hello weekend!
if you are anything like me....then you literally live the week for the weekend....am i right?!? especially in SUMMER.

these days are literally passing by at lightning speed and i know i am doing pretty much all i can to keep hanging on to every last little bit of sunshine, warm weather, pool day kinda thing.

this summer i have snapped a lot of photos!  with my one son seeming to grow SO fast now that there is a baby in the house i am more desperate than ever to treasure each second.  these summers are so precious, and so much fun when you get to watch a toddler enjoy it.

i have been LOVING to use my instax camera and accessories to commemorate these treasured days. and who could deny this super fun vibe?!? as many of you know this year it is all about the palms.  ;)

so for this weekend, and the next following weekends i will definitely be enjoying what's left of both the weekend vibes AND the summer vibes.  cheers to making the most of it and some fabulous memories. XO

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