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You know when you have those moments in your life when you look back and you think to yourself "Really? Is this really happening?"

That right there, is my moment.

It is funny how my whole scrapbooking journey began.  For those of you who are true lovers of the art I am sure you can attest to the fact that it is truly more than just paper, scissors, glue and cute embellishments.  It is life-changing. So much so that it seems to take you on this incredible journey of self-realization, growth and all the while enabling you to gain such a deeper appreciation for the everyday.

On top of that, you meet so many amazing people along the way.  People who you grow to admire and who are so fascinating you just want to know more about them and be around them.  Add the internet and blogs to the mix and the rest is truly history.  From local scrapbooking conventions to the amazing event of Creative Escape my world was officially changed.  And the amazing individual behind it all: Heidi Swapp.

Fast forward to present day to officially learning that I am now a member of her 2012-2013 Media Team, and I could literally break down into the happiest tears I could ever cry.

Joining me on this team of 5 is the fabulous Jennifer EvansMaggie Massey, Jamie Pate and Kim Jeffress. We are truly such a blessed bunch and I am so looking forward to getting to know and create alongside such amazing and inspirational women. Cheers ladies! It is going to be so exciting to create and inspire and make pretty stuff together!

Right now, I still think I am in a bit of shock. My creative mind is already lost in the clouds dreaming of and visualizing ideas and projects and photographs....

I keep thinking about how life unfolds as it should and just when you think you are feeling down and frustrated and unsure, those whispering moments that you quietly hear telling you to just stay strong and keep believing and working hard. It all has a plan.  It just does.

I am so looking forward to sharing, creating, empowering and encouraging everyone to celebrate their life and their stories.  To take the time to document and scrapbook and enjoy the creative realm.  It is a beautiful place to be and I hope it continues to change people's lives in such a positive and powerful way-as it has (and continues to be) for me.  I invite you to follow me on Facebook, Instagram (user name lbateman9442), Pinterest and Twitter.

I had taken a creative break from blogging back in 2011.  However, I am so happy and ready to be back doing what I love. Sharing my stories, simple moments and snippets of inspiration with you all.  This will be the site of my new blog going forward, but below you can take a moment to sit back and relax as I share some of my favourite past blog moments and posts from my old blog with you below.

So sit back, relax and welcome.  I am so happy you are here.

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  1. hey lindsay...
    cheers to you too!!!
    looking forward to growing in this journey with you as well. and yes, as a creative, i get it. and love finding community with others who 'get it' too.
    look forward to many uplifting and inspiring posts here by you.

  2. Congrats! I know how it feels to be part of Heidi's creative world. It's pretty awesome! I look forward in seeing what you create and your posts to come. So exciting!!

    1. thanks so so so much. you have inspired me endlessly as well, so thank you for always rocking your creations and inspiring us all! :)

  3. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited right along side of you, what an incredible ride we are all on!!!!

  4. Congrats !!! I can't wait to see more !!

  5. CONGRATS! (i was in the art of observation class w/ you too!)
    can't wait to see you "make pretty stuff"...


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