happy thursday.
happy may 30th.
happiest national creativity day.

since i can remember creativity has encompassed every ounce of my being.
i loved to paint, draw, write, play with stickers, play dough.... i would literally wait ALL week until friday afternoon when it was art class.
art has always been like a best friend to me.

and now that i am an adult. well....nothing has really changed.
in fact i believe the obsession has just grew with my age. ;)
creativity and the act of being creative has literally carried me through all the ups and downs of my life.  it continues to be my healing guide when i need it most.  truly the best therapy anyone could ask for.

there are so many ways i love to be creative.  of course, being a member of the heidi swapp media team has been such a creative blessing in that it provides me even more ways to feed my soul and uplift my spirit creatively.  whether it is using my minc machine or playing with all the beautiful stickers and embellishments...

decorating all the things with all the washi.....

or playing in my memory planners.....

creating and the act of being creative is a part of who i am.

"creativity is experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun".
cheers to national creativity day.

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