treasured memory from my heart.

i have always believed that one of the most powerful things about human connection and human nature lies in the creation of relationships, traditions and stories.  from the moment we are born we are embraced into a circle of established family with already set traditions and histories that we grow up to become a part of and learn from.  one of my most treasured relationships and memories is the one i shared with my grandmother.  she was the rock in our family.  there are not enough words to describe the positive influence she had and created within our family circle along with the knowledge, stories and traditions she passed down.  i was going through some of my older photos and found these two.  one is when i was about 4 years old, the other when i was 21 years old.  the bottom photo was actually taken 3 months before she passed away in april of 2005.

losing her was a very devastating, scary and sad time for our family. it is really hard to comprehend at times when someone that was always there and who you always counted on for things suddenly is no longer around.  it is then that you truly embrace and appreciate the photos and memories, stories and journals that hold secrets, stories and traditions that were a part of her and our family unit. 

as the holiday season is quickly approaching, there is no other time that i can think of where family and family traditions are always in your mind.  the holidays are always a special time where those things that we do only once a year are quickly approaching.  whether that is a special meal, certain vacation, or specific activity, the holidays hold so much of this.

this time of year was always a time when the women in my family would work closely with my grandmother to create and prepare some of our favourite holiday meal and dishes.  one of those dishes, potato and cheddar perogies continues to be one of those all time favourite meals.  in honour of my grandmother, my family and our traditions i created this cute recipe holder using Heidi Swapp's Memory Display to begin a collection within my family of all of our cherished traditional holiday recipes.  this recipe is the first.

the Memory Display stand is such an incredible product.  it is so versatile, the options are endless and it is completely customizable.  i began by switching out the background paper by using some Color Magic paper and Colorshine in Chartreuse.  I added it to the back by simple removing the sqrews from the binder mechanism slipping the original background out and adding in the Color Magic background.  I then created some 4 x 6 papers using the Sugar Chic line and created some tabs with my Silhouette Cameo.  I stapled these to the sides of my cards to separate the various recipes I will be collecting.  For my recipe I typed out the ingredients and directions in Photoshop Elements, added digital elements from the following Heidi Swapp collections: Adjectives and Instaframes and finished off with the cutest Disco Heart in pink and some gorgeous Mustard and Chartreuse Seam Binding Ribbon.

I cannot wait to begin adding recipes, stories and photographs to this Memory Display.  It is truly such a great way to house your favourite and treasured memories and would make the cutest gift.  I hope you are inspired to create one of your honoured family traditional recipes and begin creating your own family recipe scrapbook!

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