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my latest love has been playing with my heidi swapp journal studio journals and coordinating we r memory keeper accessories.
there truly is SO much to adore here.

i am loving the ability to create beautiful journaled notebook pages...capturing thoughts, photos, notes and momentos all one place.

it really is awesome to transform blank notebook pages and bring them (literally) to life...with LIFE!  all the things that make life what it is captured through photos and words.  gosh...i just LOVE scrapbooking so so much.

and seriously how fun to be able to play and create with such gorgeous memory keeping product? i just am in love.

i used the we r memory keepers pocket punch board to create some fun interactive elements on this journal spread.  i love that with this one little tool you can literally create over 100 pocket sizes!! yes! over 100.  you can also create them with either notches or flaps too.  

here...let me show you just how quick and easy it can be to create pockets for your journal.  in this step out i am sharing how to create a flap styled pocket using the we r memory keepers pocket punch board.

the paper i am using is from the 6x6 emerson lane paper pad.  i just love 6x6 paper pads for creating envelopes and pockets.  not only do you have numerous patterns and options to choose from for creating pockets but the designs are scaled perfectly so pockets and envelopes turn out beautifully.

inside the punch board you will find this guide which outlines exactly the size of paper you need in order to make the corresponding pocket as well as the punch board information.

so to begin to create my pocket i align the guides into the appropriate notch.

i then cut off one edge.

flip your paper over to cut the opposite edge.

repeat until all 4 sides have been cut.

next pull out the scoring rulers.

place your pocket onto the board and score accordingly, along the guides.

simply fold and adhere using sticky thumb adhesive.

voila! the cutest little pocket that you ever did see.

so fun right?!? i just love having this super easy option avail to me so that i can create all the custom pockets for my journals to hold all the essentials!  i mean...just look how cute this tag is tucked inside this pocket...the best!

be sure to get your hands on this pocket punch board asap! you will love adding it to your punch board collection and if you are anything like me...you will be using it endlessly! happy crafting friends XO


hello friends!
today i am wanting to share a fun, simple DIY advent calendar that you can make using some beautiful christmas releases out now!

you can see the beautiful release here!

for my project i chose to use the gorgeous festive red glittered 'merry wall word' alongside this super beautiful DCWV farmhouse christmas 12x12 paper pad!  i love this paper pad for SO many reasons!  it is double sided, super thick quality card stock and is FULL of the most beautiful classic patterns that are just perfect for the holiday season.  it complements the heidi swapp wall word brilliantly!

this year i wanted to create my own advent calendar.  and one that i can use every year and fill with my own treats and/or activities. so i used the paper from this pad to create mini sized openable boxes that i can fill year after year with something small (either a treat or note).

to create my boxes i chose to use my silhouette machine and this box cut file (adjusted to my desired size) and made 24 boxes out of various patterns from the paper pad.  however you can use any die cutting machine to create a simple box template which is all this one is.

once they were cut out, i secured the edges with adhesive. i recommend a hot glue gun as i find this works best.

watch my video tutorial below to see how easy it can be to create a custom advent calendar using these cute tiny boxes!



* Heidi Swapp City Sidewalks Merry Wall Word
* DCWV Farmhouse Christmas 12x12 Paper Pad
* Die Cut Machine or Die Cut Tool to create the box template
* Hot Glue Gun
* Desired Frame (i used a wood frame with a canvas backing)
* Circle Punch & Number Stamps/Stickers

once complete i used a circle punch and a set of number stamps to mark each of my boxes.  

i just love how festive this project turned out and i can re-use it every year!
i hope you have just as much fun as i did creating your own for your home.

'tis the season!


happiest october friends.
and with that....happiest 'national pumpkin day'!
i mean...aren't pumpkins THE best thing about fall anyway?!?

i often find with people that it is either one extreme or the other.
people either LOVE pumpkin or hate pumpkin.
there is usually no middle ground.
and for those that love it...well it is probably closer to an obsession than anything haha.

for me this time of year is PUMPKIN ON EVERYTHING!
i love the decor, the smell, the colors, the spice...pumpkin to me is what fall is ALL about!

so needless to say....the obsession IS real.
at least for me anyway ;) .

i absolutely adored adding this heidi swapp halloween neon glow pumpkin to my collection this year!
he is just the cutest thing and i cannot get enough of that glow.

so in the spirit of the season and this day...rejoice in pumpkin in ALL THE THINGS!
light the candles, buy the latte, dish up some cheesecake and smile.

for it is national pumpkin day!


today is september 12.
also known as 'national day of encouragement'.

it really is true when they say 'a little goes a long way'.
it is often easy to remember all of the things that do not go our way, or make us feel sad, defeated and/or frustrated.
however...the moment we are told something kind, beautiful, empathetic, supported...spirits rise, tensions minimize and for a minute...we soften and feel peace. 


in honour of this day i wrote out this message on my heidi swapp letterboard.
i love this sentiment.
and it is so true.
encouraging and uplifting others is truly a full circle action.
what goes around comes around for both the giver and the receiver.

it is a remarkable energy force.

so today, on this day be aware that your kind words, thoughts and actions may hold greater power and influence than you could ever imagine.  

we could all use a little encouragement in our lives.

so today, let's rise.


i am completely in summer withdrawal mode....anyone else with me?!?
it seemed to fly by at lightening speed and with this rainy cool wet fall we are currently experiencing...yep you can bet i am wishing for summer days even more!

in order to curb my summer sadness lol i started playing around with heidi swapp storyline and decided that documenting some of my favourite photos would definitely help me feel better. and yep, you guessed right! it truly did the trick. crafting is ALWAYS the cure for anything.

i had the best time playing around with an 8.5 x 11 spread using photos from a morning beach trip.  i absolutely adore the adventure deck of days kit for summer documenting. it is full of the best prompts for summer moments.

i also could not resist playing around with the american crafts celebrity sticker books and adding some of my favourite stickers onto my page.  they are all now available at michaels online and are truly the best!! SO MANY STICKERS!

on this page i used stickers from the vicki boutin book.  i love all the colors and bold designs.  perfect for photos at the beach! (you can see all of the celebrity sticker books available online at michaels here).

so the next time you are finding yourself longing for those warm summer days...print off some photos, grab some heidi swapp storyline products at michaels (along with a sticker book or two ;) ) and get to work!

now on to tell more summer stories...stay tuned!


so it's never too early to start talking halloween right?!? ;)
well i don't think so! ha!
especially when the stuff we are talking about is SO CUTE!

i must admit i have a TON of favourites when it comes to anything heidi swapp.  however when she released the lightbox glow last year this one really made the top of the list.  then combined with this super fun halloween lightbox glow kit?!? man! it just does not get any better.

i thought i would share a few fun lightbox glow ideas using this kit.  some of the slides come already as is so you just simply slide them in.  there is also a set of alphabets included so you can create your own phrases and sayings...or simply play around with the icons slides and let the pictures tell the story!

the choice is totally yours to make.

this slide is already included in the kit.  simply slide in and voila!
gorgeous signage for your halloween home decor.

same goes for the trick or treat.  already done for you and in literal seconds you have a display that will surely wow.

i love this one!
i created this fun 'boo yeah' phrase using the alpha slides in the kit along with this spooky spider icon.
creepy yet totally cool!

and lastly, i created this vignette by simply placing in some of the icons.  i love this effect and again super simple to do and took no time at all!
this kit really has it all for whatever look you are going for this halloween!

i am so excited for halloween this year and to whip out all my fun decor this year.
everything i shared here is available now! woo hoo!
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