forever and ever. love mixed media!

today i am up on heidi swapp's blog showcasing my latest creative adventure.  it is an adventure using the beautiful new cinch kits that are now available at michaels.  and … yes they are exclusive!  not only did i use the gorgeous cinch kits to create my project, but also the fabulous new mixed media products that will make your heart swoon.

think texture pastes in gold, silver, metallic teal….just to name a few.  art screens and ink in beautiful phrases and gorgeous colours.  yes….totally over the top amazing.

i am sharing an in-depth look into my project today so i hope you head on over there for a good look.  there are so many fun and easy tips and techniques that i share in order for you to maximize your stencils and art screens.  they are so fun to combine and alter to get exactly the look you are wanting.

this page above is probably my favourite in my album so far.  i love the colours and the stencils and just the way it all blends together.  i think the best part about mixed media is that it truly takes on a life of it's own.  there is still so much i want to add and do to my book!  i can never get enough of making pretty stuff.  especially when it's as awesome as the new mixed media stash now available at michaels.  seriously….it's a must have! and SO fun. #selfprofessedmixedmediaaddict :)

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