i am just going to cut to the chase.
i am really excited to share this project.
mostly because i actually WROTE in this journal!

does anyone else relate? 
sometimes blank pages can be SO intimidating for me.  
for fear of wrecking something...i do not do anything. 
and that really can be frustrating.

add on top of that when supplies are SO beautiful. 
gosh...the intimidation can be paralyzing creatively.

however...i think i FINALLY faced that fear head on and am completely 100% confident in taking on any journal and making it my own.

i have been admiring this insanely gorgeous crate paper journal studio collection since it was first released.  i adore ANYTHING crate paper and have been a long time fan.

i love the pretty feminine vibe.  the touch of vintage and romance.  it is beyond inspiring and i could not wait to get my hands on it.

this beautiful delicate polka dot journal is everything.
not only does it just look beautiful gracing ones workspace or desktop...the potential it holds for ones creative imagination is limitless.
that is why i was committed to work in this journal and create something that was meaningful and pretty and fun.
i committed to working on a project for me and i am SO happy how it turned out.

you know the saying, "begin each day with a positive thought"?  
that is kind of the inspiration behind this journal.

for the month of april i am going to note one positive thought per day for 30 days.
using a ruler and a micron fine tip pen i created a basic calendar spread for the month of april.
i embellished with elements of the crate paper journal studio sticker set.

to complete the rest of my journal i created weekly spreads which i hand drew using a basic ruler and micron fine tip pen.

again...there is no real structure or guideline here when i created my spreads.  i simply started drawing boxes.  one for each day of the week.  once that was complete i embellished with simple stickers and titles.

i am so happy that i prepared this journal before the month of april.
that way NO excuses.
one thought a day...that is all there is to it.
i always love a good challenge and i am ready to fill this journal with even more beauty and positivity.

as i finished up these spreads i definitely realized that when it comes to creating mind over matter is a huge thing.  sometimes you just have to get out of your head and onto the paper and let things happen.  it really felt so freeing to bring this project to life and it helped me find a working system that felt good and motivating.  i also LOVE the feeling of using up stickers and stash.

so all in all this was a win win for me!  i encourage you if you have ever felt this way to just start playing in a blank journal.  it is amazing what can happen and what can be created when you just give yourself permission to be free.


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