as i mentioned in my previous post, this month i wanted to focus a lot more attention on capturing the story and documenting my life with words in my memory planner pages.  today on the scrapbook and cards today blog i share the story behind this new focus of mine...and what motivated me to change my approach this month...and going forward.

with any new goal, or conscious way of thinking/decision truly is a "one day at a time" process.  how fitting that this month's memory planner divider page is in fact titled "one day at a time". signs are everywhere, aren't they?

now that it is almost nearing the end of june, i am SO grateful to myself for being brave and working hard towards this goal.  it is so very important to note and write things down.  at the end of the day it really is.  time is flying by.  so quick i can barely comprehend it myself.

all of a sudden, i really am FEELING it.  and well....
it's not always easy to accept that time is passing, we are all growing....getting older.  things and life are constantly changing.

at the end of the day, writing my story....the little notes, blurbs, comments....are what keep me present and in the moment.  calm and accepting.  even though it can be so very hard.

i hope you stop by the sct blog today and have a read.  
it really is amazing how one little step adds up to great things.

one day at a time.

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