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i am positive i am not the only one out there when i say how much i love fall photography and photos.  there is just something about all of the textures and colour and transition that makes it truly one of my most treasured times of year to indulge in photos.  luckily my kids are patient with me...ha! well....most days anyway ;)

i was inspired to create a traditional storyline layout with some of my favourite elements from the heidi swapp storyline chapters collection.  this neutral colour scheme is just so fitting with the season and i love having the ability to create a scrapbook page when i am short on time but yet still desire to have the creative process be a part of my story telling.

playing with all of the beautiful stickers from the storyline chapters paper pad along with some of my favourite embellishments made this page come together so quickly.  i love to cascade details and texture mixed in with some subtle machine stitching.

i really do love the simplicity of this page, a true reminder to keep things simple some times.  hence, why i love the storyline system of documenting.

always make sure to note those precious details.  one of the most critical and signature parts of completing a storyline page.  

i hope you are inspired to collect some of your favourite fall photos and document them down 'storyline style'.  it is such an easy and efficient way to scrapbook without making it extra time consuming or complicated.  i know you will love it just as much as i do.  nothing is better than the feeling of completing a project and then adding it into an album to be enjoyed for years to come.


today's project comes courtesy of october 1st and the official "last 90 days" of 2020.

the premise of the last 90 days is all about finishing the year strong.  we all have been through something this past year with all the things, so having a project about finishing a year stronger and not so defeated is something i can totally get on board with right now.

the last 90 days is all about documenting 5 key components to habit setting and building a stronger mental state.  those being:

  • a daily gratitude practice
  • getting enough water daily
  • moving ones body for 30 minutes
  • giving up one food group that you know is not serving you the best
  • getting up one hour earlier a day to use the time for yourself

so to track these 5 daily targets i decided to use some of my favourite supplies to create my own daily tracking journal.  i used some favourite papers from art walk to build my covers, my minc machine to assist in the lamination of my covers (yes cause you can also laminate with it...and it is awesome) and my cinch machine to bind it all together with a coil binding.

once my supplies were gathered i trimmed my covers to desired size and adhered my pattern paper to both the inside and outside of this thin chipboard.

once covers are complete, its time to run it through the minc with lamination pouches to create a nice and sturdy cover.

once covers are laminated its time to compile the journal!

the cinch is such an amazing tool. i love creating all kinds of books with it.

the key with the cinch is placing all your inside pages first, then the front cover and then the back cover. once bound, the cover will flip back around and your project will be complete.

i love how easy these tools and supplies make it to create any and every kind of journal for all the things. last 90 days here we go!


tis the season of change.

when september rolls around, i always think of one my favourite quote that says: "autumn reminds us how beautiful it is to let things go"....or something like that.

it has made me think of a lot of things recently.  and not just because of what 2020 has brought us.  if anything these were things that have been on my mind for years.  things just have gotten somewhat quiet enough for me to finally hear them.

sometimes just the ability to surrender to things that have changed, that demand us to release control, are the very things we need to stop and heal and move forward from.  i love this reminder and thought so i decided to create a little fall/autumn inspired vignette for my home.

my heidi swapp light box is always such an amazingly versatile decor piece that makes it easy to switch up it's vibe with simple text and basic decor accessories.

i have promised myself that the "one day at a time" mentality is what i will need to take with me and that it is perfectly good and ok to embrace this thought.  changes are happening on the daily and if i embrace and let go, much like the leaves outside and the change in season reminds us to, we will be ok.


i just love being inspired by other paper artists and the way they see different things with the mediums they create with.  this post is completely inspired by just that.  foliage.  i just am adoring the different posts i am seeing showcasing florals and branches and nature. all of the simplistic beauty translated into paper crafting is stealing my heart right now.

i purchased these wild flower tim holtz dies a few months ago, and they literally have been my new best friend. 

what gets even better is that i paired them with my favourite art walk papers and bazzill card sets and the results are pretty fabulous if i do say so myself...

there is just something about all of the beautiful colours of art walk mixed in with delicate foliage and pops of color that just make my heart so happy.  they add the most gorgeous texture and detail.  and this is so simple to do.  just adds that special something to these blank cards without taking a ton of time.  i love adding the machine stitching to my cards.

there are so many different ways to layer and design when working with die cuts and i just love the creative look.  pairing dies with beautiful paper collections like art walk make creating so simple yet the results are outstanding every single time.

die cuts really make projects come to life.  i love how art walk is such an amazing collection to work with because of the beautiful colours and textures already designed for you.  my favourite way to create mixed media style with no mess involved ;). 


lovely layers on my latest creative project, that being a traditional layout.

i think this is one of my favourite ways to create pages, especially when i am just allowing myself to truly enjoy the process.

let me share how i was inspired to create this page, based on layers upon layers.

using the brand new heidi swapp old school collection, i took my favourite embellishments and stickers and paired them with some favourite recent photos printed instax style.  i loved adding and mixing and matching the stickers to give variety and dimension to my page.  it is so easy to create this beautiful effect with the mix of clear, vellum and paper pieces.

loving this eclectic feel, i continued on with layering some washi, definition stickers and machine stitching for added texture.  never be afraid to just go for it when creating a page.  i also loved adding the pops of black against the soft pink.  


when creating a page is to use black and white photos.  often it can be tricky sometimes to "match" colouring when using scrapbook papers and a coloured photograph.  turning your photo black and white is a great and "easy" way to make things more seamless and visually pleasing when designing a page.


say hello the easiest mini album around, all thanks to the beautiful cards you can find in the heidi swapp old school boxed cards set!  yes...use these pre made cards to create a fabulous interactive mini in no time at all. it is such an easy project!

i wanted a place to document and capture the pictures of my son's first day of school, and since i could not pick which photo i wanted, i decided to include them all into this project.  i wanted something super quick 
and easy, yet fun and interactive at the same time.  this is where i decided to use the boxed card set.  

compiling the album is super easy!  simply choose your desired cards and fold them accordion style, overlapping one card to another so that it folds together and apart seamlessly.  you will probably have a few blank sides depending on your folds.  if you do, you can either choose to keep them blank or trim another card and just adhere the pattern over top.

next to embellishing.  it really is a blank canvas.  i loved adding in embellishments and journaling.  creating small pockets and fitting cute tags inside is one of my favourite ways to add details these day.

layering and adding different sentiments onto a card, mixed in with some stamping fun is another way i added in extra details.  i loved adding these messages to this project.  they are perfect for a kiddo starting grade one!

i hope you are inspired to get your hands on a set of these boxed cards and let your imagination run wild.  they are such a versatile and great set that not only lend themselves to fabulous card making, but to mini albums as well.  


awhile back i created this bullet journal in my heidi swapp storyline chapters notebook and i don't ever think i ended up sharing my inside pages.  well no better time than the present, and i love this project because it showcases just another simple and fun way to use these versatile journals for planning, documenting and memory keeping.

i think decorating the covers with additional embellishments always is one of my favourite parts of beginning a project.  just because a cover already has a design does not mean it cannot be personalized or customized even further.  go ahead! add on those embellishments, stickers and phrases.  nothing is ever off limits when it comes to creativity.

i also love stamping inside of my journals.  make the most of the space and just let go.  the inside cover of the storyline chapters journal makes such a beautiful canvas for additional creativity and ideas.

i added a fun twist to the inside page.  i folded over and adhered with adhesive to create a small pocket to hold an additional journaling card.  a very fun and easy way to not only add interactivity, but to also conceal journaling or notes that you want hidden or not visible in plain sight.

flip over the page and now is the welcoming blank space to design and create a weekly bullet journal spread.  i used a ruler and fine tip black pen to create boxes that i can fill with notes, lists and ideas for the week.  the large storyline chapters alphas that come in the sticker pack not only made for a great headers, but also for noting the days of the week.  i also added in some stamping and other fun embellishments from the storyline collection.  such a great way to create a fabulous weekly spread.

this project is just another amazing way to use a storyline chapters journaler notebook.  i hope you are inspired to try out a design similar like this for yourself.  it is a great way to document, create and stay on track!
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