in love with wanderlust

today i am SO excited to share my new obsession.
it's called wanderlust.  the collection….by none other than heidi swapp.
it has been gracing my desktop lately, and i love the sight.

the gold, the wood veneer, the pops of colour and bold geometric pattern. it is such a wonderful collection and so inspiring to work with.

i created a fabulous mini album showcasing this collection today over on heidi's blog.  this project is very near and dear to my heart and shows some of my favourite months so far in 2015.  i am really choosing to focus on the happy and good that fill my life as i have been feeling the "winter blahs".  i thought this would be a perfect way to snap me out of my funk….and it was just what the dr. ordered.

so head on over to heidi's blog today to see my FULL album reveal and how i have used some of my favourite wanderlust products together.  

so thankful for all those things 'big and small' that bring such joy to my life.  and to wanderlust for helping to make it pretty. xo

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