my life: instagram style.

I absolutely adore Social Media.  Especially when it comes to photographs and all the different ways that now exist to help put your life story into beautiful and memorable photos.

Using Instagram to celebrate my life is one of my absolute favourite ways to document.  It is so easy, convenient and just pure fun. The creativity you can have with Instagram images has completely energized me in such a fantastic way. I love it!
For our second Heidi Swapp Media Team assignment, we were to use Instagram photos as our source of inspiration.  My first instinct was to create an interactive mini album that celebrated both the images that I loved and some special quotes and reminders that I often need.  Together they created this little desktop mini album with a little extra help from a $0.99 Ikea photo frame. :)

With a simple repetitive design, I celebrated my Instagram images with some gorgeous Heidi Swapp embellishments and Instaframes, word strips that I simply typed out in Photoshop and printed on my home computer and some die cuts from my Silhouette.  My personal favourite is the Instagram logo I had my Silhouette cut out using the Heidi Swapp No Limits paper.  Is it just not the cutest? I thought it made the perfect cover page.

Right now as I type this, my Instagram project sits beside me on my desk and I often catch myself flipping through it every now and then reflecting on the moments, memories and inspiration that captivated me.  I am so thankful for all of these random moments and how fabulous they look together. I feel so blessed for them.  Ordinary they are, but with a little dash of creativity and Heidi Swapp I find them extraordinary!

I hope that this album has left you feeling inspired to take more photos, join Instagram, or even to just get your Instagram photos printed from your phone.  Maggie from the Heidi Swapp Design Team has a great post on her blog about transferring Instagram photos from ones IPhone to your computer.  It is super easy and has definitely helped me in transferring my files.  I highly recommend it!

What a fabulous week of Instagram inspiration by all the gorgeous and talented ladies from the Heidi Swapp Media Team.  If you have not already checked them out, please do! Such creative concepts, ideas and techniques are shared by each of the members.  They will be sure to leave you feeling energized and ready to make pretty stuff!

Thank you so much for stopping by and if you are not already, I would love it if you would follow me on Instagram!  My user name is lbateman9442. Please come join me and my inspiration journey!


  1. Love this! So talented and creative! : )

  2. This is just so AMAZING Lindsay, YO arre such an inspiring artist!!!


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