the day has finally arrived!
my FIRST ever class is now LIVE over at big picture classes.
i am BEYOND excited.
i remember when i first discovered big picture scrapbooking....and how all of those classes i had taken throughout all of these years have served to shape and influence me (not only as a crafter/creator) but as a person as well.

it really is remarkable how life can come full circle.  especially when you least expect it!
teaching my own class over on BPC is truly a dream come true.  i am SO honoured to be a part of this new and exciting journey!

my class over at big picture classes is part of a series.  i have joined forces with heidi swapp and the rest of the media team girls (jamie, jennifer, kim and maggie) to showcase just how revolutionary and amazing the brand new MINC mediums are for paper crafting projects.  trust me, your jaw will drop!  be sure to check out each of their classes! i know i will be taking them all.  

each of our classes focus on the incredible creative diversity and possibilities that result when working with each of the brand new mediums.  it really is quite spectacular when you think about just how many ways (and all of the different effects) one can achieve with just a few products.

for my class, i have focused on creating a gratitude journal.  i am using the brand new MINC art journal album covers and inserts.  not only do i love the topic of gratitude, but i thought that putting together a class like this is also a brilliant way to learn about the mediums and how incredible they are when creating "art journal" type projects.

i am even using one of the new MINC kits to embellish the entire project with.   these new MINC kits are amazing because they are full of so many wonderful pieces that allow you to play and experiment with each of these mediums.

in my class, we will use the brand new MINC reactive mediums to create gorgeous page backgrounds.  we will learn new techniques that will result in the most beautiful artistic touches for your project.

we will "dig deep" and celebrate what gratitude is and what it means to you and your life.  we will honour this practice with beautiful quotes and sayings (that we will even MINC as well).

i really hope you are inspired to stop by and take a peek and try something new!  i am so very excited to share my passion with all of you.  this class truly was a labour of love and i hope it serves to inspire and enlighten, just as it has done for me.

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