest is truly history.  From local scrapbooking conventions to the amazing event of Creative Escape my world was officially changed.  And the amazing individual behind it all: Heidi Swapp.

Fast forward to present day to officially learning that I am now a member of her 2012-2013 Media Team, and I could literally break down into the happiest tears I could ever cry.

Joining me on this team of 5 is the fabulous Jennifer EvansMaggie Massey, Jamie Pate and Kim Jeffress. We are truly such a blessed bunch and I am so looking forward to getting to know and create alongside such amazing and inspirational women. Cheers ladies! It is going to be so exciting to create and inspire and make pretty stuff together!

Right now, I still think I am in a bit of shock. My creative mind is already lost in the clouds dreaming of and visualizing ideas and projects and photographs....

I keep thinking about how life unfolds as it should and just when you think you are feeling down and frustrated and unsure, those whispering moments that you quietly hear telling you to just stay strong and keep believing and working hard. It all has a plan.  It just does.

I am so looking forward to sharing, creating, empowering and encouraging everyone to celebrate their life and their stories.  To take the time to document and scrapbook and enjoy the creative realm.  It is a beautiful place to be and I hope it continues to change people's lives in such a positive and powerful way-as it has (and continues to be) for me.  I invite you to follow me on Facebook, Instagram (user name lbateman9442), Pinterest and Twitter.

I had taken a creative break from blogging back in 2011.  However, I am so happy and ready to be back doing what I love. Sharing my stories, simple moments and snippets of inspiration with you all.  This will be the site of my new blog going forward, but below you can take a moment to sit back and relax as I share some of my favourite past blog moments and posts from my old blog with you below.

So sit back, relax and welcome.  I am so happy you are here.

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