hello madix.
you are now 2 year sold.
i cannot believe we are here.

my little 1 year old is now a blossoming, curious and silly little boy.
you have officially reached toddler status and i am not sure if i am ready for this new adventure.
where did my baby go?
wait...i know.

he is now a little boy who loves to explore.
who loves to read books and point and giggle the sweetest little laugh.
who loves to say "no", "ta", "da one", "mama", "dada".
you are quiet in your sweet little way.

you are amazed at the simplest little things.
like a new coat.
splashing in your new boots.
you love to watch big trucks and point.
you love to point at everything.
you are cautious and shy.
you love to watch "your shows".
you love your little couch, your blankie.
and lately sleeping on my pillow.

you love to be silly and joke.
you love to jump on the bed and play games with daddy.
you love to have snacks.
you could eat fruit all day.
but you also love crackers, and chips and crunchy snacks.

you are forever my little sweetheart.
cheers to our next adventure.
happy birthday to my sweet madix.

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