today i am sharing a little memory dex inspiration.
if you are anything like me, beautiful decor pieces that are also inspiring and motivating are essential in my workspace.
as a very visual person, i need to see things all the time.
at the end of the day pretty things just make me happy.
bring on the pretty, always & forever.

i decided to create a motivational memory dex to sit on my workspace.  
what is a motivational memory dex?
well i sort of have this addiction to collecting quotes, affirmations and words of encouragement that i find through social media (ex. instagram, Facebook, pinterest etc.).
there are so many good ones out there, that i never want to lose them.
sure placing them on my phone and archiving them in my instagram is one way to keep them safe.  but there is nothing like making something tangible into a hard copy.
enter memory dex-motivational style!

i decided to use my typecast to help me in typing out quotes and words of encouragement that really speak to me onto memory dex cards.  that way, once i have typed out my quote i can easily slip it into my memory dex where i can always have it to look back and refer to.

the memory dex system is also a great way to mix and match supplies, collections and use up some of your favourite embellishments in decorating your cards as desired.

another fun addition to memory dex trays are photographs.  i chose to include some of my favourite memories "instax-style" into my tray.  i simply printed my photos using my instax share sp-1 printer directly off my iPhone and them using the memory dex punch, punched in two perfect holes that allow me to slip in my photo easily and effortlessly.

more favourite quotes...

i also had so much fun incorporating some of the gorgeous elements from the brand new magnolia jane collection by heidi swapp into my memory dex.  it is just too beautiful.

these gold embellishments from the magnolia jane collection are seriously a favourite.  how adorable do they look as an overlay on a photograph? so perfect i think.

i will continue to work on this memory dex as an ongoing project.  adding in quotes and photos as the days and weeks go on.  it's so much fun to make them come alive and to bring them together into an actual project.  i love using the memory dex system in this way.


  1. I love this idea! Such a fun way to keep all those wonderful quotes together. I really like how your memory dex looks; thanks for sharing :)

  2. I have the Rolodex type one, but haven't seen the box type in any stores. Is it new or am I too late to find them?


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